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    How would you feel if...

    ...someone you're close to you asked if they could name their baby after you, either as a middle or first?

    Could be you best friend,close friend, cousin, sister, daughter, brother, son, uncle, next door neighbour, et cetera.

    And how would you feel if they didn't ask first and just did it as a surprise?


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    I think I'd like to be asked first, unless it was a sibling. If it was a sibling and they surprised me, I'd feel very honoured. Though, I am very close with my brother and sister. If someone else did it, I think I'd find it a bit unusual, so I'd definitely want to be asked first.
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    I think I'd be happy, but it depends on which one of my names.
    I'd be more than delighted if it was Lyra, but I'm not sure how I'd feel about Elizabeth since I know how hard it is to write that properly in our country. (Currently there is only around 9 thousand Elizabeth's in Denmark, but there is only 9 Lyra's. Beautiful, right?

    If they did it without asking me I wouldn't care too much, mainly due to that they believe that the name is the perfect for their child. It also depends on if I'm the uk or Denmark, because it's not common for Danes to take names from Family and give to their children. Atleast not in my part of Denmark, it ranges of course. ^^
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    I would feel honoured and flattered at the sentiment, but I don't particularly love either my first or middle name (don't hate them, but don't love them either) so I wouldn't be particularly excited. It would seem a bit odd no matter who it was- my family/social circle doesn't tend to do honour names- but I wouldn't be offended. My name is common enough I don't really feel possessive of it.
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    I would be honored. I would think a friend would ask first but it wouldn't bother me if it was a surprise.
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