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  • Emma-LINE

    24 58.54%
  • Emma-LEEN

    14 34.15%
  • Emma-LYN

    3 7.32%
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    Emmeline- opinions and how do you PRN?

    I hate to say it... but I am in love with this name right now. Not sure if it's "THE ONE" seeing as how I also am in love with Fiona and Phoebe and Daphne (all to different extents). But Emmeline has a very sweet, southern vibe to it. I feel it complements my DD name Annabel nicely and I love the nn Emmy.

    So what are your thoughts on Emmeline?

    How do you say it? I am hoping for EMMA-LINE and not one of the other variation I have heard (LEEN or LYN). Would this bother you, to correct probably 25-50% of people?

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    I pronounce it emma-line. I think that's the prettiest one. Also, I like the Emmaline spelling better.

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    I prounounce it Emma-LINE as well. I think, spelled Emmaline, it would be more frequently pronounced by others this way.

    With Emmeline (which is actually the spelling I prefer, personally), I think others would be more likely to pronounce it with the -LEEN and -LYN endings.

    Either spelling, it's gorgeous and I love it - especially with Annabel!

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    One of my all time favorite names (although I slightly prefer the Emmaline spelling as well, and the Emma-line pronounciation). I think it goes perfectly with Annabel.

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    I pronounce it the French and British way ("leen"). I heard this name while researching the woman's movement. There was a British suffragette named Emmeline Pankhurst and this is the way she pronounced it. I would pronounce with the "line" ending if the spelling was changed to Emmaline. I don't think the "lyn" pronunciation is accurate but then people pronounce names the way they want to nowadays so you may hear it on your travels. It's a beautiful name.
    All the best,

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