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    Clashing Tastes in Names


    My boyfriend and I have been talking names and family plans lately. While I am super excited about our future I can already tell we are gonna have a difficult time finding a common ground on names.

    Like many "berries" I like classic names with long history that are not super popular. My fiance however likes names that he describes as "all American", strong, classic names with a guilty pleasure for the names of explorers.

    Long story short every name that the other person has so far brought up the other person has hated, like really hated. He doesn't like anything to unique or soft sounding and I don't like names that are overly biblical or what I would call "Dad" and "Mom" names.

    We both have pretty common and classic names, his name being Nick and mine being Emma. So some kids names that would "match" ours would be nice too.

    I was hoping you guys could help me find some potential names that we could consider as a team! So far these names are our individual top lists and have been totally vetoed.

    My favourites are:


    His favourites are:

    Robert (Robby, Rob, Bob, Bobby)
    Daniel (Danny, Dan)
    Nathan (Nate)
    David (Dave)

    The only name we have found any common ground on is Jack - which I like much more than him.

    SOS! Thanks!!

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    Clara -love
    Adeline -like
    Lily -lile

    Maxwell -love
    Bennett -like
    Jameson - not so much

    Ellen - like, close to your name
    Jennifer - not so much

    Robert (Robby, Rob, Bob, Bobby) - love
    Daniel (Danny, Dan) -like
    Nathan (Nate)-ok
    David (Dave) - love
    Dirk - eh not so much

    Jack - like, and I like Johnathan ( similar to Nathan)

    Julia nn Jewels
    Charles nn Charlie
    Christine nn Chrissy
    Jeffrey nn Jeff
    James nn Jimmy
    Katherine nn Kate or Kitty
    Christopher nn Chris

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    What do you guys think about nicknames? I see some potential nicknames in both of your favorites that perhaps he may like better and/or you may like better.

    For example, you love Maxwell and Bennett. He may not be crazy about them, but maybe he likes Max and Ben?

    Another one I saw was Ellen, where you could get the adorable nickname Elle or Ellie.

    I'll also list some names very similar to you and your s/o's favorites...

    Clara - Claire, Clarice, Chloe, Cleo
    Adeline - Addison, Adelaide, Addie
    Lily - Lillian, Lucy, Lucille, Lucia, Lucienne, Lola, Jillian

    Maxwell - Max, Maximus
    Bennett - Benjamin, Brenden, Benji, Bernard, Bernie
    Jameson - James, Jackson

    Ellen - Ellery, Helen, Ella, Ellie, Elle, Eloise, Elodie, Ellowen
    Jennifer - Jeanette, Jennison, Jillian
    Robert - Robinson, Robin, Ralph
    Daniel - Dashiel, Derek, Dennison
    Nathan - Nathaniel, Ethan
    David - Davidson, Davis, Davey
    Dirk - Burke, Derek

    My husband and I have conflicting tastes, too. For the most part though, he's come around to my style and some names grow on him. Try that out
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    Theodore Jack.
    Samson Leo. Lincoln Milo. Ezra Maxwell. Leo Peregrine. Ansel Kit.


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    The thing about Jennifer or Jessica or Heather or Amber or Daniel or Matthew any of those super 80's/90's names is that to us, young child bearing aged women, they seem super basic and boring and popular.... However, since we all think that, no one will be naming their children that any time soon. If you used it, your daughter would have a, what will soon be considered a "classic" name, during a generation of kids where it will be not as popular. If that makes sense. Just something to think about. Now all of the Ella's and Emily's and Max's and Jackson's are the new generation of trendy.
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    Thanks guys! Super helpful!

    I think I will try out a few with him. I especially like:


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