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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Zelia • XXI • History student • Film and royalty enthusiast
    I run vesperlynds and everythingroyalty, and export names from Greenland and Inuit mythology
    Henry Ásgeirr Lórien • Alexander Adelin Pemba "Sasha" • Atticus Aksel Ivik • Oscar Llŷr Igaluk
    Cosima Ingrid Zenobia "Mimi" • Asta Ivalo (EE-vah-lu) Galadriel • Aviaaja Catherine Françoise "Avi" • Evelyn Alvaret Cleopatra "Elví"

    GPs: Nor Valdemar Oisín • Bertil Cosimo Edmund • Olga Agnes Lúthien • Alva Madicken Héloïse

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    FAMILY #1
    Surname: Jensen
    Father: Theo Alexander Jensen
    Mother: Deirdre May Jensen
    Daughter: Arley Miranda Jensen
    Son 1: Jolyon Amos Jensen
    Son 2: Benno Theodore Jensen

    FAMILY #2
    Surname: Gilliam
    Father: James Axel Gilliam
    Mother: Talitha Day Gilliam
    Son 1: Arno Lucius Gilliam
    Daughter: Althea Blair Gilliam
    Son 2: Torsten Wright Gilliam

    FAMILY #3:
    Surname: Blake
    Father: Gideon Ahab Blake
    Mother: Amabel Blanche Blake
    Son: Conrad Hollis Blake
    Daughter: Cleo Maren Blake

    FAMILY #4:
    Surname: Manning
    Father: Gordon Lake Manning
    Mother: Leona Fay Manning
    Daughter 1: Beata Alice Manning
    Son: Ivo Gordon Manning
    Daughter 2: Stella Grete Manning

    FAMILY #5:
    Surname: Newell
    Father: John Wesley Newell
    Mother: Annabel Beth Newell
    Son 1: Stellan Archer Newell
    Daughter 1: Viola Jane Newell
    Son 2: Tristan Gregor Newell
    Daughter 2: Eliza Beatrice Newell
    Daughter 3: Leonor Mavis Newell

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    FAMILY #1
    Surname: Jasper
    Father: Theodore Albin Jasper (Teddy)
    Mother: Delphine Maeve Jasper
    Daughter: Adelaide Miette Jasper (Lady)
    Son 1: Julius Asa Jasper
    Son 2: Barnaby Tennyson Jasper

    FAMILY #2
    Surname: Granger
    Father: James Abraham Granger (Jem)
    Mother: Theodora Dominica Granger (Thea)
    Son 1: Augustine Leander Granger (Gus)
    Daughter: Araminta Blythe Granger (Minty)
    Son 2: Tiberius Willoughby Granger

    FAMILY #3:
    Surname: Birch
    Father: Griffin Alistair Birch
    Mother: Anwen Beatrix Birch
    Son: Cato Humphrey Birch
    Daughter: Cressida Magnolia Birch

    FAMILY #4:
    Surname: Minerva
    Father: Gideon Ludovic Minerva
    Mother: Lilac Felicity Minerva
    Daughter 1: Beatrice Amoret Minerva (Bea)
    Son: Indiana Gatsby Minerva (Indy)
    Daughter 2: Seraphina Gemma Minerva

    FAMILY #5:
    Surname: North
    Father: Jonah William North
    Mother: Aurelia Bettina North
    Son 1: Sirius Aloysius North
    Daughter 1: Verity Juno North
    Son 2: Tobias Graham North (Toby)
    Daughter 2: Evangeline Bliss North
    Daughter 3: Lyra Matilda North

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    FAMILY #1
    Surname: James
    Father: Thomas Alexei James
    Mother: Diana Margaret James
    Daughter: Amelia Marigold James
    Son 1: Jonas Abel James
    Son 2: Bennett Thomas James

    FAMILY #2
    Surname: Garrett
    Father: John Arthur Garrett
    Mother: Theodora Daphne Garett "Thea"
    Son 1: Adrian Leonardo Garett
    Daughter: Alice Blythe Garrett
    Son 2: Timothy Wynn Garrett

    FAMILY #3:
    Surname: Bennett
    Father: George Anders Bennett
    Mother: Adele Bianca Bennett
    Son: Christopher Hobson Bennett
    Daughter: Charlotte Miranda Bennett

    FAMILY #4:
    Surname: Mays
    Father: Gem Lysander Mays
    Mother: Lily Fiona Mays
    Daughter 1: Beatrix Aveline Mays
    Son: Ian George Mays
    Daughter 2: Susanna Gwendolen Mays

    FAMILY #5:
    Surname: North
    Father: James Wesley North
    Mother: Ariana Berenice North
    Son 1: Samuel Alex North
    Daughter 1: Veronica Juliette North
    Son 2: Theodore George North
    Daughter 2: Estella Beatrix North
    Daughter 3: Lucia Marguerite North

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