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    10 Baby Names I Love, but Won't Be Using

    I've been seeing a lot of mommy/lifestyle YouTubers doing this as a video, and you choose 5 girls names and 5 boys names that (as previously mentioned) you love, but won't be using and then you explain why. You could also choose to do 10 of each.

    I'll start:
    I really have a lot more than 10 of each, these are just the first that came to mind. Also, a lot of these names are probably on my top 10 girls or boys list, but I hope to god I do not have that many children.

    Lyra- I think that Lyra is just such a beautiful name and it has a touch of an etheral feel which I love, however, the Ly.. part has recently made me starting thinking of leering and I also have a very, very, very, very, very bad connection with a name that sounds pretty similar.
    Elspeth- Again, I think that Elspeth is just so beautiful and also has a slight etheral feel, but not too much. My mother's name is Beth, as well, so I think that it would be a nice "honour" name for that reason. With this name, I also have a horrible assosiation with a very similar name, so I would never use it, plus there are just other names I like more.
    Briony/Bryony- I think that this is such a wonderful name! I didn't like it for a while, but in the 5-ish months I've really began to love it. My father's name is Bryan, so again it would be a nice "honour" name. I 'probably' won't use this name just because there's other names that I love more, plus it reminds me of that annoying girl from Atonement, but if Briony/Bryony was my favourite name I could probably overlook that assosiation.
    Matilda "Millie"- Such a cute name! I really didn't like this name for a long time because of the movie, but in the last year-ish I've started to love it. Again I 'probably' won't be using this name because there are other names I love more.
    Juliana- I have loved this name since I was a little girl. I don't know where I heard it, but one (or maybe more, I don't remember) of the times my mother was pregnant with one of my miscarried siblings, I begged her and my father nonstop to name my sibling this if it was a girl! They said that they wouldn't, so instead I named my first American Girl Doll Juliana. I, again, 'probably' won't be naming my future daughter this because there's other names I love more.
    Lavinia "Elle/Ella"- The first (and only) time I heard this name was on Downton Abbey and I really didn't like the character because she was with Matthew, but in the last year-ish (again) I have really grown to love her name! Because the first time I heard Lavinia was on Downton Abbey I pronounce it luh-vihn-ya instead of luh-vihn-ee-uh and I still do because I think it's prettier. The reason I took this off my top 5 girls list is because now every time I hear it all I can think about is dead people (because her character died on the show, sorry for the spoiler if you haven't seen that) and it freaks me out.
    Aurora "Rose/Rosa"- Aurora is just such an incredibly beautiful name! Sleeping Beauty is one of the two Disney Princesses I like and that's just kind of the cherry on top, that's not why I love this name. I took it off my list just because I can't picture actually calling my daughter this since my limit of kids will probably be 3 or 4 and I have 3 & 4 girls names I love already picked out. Aurora is my middle name for Penelope, though, so if I use Penelope I might still get to use Aurora.
    Belle- Again, Belle is one of the two Disney Princesses I actually like and happens to be my favourite, and again, that is not why I love this name. I think that Belle is se pretty and feminine and I just love it. It was on my top 5 list for a while, but I took it off because whenever I would list my top 5 girl names I would always forget it and that's not a great sign to me. I'm also not sure I could see myself calling my daughter this.
    Beatrice/Beatrix "Bea/Bess/Tess/Betsy"- I love these names! They're so elegant and feminine, but still fun. I really want one of them to be on my top 5 list, but it just doesn't feel right. If I have a daughter and name her Ophelia this will probably be her middle name, though. Also, my top girl name is Phoebe and I just wouldn't really like having one of my daughter's names ending with the -bee sound and the other's starting with it. I don't know why it bothers me, it just does.
    Madeleine/Madeline "Elle/Ella" (pronounced mad-uh-line, not -len, -lyn, or -lane) - I think Madeline/Madeleine is such a beautiful name, and it also reminds me of the books which I loved when I was little, so that's a really nice connection for me. I took this off my top 5 just because when it was on there it didn't feel right and now (the biggest reason) because my favourite middle name for Phoebe is Adeline, which is just Madeline without the "M", so that would be weird.
    Sabrina- Such a pretty name, but again, there's just other names I love more and it also reminds me of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

