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    New top tens Opinions needed

    My new top ten is:

    Isobel- Grandmas name nicknames Bella, Belle or Libby
    Sophie- I just love it nicknamed Soph
    Miranda- I know its kinda dated but I love it with the nickname Mia
    Eloise- I love it as a way to honour my sister whose middle is Louise and my mum whose name is Elspeth. Nicknamed Lulu, Ellie or Ella
    Matilda-I just adore it and it is kind of patriotic (I am Australian) Nicknamed Tillie, Mattie, Maddie or Millie
    Zoe- I have loved it since I was five
    Lily- I know it could up to number 1 in Australia but it is so pretty
    Ruby- Second most popular in Australia but I adore it no nicknames because I don't really like Kangaroos
    Charlotte: A new fave so classic and beautiful
    Yasmine: Been in the top ten since I was five.

    What do you think?
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    ☆Eamon★Tiago☆Cooper★Jack☆Jago★Flynn☆ Archer★Lincoln☆Asher★Alfie☆Taylor★Baxter ☆Finnian★Lawson☆Jasper★Lewis ★Oscar☆Fletcher★Caspian☆Miller★
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    Isobel- Such a pretty name. It popular, but who cares if it honors someone important. I do not really like the NN Libby - I do like Bella and Belle, but my favorite NN is definitely Izzy.
    Sophie- Also very pretty and also extremely popular. I love it, but could never use it as a FN.
    Miranda- Miranda is NMS, as is Mia.
    Eloise- Love Eloise! It's so cool that it honors both your mother and sister! I love Ellie as a NN, like Ella, dislike Lulu.
    Matilda - Matilda is one of my favorites! Tillie is just adorable - the others are okay.
    Zoe- I used to really like is but it's charm has worn off for me; however, it obviously hasn't for you, so that's great!
    Lily- It's pretty, but I'm sick of it.
    Ruby- I love Ruby, but it's definitely more popular where you are... Also, instead of Roo/Ru, you could use Rubes.
    Charlotte - Very elegant and cute, also really popular.
    Yasmine - NMS, really dislike.

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    Isobel- really love this one despite the popularity
    Sophie- was top of my list for a long time
    Miranda- all I think of is Sex in The City
    Eloise- LOVE!! So adorable
    Matilda- another favorite, especially nn Tilly!
    Zoe- cute on a little girl, but cant see it on an adult.
    Lily- pretty but too popular IMO
    Ruby- almost my second daughter's name! But I love Rue as a nn.
    Charlotte- timeless
    Yasmine- here in the US there was a faulty Birth control called Yaz...that's the first thing that came to mind.
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    Isobel- I like this the best of the Isabelle variations.
    Sophie- This is popular, but still pretty
    Miranda- The person I know named Miranda has ruined this name for me, so I dont' like it.
    Eloise- Cute. Still Plaza-esque to me, but it's cute enough
    Matilda-I love this! I have a great-aunt Matilda. I also love the nn Tillie
    Zoe- I second mckenison, it's hard to imagine a grown woman named Zoe who isn't a Dechanel
    Lily- Too popular for my taste, there seems to be hundreds of little Lily's running around.
    Ruby- Cute, and it's having a major revival.
    Charlotte- Popular, but for good reason. It's a great, classic name.
    Yasmine- I also think of Yaz, the birth control (it was recalled, and they still play the "Was your family member critically injured while on Yaz?" ads.) Oh, and the Bratz doll.


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    We don't have the birth control pill here in Australia so it is not an issue and I believe the bratz doll will not be around by the time I am ready to have children and her name is Yasmin
    ☆Isobel★Eloise☆Matilda★Alice☆Eleanor★ Amelia☆ Elena★Mirabel☆ Felicity★Phoebe ☆Eilidh ★Rosalia☆Roisin★Azalea☆Elsa★Arabella☆ Genevieve★Elodie☆Tallulah★Ruby☆
    ☆Eamon★Tiago☆Cooper★Jack☆Jago★Flynn☆ Archer★Lincoln☆Asher★Alfie☆Taylor★Baxter ☆Finnian★Lawson☆Jasper★Lewis ★Oscar☆Fletcher★Caspian☆Miller★
    Future middle names will honour family

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