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    Names for Third Baby

    Any objective help appreciated!

    We are expecting a baby in 8 weeks, don't know the gender, sibling to 2 girls- Eden Connolly and Violet Thake (we use family names for middles). We are completely stuck.

    Boy name ideas:

    Rowan/Rohen David (David was my father's name and I tend to like the softer look of Rohen but I'm not trying to just make up unique spellings either)

    David Fox (and call him Fox, though I see how this may just come off as trendy)

    We like Whitten, August (love August, do NOT love Gus and Auggie- baby will also be born in March), and Xavier (Xavi is a cute nickname)

    Girl name ideas:

    Lilah, Lael (rhymes with Yale), and Charlie are on our list- I'm worried Lilah is a little too boring and maybe saccharine with Eden and Violet, I'm wondering if the rest of the world hates Lael (my name is Bryn, I am not new to clarifying pronunciation/spelling and I think it is less of an issue than most people), and is naming a girl Charlie ok or do we need to go with Charlotte? I think Charlotte may not be my favorite, especially with a Violet. It's a lot of "let" sounds. My husband loves the name India as well, though we are pretty un-exotic looking people.

    We aren't bound to these (or any other names) and would love input on them and other ideas please!

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    I prefer Rowan to Rohen. I think you will have much less pronunciation and spelling issues with that spelling, too (although you said it's not a concern and it typically isn't for me, either. Just something to think about). Rowan David is very handsome!

    I actually kinda love David Fox nn Fox. I don't think it's very trendy. It's on-trend, but it will not really date him to this generation, if that makes sense. It's a cool nickname!

    Whitten is too last name to me, never was a fan of August, but Xavier (and especially nn Xavi) have been growing on me.
    Lilah is beautiful name to me and this is my favorite spelling. I think it actually goes great with Eden and Violet.
    Lael has never been my style but I can see its appeal. Personally I don't like the beginning and ending in L, it just doesn't sound right to my ears.
    I am against Charlie on girls. I know people are desperately trying to make it happen for girls... but to me it is firmly masculine. It would make a cute nickname, but I would steer clear as a given name.
    As for India, I'd also advise against it. I love its look and appearance but without a connection to India it can come across slightly ignorant or even downmarket (not my own opinion but it is a common opinion out there).
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    Rowan David - I think this is handsome and goes with the nature theme you have going with Eden and Violet. I prefer the Rowan spelling. Rohen is similar to Rohan - pronounced the same, but is a name from India. So my concern wouldn't be that it's made up or will be misspelled (I think as Cohen/Coen gets more popular, Rohen will too) but that if you're not Indian, it may not be the best choice.

    David Fox - I love the name Fox, and with it as his middle, I don't think it's trendy or will date him in the future.

    Whitten - I actually like it, but it does sound VERY surname-y and I don't think it goes well with your girls' names.

    August - I like it, think it'd match your girls' names, but nicknaming might be a problem for you.

    Xavier - I also like this one, but it's a little trendy for my taste.

    Lilah - beautiful name, I think it goes well with Eden and Violet. But you're right that the three names are kind of...well, VERY sweet together.

    Lael - I don't mind this name, actually - it's beautiful in Hebrew/Arabic. But again, you might be running into a cross-cultural issue. Also, I think it stands out in a not-so-good way with your other girls' names.

    Charlie - I'm not a fan of this as a given first name, and agree that Charlotte and Violet sound too similar.

    India - again, cross-cultural issue.

    It seems like you like your boys' names more than you girls'. My suggestions for girl names: Delilah (makes Lilah a little more interesting if you think it's too boring, and you can nn Lilah), Isla, Linnea, Matilda, Cordelia / Delia, Willow, Juliet, Athena.
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    I love Rowan and Rohan David. Rohen looks perfectly acceptable in my opinion too, considering Rohan and Rowen are legit. I actually kind of like it. The only thing I don't love is that this is a bit similar to Eden, and Rowan and Eden are both technically unisex. Ronan/Ronin is another thought.

    I think David Fox is a great idea too. I think it's cool that he could go by Fox but use David professionally. I personally think everyone is too caught up in trying to avoid trendy labels. Fox is just cool, and David grounds it.

    I also love August and Xavier. I actually would not name a baby born in August "August", so i wouldn't worry about what month he's born in.

    So basically, i think all your boy names are great. I even don't mind Whitten. But i like the others more.

    The girls I'm less convinced by. I adore Lilah, but it sounds like you are going for something with more of an edge. I think both Charlie and Indie are cute (less keen on India, and don't think it fits).... Lael is interesting. I'm wondering since you like Lilah and Lael, would you consider other similar names like Leila/Laila, Laelia, Leilani etc. and use Lael (spelled however makes the most sense) as a sometimes nickname? I think Eden, Violet, and Leila would be really pretty together. Another thought is Calla.

    sorry kinda all over the place! hope this helps with brainstorming... good luck!
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    I really appreciate your thoughtful responses, and the time you took to consider our baby name- thank you so much. I will let you know where we land after giving this more thought; but your comments definitely helped!

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