    Atticus "Kit"- I love this name so much and I think that Kit is such a cute nickname, plus it reminds me of the American Girl Doll, so that's a plus. This is on my top 10, but I really hope that I do not have 10 boys, so that's why I will 'probably' never use it. I might use it as a middle for Theodore, though.
    Oscar "Ozzy"- Again, I love this name. I probably won't use it because about a month ago someone mentioned Pat & Oscar's to me and that's all I've been able to think of when I hear it now, plus it makes me think of Oscar from OKBaby. Not that either of those are bad associations, I just love other names more.
    Tobias- Such a cute name! When I had to read Divergent a few years ago in school, I though that it was such a weird name, but I really like the name now. I probably won't use it because, again, there's other names I love more and I despise the name Toby and that seems like an unavoidable nickname.
    Alexander- I love this name, but it's just too commonplace for me to use just like William, Katherine, and names like that, plus I hate all of the nicknames except Sasha, but Sasha is a girls name to me and always will be.
    Alfred- I think the name Alfred is so cute! I wouldn't use it because, like all of the names on here, there are just other names I love more and I also hate all of the nicknames for it and I can't imagine calling my son Alfred every day.
    Hugo- I love the name Hugo and might use it as a middle name for Theodore, but I can't picture myself calling my son Hugo.
    Augustus- I think Augustus is such a cool name and I just love it so much! I hated and avoided it for so long because of Augustus Gloop from Willy Wonka, but I love it so much now! I 'probably' will not use it because I hate all of the nicknames for it and I can't picture calling my son Augustus as a first name. Maybe as a middle for Theodore, though.
    Sebastian- I love this name (obviously) and I avoided it for a long time because of The Little Mermaid, but now I love it. I 'probably' won't be using it because I don't like any of the nicknames for it and I can't picture myself having a son named Sebastian for some reason, but it is my middle name for Oliver.
    Raphael- I think Raphael is such a cool name and, again, I hated it for so long, but one day, about a month-ish ago, I just fell in love with it. I would never use it because I have too many other names I would use before it and I, again, can't picture myself with a son named Raphael. I also hate all of the nicknames for it.

    I think I actually did 11 girls and 9 boys, haha, so I made up for the discrepancy on the boys list.
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    Tetley - love this so much but living in the UK makes this extremely unusable & probably pretty cruel as it's a brand of tea bags. Also the saying 'tea bag/tea bagging' is used to describe a *** act.

    Pigeon - this is the first name I ever loved, almost ever doll of mine was always been called this for some reason lol, but it's not exactly the most nicest bird in the world.

    Kiwi - I find this so cute but I'm pretty sure the rest of the world wouldn't & I can see there being teasing potential. Plus my names Peaches so Peaches & Kiwi is a bit laughable lol.

    Paweena - this has been on my list for such a long time but I know I couldn't bring myself to use it. The 'weena' part in it sounds to much like 'weenier', aka a male part & I just couldn't do that to a child.

    Lolita - such beautiful & strong name IMO, but while it only reminds me of an incredibly strong orca everyone else associates it with the book (I've never read it) so I'm beginning to think it might be to hard of a name to carry. That said I haven't completely ruled it out & it does keep slipping back into the 'usable' pile

    Ryder - perfectly usable in general but with my last name it sounds incredibly bad & dirty especially during senior/high school age.

    Tilikum - another orca name & very much a GP. I love it, I love the orca however my son despite only being 8 is very anti-captivity (so am I but he's got very strong opinions) & would be livid if I was to use a name connected to the place he's kept (I won't say their name - though everyone knows - & I don't want to get into an anti-captivity debate).

    Sirius - I love this but I can't get over the HP reference & I actually really dislike HP, well the films at least. Also I hate how Sirius looks in the films & his mental image comes to mind when I think of the name.

    Kristoff - I wish this was usable. It's a perfectly normal, handsome name to everyone but connections in my past make this unusable despite my love it it. Also I love it due to one of my favourite authors but the constant Frozen connection would annoy me.

    Sonic - I find this so handsome especially with the NN Nico, sadly not many others do & the Sonic the Hedgehog connection is very overpowering when you hear this name.
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    Kenize: I love this name but won't be able to use since it isn't a Turkish name originally, plus I am afraid people may find it old fashioned.
    Mariye: Another Arabic name I love but won't be able to use, it is name of the Prophet's wife and it is a sweet name too but I am afraid people may connect it with Christianity too. Mary and Mariye are alike :/
    Suvolta: Now Suvolta is a real Turkic name but time to time it sounds rough to my ears because of the Volta at the end.
    Bike: In Turkish it means noble woman, in English yeah... :/
    Umay: Same problem with Bike. It is actually pronounced closed to Oo-mai and it is a goddess name.

    Aslan: It is all because of Narnia, I love the series, but people always associate Aslan with the character. Aslan means lion in Turkish and it is also the name of Seljuk emperor.
    Bulut: Used to love it but then I read it sounds like bullet and immediately stopped my Maysa and Bulut sibling set fantasy.
    Çağrı: cedilla, soft g and dotless i? A nightmare. You can't westernize it at all :/
    Erem: I love this name alot, but I know millions of Eren's and two names are too similar to each other's.
    Ufuk: I don't have to write a reason right? It means horizon in Turkish. And again it is like Oo-fook though I may not spell it right too.
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    I LOVE this tag! I watch the videos all the time, but like you don't want to make one of my own.


