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    1-2 syllable middles for Aurora?

    Aurora has been on and off my list for a while now, but I keep coming back to it, inspired by the beautiful Northern Lights.

    The problem is finding a middle name that fits without being R-heavy or too hippie-ish (Ex: Aurora Skye). Here is my short list... I'd appreciate feedback and suggestions! (Our last name is 3 syllables and begins with B, so a 1-2 syllable name would fit best.)

    Aurora Blythe
    Aurora Maeve
    Aurora Pearl (too R-heavy?)
    Aurora Beatrix (is Beatrix pronounced Bea-trix or Be-a-trix? If it's 3 syllables it won't work for us.)
    Aurora Plum (total GP name for me, I'd probably never really use it... I can't picture an angst-ridden teenager with such a sugary name, lol)

    ETA: Aurora Violet (forgot this one when I initially posted, but again I wonder if it is in that "hippy-dippy" range?)

    We can't use middles such as June, Mae, etc for various reasons, and I don't like Grace or Rose (which are R-heavy besides). I'm also not interested in borrowing names from our family tree as it's not my style and I don't want DS to feel left out since neither his first nor middle name honor anyone in our families.

    Any other suggestions are much appreciated =)
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    I like Aurora Blythe best of your list. I pronounce Beatrix with three syllables. And here are a few more suggestions:
    Aurora Kate
    Aurora Blair
    Aurora Brooke (maybe that is too hippy?)
    Aurora Faye
    Aurora Clare
    Aurora Yvonne
    Aurora Elise
    Aurora Brielle

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    Beatrix is 3 syllables.

    Aurora Blythe is really nice, one I could see using myself even. Aurora Maeve is too but I think I like Blythe that little bit more.

    Other ideas:

    Aurora Simone
    Aurora Delphine
    Aurora Lilith
    Aurora Gwen
    Aurora Liv
    Aurora Claire
    Aurora Elle
    Aurora Lily
    Aurora Ivy
    Aurora Kay

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    I really like Aurora Blythe! Aurora has always been a love of mine, and Blythe is just beautiful.

    Beatrix is three syllables.

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    I like Aurora Blythe the most from your list. From the suggestions so far, Aurora Clare/Claire is my favourite.
    I was going to suggest Aurora Maud, but that's a bit -au- heavy. Also considered Aurora Bloom which I love, but is probably to hippie-ish or strange for you.
    Aurora Alice
    Aurora Adele
    Aurora Anna
    Aurora Belle
    Aurora Clio
    Aurora Daphne
    Aurora Dina/Dinah
    Aurora Edith
    Aurora Elspeth
    Aurora Ellen
    Aurora Frances
    Aurora Ida
    Aurora Ismay
    Aurora Joy
    Aurora Juno
    Aurora Leda
    Aurora Lena
    Aurora Mercy
    Aurora Nell/Noelle
    Aurora Olive
    Aurora Philine
    Aurora Poppy
    Aurora Sabine
    Aurora Sylvie
    Aurora Tess
    Aurora Thisbe
    Aurora Una
    Aurora Vianne
    Aurora Willa
    Resident Norwegian, feel free to ask any questions regarding lovely Norse names and such! I'm more than happy to help ^^

    Maeva + Everild + Rosa + Nimue + Ondine + Anaïs + Ophelia + Clio + Ariadne + Nona + Persephone + Lux
    Ambrose + Jorah + Philo + Silas + Orpheus + Hallam + Idris + Leonidas + Orion + Emrys + Graeme + Laszlo

    Pearl + Valentine + Noble + Bloom + Prosper + Starling + Wren + Forest + Boone + Evening + Hero + Vesper + Royal

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