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    Is anyone else having the baby name crazies??? Suggestions please!!

    For some reason, naming my son Maisen came so naturally and now with my little girl I feel like I am going crazy over it! I keep changing my mind or when I find one I love my hubby shoots it down! We have completely different taste and style. Baby is due in 6 days and I still haven't committed. I loved Bettine (bettie) but husband didn't like it. I got mixed reactions on the name. Either they loved it or hated it. Husband agreed on Belline (belle) which has a similar sound but flows easier off the tongue but he still isn't in love with it. I can't find Belline listed anywhere online and am second guessing myself.. I like the unique sound but I dont want to look like I made up a name. Then I jumped completely in a different direction with the name Memphis for a girl. I think it has a jazzy feel and I really like it. SOO here I am going crazy over this.. Bettine Louise, Belline Louise, Memphis Louise...? My son is Maisen William.. so I am trying to find a name that goes well... I have completely given up on agreeing with the husband who will most likely be naming our next child because we cannot agree which seems to be a fair trade. So does anyone have any options on these names? Or suggestions that go with my taste/style. Middle name Louise and I do not want to use a trend or fad name (Aria, Lila, Mia, anything ending with Lyn, anna, line or ella) (I know Im a baby name snob..) I want something unique but not made up and it has to go with Maisen. If my daughter is anything like me she will be feminine, eccentric, artistic and athletic. Please help!

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    I think girls names are harder than boys names. I am not sure why.

    I like Bettine but I like Bettina better, apersonally. Belline sounds like a nice name. Here on Nameberry there is "Beline" which means "goddess" in French. Lovely. See? You are not going crazy!

    The only Memphis I know is a boy but I can totally see it at as a girls name. Memphis Louise sounds very Southern, which I don't know if that it your intention.

    Maison Williams and _______ Louise (feminine, eccentric, artistic, athletic )

    Beatrix *
    Beline *
    Bellamy *
    Bellerose *
    Marietta *
    Mazarine *
    Willoughby *
    Harper *
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    I adore both Belline and Memphis. I have actually had Memphis stuck in my head all week for some reason. It's cool. It sounds really great with Maisen.
    I have always loved Bettina. It seems a tad more delicate than Bettine to me.
    You seem very stressed, but be reassured. Your ideas are not crazy. And you will manage to name this baby.
    Is the middle name negotiable?
    What about the combos
    Memphis Belline/ Bettine
    Bettine/ Belline Memphis
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    How do you pronounce Belline? I first read it like the drink (Bellini)
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    Feeling a little less crazy

    Thank you for all of the suggestions! Yes I am very stressed. Partially because I'm just so ready to have this baby! I am due in a few days :] At least I am reassured that I am not completely "out there" with my naming preferences. Anyways, yes Belline is pronounced like the drink but without the "i" at the end. Like Celine but with a B. :] I still love Memphis so I will most likely wait until I can hold her to see what "feels right." Thank you guys so much :]

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