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Thread: Gemma or Aria?

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    Smile Gemma or Aria?

    Which name and why?

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    Gemma It's a cute, similar, less popular name to Emma, and the nickname Gem is just gorgeous! She could go by Emma, if she wanted.

    I don't even know how to pronounce Aria. ARE-ee-a? A-REE-a? A-RYE-a? It's less cute, and too frilly in my opinion.

    Gemma is perfect <3
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    I've seen/heard a lot more Aria's and versions of Aria then I have Gemma. So Gemma has my vote. Gemma has the lovely but popular Emma, but with a twist that makes it different enough that it's not just anther Emma. And it has the pet name Gem which is super cute too.

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    I prefer Aria. I like the musical connection, and I think it has a nicer sound. Despite being more popular (although I know 1 Gemma and 0 Arias), I think it's almost more whimsical and interesting than Gemma. But I am a bit concerned about the combined popularity with Arya.
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    I like Aria because of the music connection. I know it is a name that is rapidly rising on the charts and has that character on Pretty Little Liars, but I have personally never met one.
    Gemma is nice, but not really my style. I knew a Gemma, she was the twin sister of an aquantance of mine named Lilian.
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