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Thread: Naming Buddy

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    Naming Buddy

    Hey Everyone!

    So this was done a few years ago, and it worked out really well, so I thought we could try it again. You know how sometimes you don't want to post a whole post, but you just want someone's opinion on names, and have someone you can have a conversation about names with? Well, how this will work, is post some a tiny bit about yourself and then some of your favourite names / your style of naming here, and then I will pair people based on their naming styles. You can then private message that person. It's just someone to bounce names off of. Also, if you want more than 1 partner, feel free to say so and I can pair you with 2 or however many you like. If you don't like the person I pair you with, or they don't respond, feel free to just message me or someone else who has already posted.

    So here's a sample post (I'll go first):

    I'm 19, nowhere close to having a child, but I can dream about it and names.
    My favourite names are currently Rosalie, Alexa, Clara, Beatrice, Adeline, Imogen, & Eleanor for girls and Charlie & Henry (which have been my favourites for years) for boys.

    If you have any questions, feel free to post them here!

    Beatrice, Jane, Rosalie, Alexa, Eleanor, Imogen, Clara & Adeline
    Gideon, Charlie, Sawyer, Flynn, Wyatt, Hugo, Henry & Lachlan

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    I'm 23 and Engaged. We're not trying yet, but we're getting closer to when we can.
    My favorite names are : Aubree, Elleanora, Arya, Thea, Freya, For boys: Anthony, Niklaus, Xavier, and Abel and Declan.
    I'll take as many partners that want to do it I love names and love when people talk to me about them, who dont find me weird.
    Top Four Girls:
    Aubree Navayah
    Elleanora Ruth Allean
    Arya Rose
    Thea Lux

    Deciding between: Thea Lux or Freya ___

    Top Four Boy:
    Anthony Michael
    Niklaus Robert
    Xavier Ryan
    Abel James

    Thinking of: Declan Matthew James, Declan Matthew.

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    Sounds fun! I'm 26, mom to two fun-loving boys. Still love and enjoy looking at all the naming possibilities, though we are not currently trying for #3.

    I enjoy classical names, but also names that are uncommon.

    Girl names that I currently like: Justine, Rowan, Gwendolyn, Rosalie, Valentina, and Claire.

    Boy names: Tidas, Benjamin, Alfred, Frederick, Geoffrey, and Abraham.

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    I am not yet a mom, but dream of being one in the next few years. I am currently 24 and like a variety of names but often sort them into sibsets, currently enjoying a more classic bunch. I have always loved names and would love to have more people to discuss with!

    Favourites right now:
    Classic/popular in early 1900s etc - Emmett, Levi, Clara, Eliza, Fletcher, Ada, Rosa
    Uncommon - Atlas, Ronan, Kian, Maeve, Brenna, Dallas

    I have created a GROUP called BABY NAME DREAMERS where I would love to have a group like this to bounce names off of eachother! Please join if you're interested

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    The Forest Moon of Endor
    I'm not expecting or ttc, but I definitely would like to have kids in the future. I love unisex names for girls, and I really try to honor family members. My favorites for girls are Arden, Tatum, Blaire, Greer, Sloan, Hollis, and Cambrey right now. For boys, I'm stuck on Levi, Brooks, Shepherd, Hayes, Silas, and Lincoln.
    Dreaming of...
    Wee Wizards
    Sawyer Levi - Schroeder Malachi - Lincoln Scott - Brooks Eric - Booker Graeme - Hayes Rafferty - Mackenzie Bram - Silas Carson - Reed Benjamin - Shepherd Luke

    Witty Witches
    Arden Eliza - Cadence Raine - Greer Olivia - Blaise Imogen - Annalee Merritt - Tatum Saige - Savannah June - Blaire Vela - Hollis Elaine - Linden Camille - Cambrey Abigail - Foster Isabel - Sloan Madeleine

    Names of the Day:
    Ruby and Davis

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