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    Why do people like double barreled names?why do people like two middle names?

    I'm not judging just curious because I genuinely don't know.

    How much is too much?
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    I like two middles because honestly, there are so many names I love and I won't refuse a chance to use more. Three middles seem too much though. I guess overall it depends on the flow.
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    Well it all started when I liked the name Indigo-Mae Juliet and my mother said that I would have to give all my children 3 names so I dis and I felt like the sound was better fast forward 12 years and my partner has another child with a hypenated (double-barrelled) first name. I don't want my children to be different but I dislike have a hyphen in a name so we opted for 2 middles. I feel like I need a one syllable name in the combo.
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    As @luneth said, I also have loads of names I love that I want to use, and often there's someone (real or fictional) I want to honour, and sometimes I feel I need another name to bridge the gap, if the first is really different in style or the flow isn't great. I don't want loads of kids (though I know I do want them), so it'd be impossible to get the names I wanted with just 1 middle. Plus I have a lot of names (technically a middle and a double barrelled surname, but it's similar) and I love it, because of the meaning behind them. I also wouldn't give my children different numbers of middles, heck I struggle with sibsets with a different number of letters in the firsts! The general consensus seems to be 2 is okay (or somewhat acceptable) but 3 or more is excessive and can break up flow, so I settled for 2.

    In terms of double barrelled names, I think it's a bit complicated. I only have one on my list (Luna-Fae), and part of me thinks it makes sense just to have Fae as a middle, but on the other hand if I separate it, it's not one name anymore and is a bit disjointed. I also tend to dislike one syllable names in the middle of combos (depending on surname). And middles get a big confusing, but in general I don't mind double barrelled firsts, although I prefer them to be different and well thought through.
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