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    Sep 2011
    Me: Sarah Allison Barnes
    Best Friend: Reagan McKenzie Brown
    Other Friend: Hailey Ruth Pittman
    Other Friend: Chloe Savannah Powell
    Crush: Peyton Benjamin Layne
    Lab Partner: Vanessa Taylor Hughes
    Class Clown: Jared Everett Coburn
    Boy Who Has A Crush On Me: Austin Joseph Jordan
    Mean Girl: Emily Delilah Washington
    Mean Girl: Bailey Katherine Allen
    Volleyball Teammate: Anna Kaitlyn Carmichael
    Favorite Teacher: Michael Brian Robinson
    Little Sister: Sophia Avery Barnes

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    Apr 2010
    Rhode Island
    Me: Bellatrix Pedersen.
    Best Friend: Zoe Andersen.
    Friend: Sumi Christensen.
    Friend: Claudette Larsen.
    Crush: Jebediah "Jeb" Sørensen.
    Lab Partner: Adrianna Rasmussen.
    Class Clown: Amos Jørgensen.
    Crusher: George Madsen.
    Mean Girl: Elodie Petersen.
    Mean Girl: Blanche Kristensen.
    Teammate: Chiara Olsen.
    Teacher: Asa Thomsen.
    Sister: Violet Pedersen.

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