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    Game of Thrones Name Quiz (w/Choices!)

    Another name quiz packed full of meaning!
    Some of these answers made me chuckle, so here's hoping some of you understand them! *cough* JAIME *cough*

    Daughter #1 First Name:
    Favorite female character?

    Arya Stark: Alyssa, Louisa, or Tala
    Cersei Lannister: Cressida, Erica, or Aurelia
    Daenerys Targaryen: Danica, Selene, or Eliane
    Margaery Tyrell: Marguerite, Cataleya, or Lilia
    Sansa Stark: Susanna, Paloma, or Lola
    Other(Which character?): Elara, Brianna, or Nima

    Daughter #1 Middle Name:
    Favorite House of these choices?

    House Baratheon: Ayelet, Fawn or Sascha
    House Lannister: Leona, Leya, or Odette
    House Stark: Eurydice, Snow, or Eira
    House Targaryen: Petra, Gemma, or Tana
    House Tyrell: Ivy, Rosalind, or Violetta

    Son #1 First Name
    Favorite Male Character?

    Eddard Stark: Edward, Albert, or Raoul
    Jaime Lannister: James, Benjamin, or Gideon
    Jon Snow: John, Norman, or Corbin
    Samwell Tarly: Samuel, Gareth, or Clark
    Tyrion Lannister: Tristan, Leonardo, or Vaughan
    Other (Which character?): Robert, Oberon, or Sandor

    Son #1 Middle Name:
    Favorite Dragon?

    Balerion the Black Dread: Balthazar, Cole, or Ulric
    Drogon: Damon, Kieran, or Alaric
    Rhaegal: Raymond, Vardon, or Judd
    Viserion: Victor, Xanthus, or Draco
    Daenerys: Dane, Cato, or Rex

    Daughter #2 First Name:
    Storyline and its politics aside, where would you most like to live, of these choices?

    Casterly Rock: Caledonia, Seneca, or Crisanta
    Highgarden: Hayden, Valentina or Cynara
    King's Landing: Ruby, Scarlett, or Adelina
    Riverrun: Katerina, Brooke, or Tallulah
    Winterfell: Winter, Noelle, or Hestia

    Daughter #2 Middle Name:
    Favorite House of these choices?

    House Arryn: Madeleine, Honora, or Luna
    House Clegane: Fideline, Madigan, or Fenna
    House Greyjoy: Marcheline, Cordelia, or Thalassa
    House Martell: Geraldine, Corin, or Sahara
    House Tully: Tatiana, Eyre, or Sabrina

    Son #2 First Name:
    Most disliked character?

    Cersei Lannister: Cyrus, Finnian, or Henry
    Daenerys Targaryen: Theodoric, Axton, or Drake
    Gregor Clegane, The Mountain: Aaron, Hammond, or Grant
    Joffrey Baratheon: Quillon, Nero, or Rodrigo
    Melisandre: Lucien, Raiden, or Adam
    Ramsay Snow: Brant, Seth, or Nico
    Tywin Lannister: Tyson, Ryker, or Richmond

    Son #2 Middle Name:
    Storyline and its politics aside, where would you most like to live, of these choices?

    Castle Black: Conall, Griffin, or Alexei
    Dragonstone: Hagan, Kenneth, or Gavin
    The Eyrie: Hawk, Talon, or Clive
    Pyke: Dylan, Havelock, or Kai
    Sunspear: Cain, Garrett, or Edgar
    Avia | Blair | Caroline | Catalina | Elara | Evangeline | Freya | Ingrid | Louisa | Quinn | Sasha | Rosalind | Rosamund | Violet

    Alexander | Arthur | Chase | Cole | Edward | George | Gideon | Isaac | Jasper | Rhett | Rordan | Thomas | Tristan | Wyatt

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