    Davina or Evanie -- I grouped these names together, because the reason I couldn't use them is pretty much the same. I love the sound, the look, the uniqueness, everything about Davina. With Evanie, I just love the way it sounds, even though I'm not a huge fan of how it looks. The reason I can't use either of them (other than a firm veto by my BF) is that my best friend named her daughter Dayvanie. Both Davina and Evanie are close enough to Dayvanie that I would feel weird using them, even though my friend doesn't have a problem with it.

    Rowena -- Rowena was one of the first names I ever loved. To me, it looks so feminine and beautiful. It's also very unique here in the U.S. and I think that it would suit any daughter I would have. However, it has gotten a hard veto from my boyfriend, and its not worth fighting about for me.

    Elizabeth or Tessa or Bonnie -- Elizabeth is such a classy name to me, and I love that there are like a million different nicknames that you can use with it. It's not overly common where I live, and I think it would be very sweet on a little girl. Tessa, too, just has that balance of being perfectly feminine and cute, while also being a name that a girl could really make her own. Bonnie is also a love of mine, although its fairly recent. However, all of these names are ones that my boyfriend has a very negative association with, and I wouldn't want him to be reminded of that negative association every time he looked at our daughter.

    Claire or Clara -- I adore these names. While I wouldn't necessarily want to use it for a first name, I think that Claire is very dignified and works really well in the middle spot. Clara is more my style for a first name, and I would totally use it. It is a more classic alternative to a name that I absolutely love (Cara), and is more wearable than Cara in a Spanish speaking area (Cara is the word for face). However, my boyfriend's sister has a daughter named Claire, and although she lives halfway across the country and we would never see her, the family is small enough that it would cause some drama if we used either Claire or Clara for our kid.

    Mercy or Mercedes -- Mercy is the first name that I ever remember falling in love with. I read it in a book when I was around 8 years old, and I just thought it was the perfect name. It was sweet, easy for an English speaker to pronounce and spell, and had a beautiful meaning. I adore everything about it. The only thing that ever turned me off about using it was that it was so simple. I have always looked for names with a lot of nickname potential so that I could use the one I liked, but the options were left open for the kid to choose once they were old enough. That's how I came up with Mercedes. It's a name that has two gorgeous nicknames (Mercy and Sadie), is fairly recognizable, and as a bonus can be pronounced by the Spanish speakers around me. However, my boyfriend doesn't like Mercy, and Sadie was the name of my grandmother's dog, so its not really usable in my family. However, I would kill to see someone else with a daughter named Mercy! So precious.

    Araminta -- The first time I heard this name was in a book about Harriet Tubman. Her birth name was Araminta Ross, and I just thought that was such a beautiful name. I also loved that it was a way of honoring a historical figure that had done such amazing things in her lifetime. I still think the name is gorgeous, and fell in love with the combo Araminta Harriet. So gorgeous! But unfortunately, this is another name that my boyfriend has vetoed. He asked me if I made it up the first time he heard it, and I am afraid that might be a more common reaction than I'd like to admit. So unfortunately Araminta is a no go.

    Juno -- I adore this name. I think it is so cute and simple, not heard too often, and has a powerful mythological association. However, the first time I ever heard it as a viable option for a baby was the same time that the whole world did, when the movie came out. Even though I don't think of the movie when I hear it, I'm a name nerd and I know that most people aren't. The pop culture association is so strong with this one that I just can't bring myself to use it, no matter how much I love it.

    Amelia or Sophia -- When I was a teenager, Amelia and Sophie were both very high on my list. I loved that Amelia had so many nicknames to choose from (Amy, Mia, etc.) and that it also sounded beautiful on its own. Sophie was a name that just blew me away. It had the right sound, the right meaning, it was perfect. Over time, I steered away from Sophie as a first name and more toward Sophia with the nickname Sophie, but my love for it endured for a long time. However, it appeared that those names were high on a lot of people's lists. As it stands now, both are far too popular for me to use as a first name for a future daughter.

    Louisa -- Oh Louisa! It makes me so sad to put this on the list, put I have to admit that the likelihood my grump of a boyfriend would ever consent to it is pretty much zero. When he hears it, he thinks of a great grandmother's name but when I hear it, I think of a super cute little girl with a nickname like Lulu or Lula. It's just such a great name, and its a name that would age well, I think. It's been vetoed consistently since I brought it up to my BF a while ago, and there is probably no way I could make him see the light on this one.

