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    Saint: a virtue name or not?

    Hello all!

    I'm really curious about your view on the following topic:
    Is Saint a virtue name or not?

    The recent arrival of my little cousin (M.akani Saint) sparked this whole discussion on my mind. His mommy explained that they chose Saint because it is their favorite virtue name.

    I myself do not really count Saint as a virtue name, but I see her reasoning. And although I wouldn't have chosen his name myself, I love him to bits!

    So, what do you think? Is Saint a virtue name in your eyes or not?

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    Saint is a virtue name to me, a very "loaded" one at that.
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    I see it as more of a title than a virtue.
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    I also see it as a title. Not sure how appropriate I find it.

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    I don't think that Saint is a virtue name. Like others have said, it is more of a title.
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