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    Help with baby #4 name

    Wife is 15.5 weeks pregnant...should know soon what we are having,we are ALL hoping for a boy. She wants to be done and we all want a 2nd son to go with our 2 daughters and 1 son. We have some names picked out but with each of the other 3 we instantly agreed on a name once we heard it this time its not happening. We have

    Aryana Grace
    Ian Lorenzo
    Emory June

    Those are our 3 kids. All have an unusual name and a traditional/family name. We want to keep that tradition going so middle name for a boy would be Howard and for a girl its Estelle...what we have so far is


    and girls


    I am a little more willing to go wild with the first name she isn't.

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    With the middle name Estelle, I don't particularly like a firt name ending in ee sound. That rules out Bonnie, Journey and Valkyrie. Eden Estelle works but it seems a bit plain next Aryana and Emory. My favorite of your girls names with Aryana and Emory is Journey. Would you consider Journey Stella?

    On your boys list, I like Weylin and Winston the best with Howard. Odin doesn't work well paired up with Ian. And I would avoid Bentley because then Ian would be the only one without a y in his name.
    I like simple yet versatile names that work well for the athlete, the comic, the genius, and the judge.

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    Similar to Eden, Arden Estelle would sound nice for a girl.

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    Thank you for the suggestions! I like some of them...The wife has also brought up Eden Lane as a girl name...I really like Journey as well for the girl because we will be moving 1200 miles sometime next year and it would be a fitting name for the baby if it is a girl.

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