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Thread: Should we?

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    Should we?

    I never thought this would happen to me, but... I regret the name we picked for our baby. We thought about his name long and hard, went into the delivery room with a few options, and when he was born Jacoby seemed right for him. But now I'm not sure. I feel like I didn't think it through long enough. I like his name, but it doesn't seem to fit him perfectly. Another big issue is the pronunciation, I don't think anyone has pronounced it right from the first time, except DH's family, because they're British. People here just pronounce it wrong and it bothers me. I really wish we went with our first choice, Gabriel. He looks like a Gabriel to me. Should I change it now? He's only one month old and doesn't have any siblings, so it wouldn't be too confusing. Or should I just wait it and get used to it?
    DH pretty much agrees, although the pronunciation doesn't bother him as much.
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    I think that if you both are feeling like Jacoby isn't the one and you prefer Gabriel, now is the time to change. For what it's worth, Gabriel is a beautiful name, as is Jacoby.
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    I agree with pp. He's only one month, and if you both think Gabriel suits him better, then I think changing it would be the best option for you.
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    It's up to you to decide, both names are very nice. I think at one month old, he'll get used to the new name easily. If you feel like Jacoby doesn't suit him and that he's a total Gabriel, change it!
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    Obviously this is a very personal decision, but i am generally against changing a name once they've been named and introduced to the world. You are still getting to know your baby and he is nowhere near done growing into his name. I remember that for months i thought it was so odd that this baby was [insert name]. It felt kind of random and definitely didn't feel like it clearly suited him perfectly. But as i got used to saying it, he simultaneously became more and more HIM.... and it became more and more natural.

    I did have name regret, as my partner and i both compromised a lot to land on a name somewhere between our styles. But ultimately, my son LOVES his name, we've grown to adore it because it's him, and i think changing it would have been for my own vanity and nothing else.

    That said, you have to do what feels right for you, and 1-2 months is obviously early enough to have no impact on him. These are just the conclusions i cam to for myself.

    Gabriel is a gorgeous name. But you never know, your son may end up wishing a he had more unique name when he's older. FWIW, i think it's super handsome! Good luck!
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