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    Girly girl, feminine names?

    I want a girly, romantic name but with a kick to it.
    I like Josephine, Esme and Scarlett
    Some that I feel have the same feeling are
    and Isabella

    I don't particularly like the bottom list though. Can you PLEASE give me some suggestions?
    Something you can picture Marilyn Monroe or Brigitte Bardot being renamed.
    Thank you for your help berriesXx

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    Cair Paravel :)
    My first thought was Lily. It's sweet and all-girl, imo. Cara/Carolina, Serena, Felicity, and Juliet/Julietta also fall into that category for me.
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    Ha-ha, funny to see Cara on ashthedreamer's list! I'm Cara, and I'm mostly a tomboy! I hate make-up and most chick-flicks, don't care much about outer appearance and am not that interested in boys. I like dresses/skirts on occasion, though.

    It's interesting to see what other people think of as girly-girl names!

    I agree with all the other names mentioned, though!

    I think Rosaline, Melisande, Eve, Ingrid, Alyssa, Daphne, Delphine, Estelle, Stella, Clarissa, Viola, Seraphina, Ada, Alexandria, Eloise, Rowena, Giselle, Elisabetta, Gemma, Malia and Tiana all fit that image.
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    Jude, blackbird.

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