    Genevieve -- This name is a fairly recent addition to my list, but its one that was pretty much instantly shot down by my BF. Neither of us are French, we live in an area where Genevieve might be hard to pronounce or spell by the average person, and he doesn't like that it kind of close (at least in the first part) to my mom's name (Jennifer). I like that it has the nickname possibilities of Gigi and Evie, that its unique for our area, and that it is close enough to Jennifer that I could swing it as an honor name, but not so close that it wouldn't be original.


    Hunter -- This is my dad's middle name, and for as long as I can remember, its been my top middle name for a boy. From day one, all of my favorite combos had Hunter as a middle, and I never really thought that would change. Then I met my boyfriend. His brother is named Hunter, and he is not the type of person I would ever want to name a baby after. Because its his first name, and only my dad's middle name, it would kind of seem like we were giving the name to our baby for Hunter rather than my dad. Sadly, I've had to face the fact that using this name would probably not be the best idea.

    Elijah -- I love this name. I practically swoon every time I hear it. It is so perfect for a little boy, and works well with my boyfriend's last name. In reality, there isn't really any reason why I wouldn't want to use this, except that it is rather popular for my taste. Still, that wouldn't deter me that much if it weren't for how much my boyfriend dislikes this name.

    Alaric or Alistair -- I heard the name Alaric on a TV show, and immediately fell in love with it. It was so unique, edgy, and masculine that I couldn't help but to adore it. Alistair, similarly, was the name of a character on a video game that I loved (my absolute favorite game), and I thought that giving my son such a dignified and unusual name (in the U.S.) would really be nice. However, I don't think I will be using either, as my boyfriend isn't a huge fan, and I think any siblings would have to be named similarly unusual names.

    Ford -- This is a recent love, heard while watching baby name videos on YouTube. It's a bit out there for me, which is why I would never use it, but I think it is so cute!!

    Duncan -- This was my mother's maiden name, and I have entertained the idea of using it for a while as a way of really honoring her. Sadly, my boyfriend's last name is very short and starts with D, so it becomes a little much said out loud.

    Dashiell -- I love this name! Dashiell with the nickname Dash is so cute, but it doesn't go well with the potential last name. It becomes an alliterative tongue twister when said out loud.

    Wyatt -- I love how this name sounds. It's not over used, in my opinion, and it is very southern, which I like. The only reason I wouldn't use it is that my friend recently had a baby that she named Wyatt.

    Wesley -- I like this name, but there are two reasons I probably wouldn't use it. First, my best friend has had this name on her list for a while as a potential sibling for the kids she already has. Because I know how hard it is to come up with a name that your spouse likes, I would feel bad if I used it. Secondly, my boyfriend has a bad association with this name, so its not like I could use it anyway.

    Finn -- I adore this name, but it sounds really dumb with the last name. I would consider finding a longer alternative to it, but I'm not really as into any of them as I am into the simple cuteness of Finn.

    Nathaniel -- This was the first boy name that I was set on using, and I probably would use it if I was given permission. As it stands now, though, this is the top name on my sister's list and because I like names so much, finding another one to use isn't really that big of a deal to me.
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    Gaia- I absolutely think this name is beautiful and I LOVE the meaning and power that comes with it. I have loved this name for a long time. A close friend of mine confided in me that her one and only baby, (she can no longer have children), that died in utero, was named Gaia. I feel it would be disrespectful to use the name now.

    Anouk- it's one of those names that I love, but it sounds a whole heck of a lot better when said with a French accent lol.

    Vero- yes, with an 'o'. And yes, for a girl. When I was in South America, many of the girls named Veronica are called Vero. I think it s so cool and exotic and such a fun name. With that being said, it's just isn't organic when it comes out of my mouth. It doesn't flow right when I say it.

    Athena- I just love the name, and obviously Athena is the best goddess. It really just doesn't fit in with my other names that I like... and I guess I feel weird using it as it's not really a part of my own culture.

    Alejandro- I've always loved this name, since I was little. I apparently always thought I would marry a Latin man lol. It isn't usable with 2 very white parents.

    Nova- (yes, for a boy) I think this name is awesome. One of my patient's name was Nova, and I thought it was so fun. He would always go, "Super Nova to the rescue!" Lol. Most people think of it as a girls name but I like it for a boy. I don't think I could ever bring myself to use it though... it doesn't really fit with the other names that I like.

    Varro- I think this name is so so cool. I heard it in some HBO show about gladiators, and I thought it was such a great name. I think it is a little too unrecognizable for my husband's liking. I'm also hesitant about names with Rs, just because I had a horrible speech issue and could not say my Rs for about 12 years of my life lol.

    Ansel- it's one of those names that I love, but it just doesn't flow out of my mouth very well.
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