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    What defines "guilty pleasure" to you?

    How do you know whether to put something on your regular list or gp list?
    Is a gp anything you wouldn't name your child? Or anything that doesn't fit your style?
    Under what circumstances would you use a gp name for your child?

    I just think it's so interesting that some people would use Pernella or Mellisandre at the drop of a hat, but others think Melanie is too out there.

    For me, I think it's about how seriously I would consider using a name. For example, Thisbe and Hadassah started out on my gp list. A lot of the names on my gp list have a lot to do with nationality. Maybe I'll marry an Italian and get to use Beniamino or Vicenza. Or I could move to Ireland and use Caoimhe, but they just don't work in the States.
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    Jane Octavia Peter David Susannah Miriam "Sunny" Arthur Benedict
    Sidney Dean Alice Thisbe Edward Holden "Ned" Catherine Marigold "Cathy"
    Amelia "Millie", Bethany, Esther, Isobel, Juliette, Leah, Lucia, and Margaret
    Andrew, Eugene, Francis, Gregory "Rory", Jordan, Rhodes, River, and Stephen

    Guilty Pleasures:
    Grainne, Philomela, and Thalassa
    Cadmus, Cymbeline "Bello", and Orpheus

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    My guilty pleasures are all names that I am unsure on their usability on future children, so they usually go in "pet name" or mn category

    1. Any names that are too similar to other family member names: I adore Viviana, but I have one family member that has a name like Lilliana and another one with a name like Gianna. They are on different sides of my family, so they rarely interact, but for me to have a kid that matches two older kids in the family is a no go for me.
    2. Anything that gets a really weird or bad reaction outside the naming community: I love Ottilie, but I have never gotten a positive reaction for it irl.
    3. Similar to #2, if my mom doesn't like it: Having a mom that was a teacher means she has very strong opinions on names. I know many on here don't agree with giving other people, besides the parents, power over names. A wonderful person doesn't change my mom's opinion (or mine) of a name, so I want my mom to at least like what I pick for her grandkids.
    4. J names (usually passed to the middle spot): There are too many ways for J's to be pronounced for me to like it in the first spot.
    5. Unisex names: The only one I think I have on my list is Morgan, which I love on a boy. I just don't want to deal with the issues that come up.
    6. The names I would consider more unique (ex. Araceli, Antares, Circini, Orion): These usually break #2 in my area. Usually I'm just unsure about how usable the name is long-term. A name like Thomas could basically fit on any guy no matter his occupation, while I'd be afraid that a small, thin professor named Titan would seem silly.
    7. If it doesn't fit with a surname. I don't know if future kids would have my surname or not. Ronan sounds okay with mine. But if I got married and the surname was Rodgers, Ronan would become a gp because it's too superhero-y for me.

    That was probably more in-depth than you wanted to know, and I sound excessively picky. It does explain why my list of usable names is so short
    Colette ◊ Viveca ◊ Cecilia Louise ◊ Natalia Sage ◊ Rafaela Rue ◊ Audrey Bardot

    Erik ◊ Anders ◊ Samuel Orion ◊ Isaac Dean ◊ Alistair Frederick ◊ Gabriel Hawthorne

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    I have a 3 main categories:

    1) Names I think are too popular. I.e. Names given to more than one thousand babies in England/Wales or the UK. E.g. Evie, Elsie, Lola.
    2) Names I just think are too out there, or have some rather obvious pitfalls. E.g. Arsinoë (because of that doomed 1st syllable), Cadmium, Mordred, Alchemy (b), Sherlock.
    3) First names of my crushes. At the moment, the only name in that category is Benedict, just because I happen not to like my other/previous crushes' names as much.

    But the list will probably grow when I come to having kids, as whether or not I'm with someone, surname will become another factor, and my own does not go well at all with the majority of my favourites.

    I'd probably only use names from the 1st one, if they got significantly less popular leading up to when I actually have kids (a long while away). The 2nd lot maybe if I got an overwhelming degree of love for a name from my friends and family.
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    a guilty pleasure is a name that I love, but shouldn't! Mainly for me they are trendy names for girls: Kinley, Ellison, Bellamy, Hanley, Yardley etc. I think they look pretty cool written down but honestly if I heard a child with the name theres a chance I would scrunch up my nose!

    Adair ♥ Arianwen ♥ Brynn ♥ Ceridwen ♥ Charlotte ♥ Clara ♥ Cleo ♥ Eden ♥ Eleni ♥ Emery ♥ Ellery ♥ Everly ♥ Fifer ♥ Hadley ♥ Linnea ♥ Neriah ♥ Octavia ♥ Rhianwen ♥ Sadie ♥ Sage ♥ Sawyer ♥ Saylor ♥ Sienna ♥ Zara

    Archer ♥ Cohen ♥ Conan ♥ Drew ♥ Duncan ♥ Elijah ♥ Elliott ♥ Emmett ♥ Everett ♥ Harrison ♥ Hudson ♥ Hunter ♥ Jaxon ♥ Jacob ♥ Keenan ♥ Kirk ♥ Kurt ♥ Lochlan "Lockie" ♥ Luke ♥ Mason ♥ Maxwell ♥ Miles ♥ Nolan ♥ Ronan ♥ Theo

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    Trendy names or names that I wouldn't give as firsts because they don't age well or are too much of a title.
    Happiness is a choice

    August Leo Wilder - Marshall Ronan Gatsby - Stellan Evander Fox
    Roscoe Alexander Bodhi - Tate Patrick Monroe

    Emilia Charlotte Alba - Luna Florence Greer - Violet Eliza Bloom - Harlow Matilda Dune

    Greyson Ruby Marnie Ezra Ike North Willa Otto Amias Everett Flynn Matilda Luka Finlay Jasper Etta Linus Asa

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