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    Pretentious names?

    I just wanted to gather people's ideas on what names seem pretentious.
    When reading through threads about my favourites every now and then the words pretentious and try hard would come up, and I would hate any future child of mine to be influenced by these perceptions.
    However I LOVE these names and could never imagine naming my children in a different style.
    What do you guys think? Is try hard always bad? And how come so many names out of the top 500-ish are labelled as pretentious?
    How do you get around the fact that you only love names that are perceived by others as pretentious?

    For reference, the type of names I'm talking about are-

    Etc etc etc
    Hermione Astrid Lux 'Minnie'

    Balthasar Atlas Grey 'Bas'

    Cordelia Signe Echo 'Coco/Cora'

    Ignatius Wolfram Valor or Ignatius Cosmo Valor 'Gus'

    Persephone Luna Poet 'Posy'

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    Out of those I think Oberon, Artemas, Thaddeus and Barnabas are quite pretentious. When I hear pretentious, I think snobby. So anything way over the top, really.

    Try hard names are a different story. They,to me, are those names that people think are unusual, but everyone else is thinking the same thing, therefore, everyone ends up using the same 'unusual' name (ie Lily-May.) Thats another try hard thing - double barrelled names, or silly made up spellings!
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    I adore pretentious names. I have never understood why out of all of the fantastic names to give your child, people are naming them Ashley and Jennifer and Harper.

    And honestly, what is pretentious? Someone who gives off an air of being well educated and talented? Why is that not something we all want for our children? I just don't understand.
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    For me, pretentious has a lot to do with intent.

    Are they naming their kid Persephone because they want to look smart or cool and cultured? If so, I think that's pretentious. But if they genuinely like the name Persephone, then there's nothing pretentious to me about it. Just preference.
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    Honestly, name your child the "pretentious" names if that's the style you like. Our thoughts on names tend to fade into the background when there's a person attached to the name. So those who make not like the names themselves more than likely won't have an issue with the child, unless the child ends up with a snotty and nasty personality. Try hard is a bit different to me, I always think of the misspelled "trying to be unique just to stand out" names. Again, this is all subject to opinion. For example carysmarie has the opinion that double barrel first names are "try hard" where as where I come from they're extremely common and often are used to honor family members/grandparents/great grandparents. Not used to get attention or be unique. There's no one size fits all opinion so use what type of name you like

    The big names that I think of as pretentious are Percival, Fitzwilliam, Kingston, Paris, London, Francesca, Alistair just to name a few. There are a few names on your list that I personally don't think are pretentious.
    Persephone - nerd/history buff name due to Greek Mythology, slightly pretentious but not too much so
    Oberon - Not pretentious to me but I'm not sure what I would classify it as
    Astoria - Quirky, good for a book lover due to "story" being in the name
    Hermione - literary/nerdy due to the very well known HP reference
    Artemas - I think of Greek mythology's Artemis
    Atticus - literary but I can see it more here where it might lean towards pretentious
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