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    Baby name regret, please help?

    Hello, I am in need of some unbiased advice! My husband and I were so fortunate to give birth to a healthy baby girl two weeks ago. We did not find out the gender ahead of time and only agreed on a boys name. My husband only liked three girls names which were not my favorite and he did not care for any of mine. We decided on a name Right before leaving the hospital that I am regretting now as I did not research it as thoroughly as I should have. We chose McKenna "Kay"(after my husbands grandmother) Susan and was sad to see so many people find the name horrible as it is masculine, surname dislike, tacky and trendy. I understood it to be a surname, but knew many first names to be surnames. My husband is irish and wanted somewhat of an Irish/Scottish feel to her name. Now I feel I should have gone with my traditional names I or my husband Thought of : Charlotte, Claire for myself, and my husband's names:Fiona, cora(family name, did not originally like but thought maybe overtime it would grow on me).

    I have been thinking about this since we came home and have been making myself and husband miserable. I have been feeling that i am not enjoying my time with her as i should. He does not want to change the name due to liking her name and embarrassment. I really want the best name for her.

    I appreciate any input, thank you and Happy Mothers Day!

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    I don't like McKenna, I'm sorry, it is really very trendy. However, I do like the name Kenna. That would be an easy fix. But it is still trendy and surname-y.

    Out of your choices listed above, I like Fiona the best. It goes well with Susan and is the least popular. Plus, it's such a pretty name! Cora is nice too, but it along with Claire and Charlotte are too popular. McKenna at least would stand out more than them...

    If you don't like Fiona, what about Fenella? That's a sweet name with the nn Nellie.
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    I think the nickname Kay is lovely. McKenna isn't too bad but I much prefer the spelling Makenna as it looks less trendy. If you love the name, just be persistent and let people know that you aren't changing. If you don't love it though, maybe think of something else you could call her that has come from McKenna. Maybe Kenny, Kenna, or something else ending in -enna such as Brenna or Sienna.

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    Thank you both for your responses. Fiona and Cora have grown on me recently. I am afraid to change her name too as the questions from friends and family as most of them do like the name from what they are telling me. I see the negative comments from the baby name websites (when I researched the name I just looked at a list of Irish origin names and meanings. I knew "mc" meant "son of" but did not feel this was an issue/how people felt about it until I read the comments later.

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    You should really think it through. I'm sorry it's making you so miserable, I would hate to feel that way. If you feel like you made a mistake I would definitely change the name regardless of what people would think. What matters is that you like the name, feel good saying it and that it's a name you think your child would appreciate. It's still early enough that it really wouldn't be a big deal, just talk it over with your partner so you can come to a decision that you both feel at peace with. I personally don't like the name because of it's trendyness but that's beside the point. Good luck!
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