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    How popular is too popular?

    For people that have/have children that have "popular" names, how popular is too popular? How often do you hear the top 50 names? the top 100? I have many friends names Emily and their biggest problem with their name is that there are so many Emilys that it causes confusion.

    So my question is, at what point do you consider a name unusable because of its popularity?

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    I would say look at statistics for certain names in your area. The top names now aren't as common as the top names back then. For me if I know someone with the name personally (friend/family/neighbor) I wouldn't use it because I just automatically loop it with that person and can't shake it. That doesn't make it unusable for everyone, it's just a personal quirk. I'd prefer my kid to be the only so-and-so in class instead of 1 of 5 but if I truly love the name I'm not worried about the popularity. Aria is a girl name I love and will use but it's quite common although not in my area so it's not a huge deal. Harper, Mia and Emily would be unusable in my town as they're super common names around here.
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    I have a pretty common name and this is why I will try to use names that aren't popular. My limit is the top 50 although I would make exceptions for a couple of my favorites.
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    I can't even use stats, because it all varies by neighborhood. For example, I know zero Emmas, but three Violets. My personal limit is to hear a name three times. At that point, it's way too common for me. I remember when I first heard Isla and thought 'ooh... so pretty and unique' then I heard the name 5 times over the next year and it has totally lost its luster for me.

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    I have some names on my girl's list that are very popular right now or used to be very popular, such as Evelyn, Olivia and Jessica. That isn't an issue because they haven't been trendy for years and years on end.

    What I consider too popular are the names that remain in the top ten (or very close to it) for decade after decade. Namely Michael, Matthew and Nicholas. I have met SO many guys with those names that I'm sick to death of them. It seems like every other guy I meet, regardless of age, has one of those three names. There were nine guys named Michael in my high school class and seven or eight Matthews. That's too many.

    A name that has been in the top 15 since 1930 or so is what I define as being too popular.
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