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    Recent name sightings

    I know there's already another thread like this one but didn't want to go through the trouble of searching for it.

    What names have you heard recently?
    Here are mine...

    Twin girls:
    Gladys/Liz :shock:
    Fajriati (and the second one has the same name but just change the T to an N)

    On an elementary school boys' basketball team...
    JP (probably John-Paul or John's a Catholic school)
    Julian (pronounced the Spanish way)
    Julien and Olivier (brothers)
    Miller (not a fan of this one)
    Alexander (but goes by Alec)
    Aidan, Liam, and Jack (no surprise there)
    Mathias (nice, unexpected choice IMO)

    Which of these do you like/dislike? What interesting names have you heard recently?
    Boys: Nicholas, Elliot, Arthur, Griffin, Russell, Alexander, Collin, Sean, Zachary, Lucas, Liam

    Girls: Emma, Caroline, Jamie, Anna, Alessia, Savannah, Caitlin, Audrey, Georgia, Liliana, Julia

    Guilty pleasures: Solenne, Azalea, Kaia, Tawny, Aziza, Zinnia, August, Bailey, Lachlan, Caspian

    Not TTC yet...maybe in two years...but already obsessed with names!!

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    I recently heard a mother call her daughters Freya and Florence.

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