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    The Nickname "Pem"

    Hello all,

    Recently, I've fallen in love with the nickname "Pem" for a little girl. However, I can't think of a full name for it! I've thought of Pema/Pemma, Pemley, Pemrose, etc. but I'm really not a fan of any of these names.

    So, I need your help! Can any of you lovely ladies think of a full(er) name that'll get me to the coveted "Pem?" And what do you think of the name "Pem" as a nickname? Do you love it, hate it, and what kind of girl could you see wearing it?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I think Pem could be taken from most P-m names, like Pamela. Or even Penelope. You could also use a combo like:

    Persephone Emma
    Paula Emory
    Paige Emmeline
    Etc. where you get the P from the first name and Em from the second.

    I think it could work for Margaret too, as people get Peg from that and at least there's an M in there!

    Primrose could probably work as well!
    Lillian Elizabeth 6.16.13

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    ~girls~ Lorelai Damaris

    -:-boys-:- Keanu Malachi

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    My first thought was Pemberley which I think would be adorable if you were an Austen fan. I don't think I could use it in real life though.
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    I think Pem is a very sweet nickname! Maybe:

    Female: Paloma, Primrose, Promise, Padma, Pamina, Pamela, Philomela, Philomena, Philomene / Philomine, Pomona, Pomeline, Poem, Primavera, Primula, Primarosa, Dempsey, Palmira, Palma, Parmenia, Prudence, Perla, Petra, Pedra, Pella, Palila, Pania, Pepper, Pippa, Philippa, Perry, Perrim, Pesha, Petula, Petulia, Priam / Priem.
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