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    Question need opinions....

    My husband and I will be TTC in the next year (I desperately hope!) but we already love to discuss names. We love boy names that are very masculine and girl names that are maybe a little different but definitely not unheard of. Wanting opinions and suggestions on my little list.

    Reid Allen
    Thomas Lee
    Finn ? (Husband isn't crazy about this one)

    Hadley mn Grace, Anne, Brooke
    Rowen ?
    Piper ?
    Harper ?
    Bronwyn Kate

    Need opinions on that last one. I love the way it looks but does it hold up when said aloud?

    Thanks y'all!

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    So the first thing, your names aren't unusual, they are right on trend and as a name board frequenter I would categorize your tastes as classic and surnames for boys and androgynous for girls. Most of us like trendy or popular names, that's not a bad thing at all. Embrace your tastes! I think you have a great set of names. Any of them would work. So some advice, 1. Don't worry too much about middle names until you have settled on a first and last name -unless you plan on using the middle as the call name of course. 2. If you plan on having more than one child start by making sibling lists to see how that matters to you there some people are fine with mix and match styles, others prefer to stick to one style or have the names match or not match in certain ways. That's a good place to start.

    Bronwyn Kate is very pretty, definitely more unusual but doesn't match stylistically with most of the other names.
    Short List
    Ruby • Juliet • Victoria • Eloise • Lydia • Evelyn
    Clara • Gloria • Irene • Iris • Josephine • Eliza

    Victor • Abraham • Alexander • Jasper • Elijah • Isaac
    Everett • Oliver • Frederick • Edwin • Oscar • Nathaniel

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    Reid Allen is wonderful!!
    Bronwyn Kate sounds good. I like it!

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