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    Imogen is my preference. I think the fact that it sounds similar to "imagine" is a plus, and I like the nickname Ginny.

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    Oh, I'm torn between the two. I like the pronunciation of Imogene better (it just rolls off the tongue more naturally for me), but I like the way Imogen looks on paper better.
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    I like Imogen. I really like names that have nicknames built in (My name is Alexis, but I go by Lexi, and I like that I can use either or, if that makes sense), so a lot of the names I like are like that. I think Imogen is definitely unusual here in the states, but I really like it. If I were to use it, I would definitely pronounce it ih-muh-jen, and I would probably either call her Immy or Jenny for short.. Genie is a nice nickname too I guess, but it kind of sounds like an older name to me, I can't imagine calling a baby that.

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    I prefer Imogen. It sounds more classic to me.

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    Imogen for sure. It's a classic.
    I'm from AUS and Imogene doesn't sound right to me (could be the accent though) best of luck!

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