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    Wink 5 Families with Initials - can you name them?

    Should be simple enough. I'll give you initials - father, mother, and children - and you'll give them names! The last initial on each one is the surname.

    FAMILY #1
    Surname: J
    Father: TAJ
    Mother: DMJ
    Daughter: AMJ
    Son 1: JAJ
    Son 2: BTJ

    FAMILY #2
    Surname: G
    Father: JAG
    Mother: TDG
    Son 1: ALG
    Daughter: ABG
    Son 2: TWG

    FAMILY #3:
    Surname: B
    Father: GAB
    Mother: ABB
    Son: CHB
    Daughter: CMB

    FAMILY #4:
    Surname: M
    Father: GLM
    Mother: LFM
    Daughter 1: BAM
    Son: IGM
    Daughter 2: SGM

    FAMILY #5:
    Surname: N
    Father: JWN
    Mother: ABN
    Son 1: SAN
    Daughter 1: VJN
    Son 2: TGN
    Daughter 2: EBN
    Daughter 3: LMN

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    FAMILY #1
    Surname: Jones
    Father: Theodore Avery Jones "Theo"
    Mother: Dahlia Marie Jones
    Daughter: Adalyn Marie Jones
    Son 1: Jude Avery Jones
    Son 2: Bennett Theodore Jones

    FAMILY #2
    Surname: Guidry
    Father: Jackson Asa Guidry
    Mother: Taylor Deleigh Guidry
    Son 1: Asher Landon Guidry
    Daughter: Ava Brielle Guidry
    Son 2: Tatum Wyatt Guidry

    FAMILY #3:
    Surname: Bridges
    Father: Garrett Anderson Bridges
    Mother: Alexis Blair Bridges
    Son: Cabot Harrison Bridges
    Daughter: Cambrie Mae Bridges

    FAMILY #4:
    Surname: Merritt
    Father: Gavin Lane Merritt
    Mother: Lydia Faith Merritt
    Daughter 1: Brenna Amelia Merritt
    Son: Isaac Gavin Merritt
    Daughter 2: Stella Grace Merritt

    FAMILY #5:
    Surname: Nolan
    Father: James William Nolan
    Mother: Anneliese Bridget Nolan
    Son 1: Samuel Allen Nolan
    Daughter 1: Vivienne Jane Nolan
    Son 2: Trevor Gray Nolan
    Daughter 2: Evangeline Bridget Nolan
    Daughter 3: Lola Magdalena Nolan

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    FAMILY #1
    Father: Truman Andrew Jones
    Mother: Deanna Margaret Jones
    Daughter: Antonia Margaret Jones *Annie*
    Son 1: Jasper Andrew Jones *Jaz*
    Son 2: Benedict Truman Jones *Ben*

    Truman and Deanna with Annie, Jaz, and Ben

    FAMILY #2
    Father: Jonah Adam Gould
    Mother: Tilly Diane Gould
    Son 1: Aldo Lucas Gould
    Daughter: Aya Beatrice Gould
    Son 2: Teo Wallace Gould

    Jonah & Tilly with Aldo, Aya, and Teo

    FAMILY #3:
    Father: Grayer Arthur Beckett
    Mother: Alba Brielle Beckett
    Son: Crispin Henry Beckett
    Daughter: Celia Madelyn Beckett

    Grayer & Alba with Crispin and Celia

    FAMILY #4:
    Father: Guthrie Lionel McCabe
    Mother: Linnea Frances McCabe
    Daughter 1: Bethany Alice McCabe *Beth*
    Son: Ian Guthrie McCabe
    Daughter 2: Sylvia Grace McCabe *Sylvie*

    Guthrie & Linnea with Beth, Ian, and Sylvie

    FAMILY #5:
    Father: Judson William Nelson
    Mother: Avia Breanne Nelson
    Son 1: Sawyer Andre Nelson
    Daughter 1: Vada Jean Nelson
    Son 2: Tucker Gregory Nelson
    Daughter 2: Echo Breanne Nelson
    Daughter 3: Lillia Madison Nelson

