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    How many middle names?

    How many middle names would you or did you give your child? I'm a fan of 2 middle names because I feel as though it gives someone more individuality especially if they have a really common name and surname but that's just my personal opinion.
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    Our babies will have two middle names, really just because we've tried for so long, don't know when/if we'll be able to have more and want to pack as much meaning into their names as possible.

    Edited to say - We don't have a common last name, but it is quite boring, so 2 middles adds interest!
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    My 3 girls only have the 1 name (no middles!). Their names and surnames are pretty uncommon so definitely no need for a middle to distinguish them from another with the same name. We just felt like 1 name was enough and specifically didn't want a more sedate option in the middle in case they didn't like the uncommon first. We are in NZ so it's pretty casual and relaxed and middles are not really used in day to day life.

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    I like 2 middles just because I love so many names, and would love to use as many as possible, and packs as much meaning in as possible. Plus I think it makes the name really interesting, and I know from experience how fun it is having 2 middles.
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    I'm a fan of one middle name. There's an old tale that says you can't trust people with two first names or two middle names.
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