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    Share Your Combinations!

    I know that in the past, I've done a thread about sharing your long lists of names, but now, I'd like to do one for combinations. I feel as though I know that I'd have a huuuuuge list for the "Names on NB that Make You Go Wow!" thread, but, unfortunately, I don't often see everyone's combinations, so I figured this would be a good way for myself, and others, to do just that - and, it's also fun to see what others are liking at the moment (I'm a curious person haha!).

    My combinations (Or ones I'm thinking of at the moment) are:

    Florence Edith Louise/Florence Olivia Saffron/Florence Eva Marigold ( vote for your favourite here!)
    Maude Arabella Rose
    Harriet Lowenna Daisy
    Evelyn Sophia Poppy
    Charlotte Lavinia Kate
    Isabella Doris Ruby

    George Alexander Ryan
    Charlie William Daniel/Charlie Daniel Austen
    Addison Christopher John
    Ernest Harper Francis
    haley ~ nineteen ~ journalism student ♔
    "The most courageous act is still to think for yourself, aloud" - Coco Chanel ♔

    ♔ Charlotte, Lily, Libby, Harriet, Violet, Daisy, Lilah, Imogen, Rosie, Evelyn, Stella
    Betsy, Elsie, Florence, Mabel, Poppy, Kitty, Minnie, Nancy, Dolcie, Betty, Martha

    ♔ Henry, Archie, William, Benedict, Daniel, Alfie, James, George, Charlie, Arthur, Ezra
    Louis, Albert, Morgan, Andrew, Christian, Ernest, Winston, Emmett, Matthew, Wilfred, Joel

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    I love Evelyn Sophia Poppy; it feels so fresh and vibrant! A lot of these are GPs:

    Kirsi Mireille
    Laurel Vevina
    Ottilie Margo (middle rhymes with my surname )
    Audrey Bardot (I saw this combo here on nameberry and loved it, but another rhyming middle)
    Natalia Sage/Paige
    Rafaela Renee/Rue
    Tessa Felicity

    Alistair Frederick "Fritz"
    Isaac Dean
    Samuel Orion
    Gabriel Hawthorne
    Killian Morgan
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    Colette ◊ Viveca ◊ Cecilia ◊ Natalia ◊ Rafaela ◊ Audrey ◊ Georgia

    Erik ◊ Anders ◊ Samuel ◊ Isaac ◊ Alistair ◊ Gabriel ◊ Ragnar

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    I am so happy with some of my combos lately!

    Indigo Lydia (not sure of a third middle name here)
    Roma Hope or Roma Jacqueline Hope
    Juno Beatrix Dawn
    Lux Maritza Mercy

    and for boys:

    Willow Isaac Kai
    Mica Theodore Fitz (not sure abt Fitz, it's a family name that I am toying with)
    Luca Nicholas Oscar (ditto to Nicholas, my dad's name and it flows well here but I don't love it)
    Rafferty Leo Camden
    queer gal, author & name lover <3 no kids yet though i want one more every day, check back in a couple of years!

    current faves:
    Indigo Jacqueline Hope // Juno Beatrix Mercy // Zoma Lydia Neve // Lux Aisha Clementine
    Willow Isaac Luca // Mica Theodore Ezra // Rafferty Nicholas Leo "Raffi"

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    Ciaran David Eugene * Peter Malachi "Machi" * Jonah William * George Abraham Wolf * Sidney Dean
    Noel * Hamish * Hugo * Arthur * Benedict * Rory * Jonathan * River * Westley * Harper
    Jane Wilhelmina * Mary Odilia Lark * Susannah Miriam "Annie" * Alice Thisbe * Victoria Ivy
    Eden * Daisy * Georgiana * Niamh * Phoebe * Marigold * Juliette * Isobel * Esther * Ruth

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    My combos change all the time, but today these would be my favorite combos.

    Hugo Valentine
    George Caspian
    Henrik Raphael

    Eloise Winter
    Leona Genevieve
    Rosalind Elena

    Today I have also been crushing on these combos, although I wouldn't actually put them on my list because they don't have any meaning to me.

    Elias Hawthorne
    Orion Gabriel
    name obsessed
    Currently Loving:

    Hugo Valentine • George Caspian • Henry Tide

    Rosalind Elena • Jane Marigold

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