    Judson & Avia with Sawyer, Vada, Tucker, Echo, and Lillia

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    FAMILY #1
    Surname: James
    Father: Thomas Anderson James
    Mother: Desiree Michele James
    Daughter: Amity Mauriel James
    Son 1: Jonathan Andrew James
    Son 2: Brighton Theodore James

    FAMILY #2
    Surname: Garrett
    Father: Jensen Alan Garrett
    Mother: Tana Deleigh Garrett
    Son 1: Amos Lincoln Garrett
    Daughter: Abigail Bronte Garrett
    Son 2: Theo William Garrett

    FAMILY #3:
    Surname: Briggs
    Father: Garrison Albright Briggs
    Mother: Amy Beatrice Briggs
    Son: Cayden Henry Briggs
    Daughter: Caitlyn Maeve Briggs

    FAMILY #4:
    Surname: Morris
    Father: Graydon Leland Morris
    Mother: Leslie Fern Morris
    Daughter 1: Bailey Alexa Morris
    Son: Ian Gregory Morris
    Daughter 2: Sullivan Gunnar Morris

    FAMILY #5:
    Surname: Nathanson
    Father: Jack William Nathanson
    Mother: Allison Bee Nathanson
    Son 1: Sebastian Alistair Nathanson
    Daughter 1: Vivian Janelle Nathanson
    Son 2: Thomas Gareth Nathanson
    Daughter 2: Eleanor Belle Nathanson
    Daughter 3: Lillith Margaret Nathanson
    Married my bestfriend 5/11/13
    Angel Baby Riley Bean 8/13
    Mama to Murron Lydia Genevieve 10/20/14

    Bow ties & Top hats

    Beck Padrig(Patrick)
    Solomon Jace/Ashley
    Friedan Henri
    Phelan Wallace
    Caedmon Wolfe
    Emerich Frost
    Nashua Hartley

    Bows & Pearls

    Flannery Liora
    Livia Pearl
    Enid Sylvia Inez/ Gertrude
    Florence Adele
    Quinlyn Riley/Ruth
    Junia Edith
    Cleora Josephine Helen

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    FAMILY #1
    Surname: Jonas
    Father: Thomas Alexander Jonas
    Mother: Denise Marie Jonas
    Daughter: Anabelle Magnolia Jonas
    Son 1: Jacob Alexander Jonas
    Son 2: Benjamin Theodore Jonas

    FAMILY #2
    Surname: Galifinakis
    Father: Jeremy Ansel Galifinakis
    Mother: Tracy Delaney Galifinakis
    Son 1: Austin Lance Galifinakis
    Daughter: Amelia Beatrice Galifinakis
    Son 2: Trevor Wyatt Galifinakis

    FAMILY #3:
    Surname: Beck
    Father: Gavin Anderson Beck
    Mother: Alyson Bernadette Beck
    Son: Christopher Hyde Beck
    Daughter: Catalina Marina Beck

    FAMILY #4:
    Surname: Montoya
    Father: Gordon Lucas Montoya
    Mother: Laila Florence Montoya
    Daughter 1: Bailey Alexis Montoya
    Son: Ian Gordon Montoya
    Daughter 2: Sarah Genevieve Montoya

    FAMILY #5:
    Surname: Nile
    Father: Jared William Nile
    Mother: Adela Bridgette Nile
    Son 1: Santiago Ace Nile
    Daughter 1: Vienna Jade Nile
    Son 2: Topher Gage Nile
    Daughter 2: Emmaline Bette Nile
    Daughter 3: Leighton Mace Nile
    Favorite Names:
    Lucy Melrose|Jane Madeline|Sophia Matisse|Emma Rosalie|Liliana Roma|Charlotte Helena
    Benjamin Knox|Ryan Chandler|Mason Jericho|Noah Sebastian|Liam Phoenix|James Flynn

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