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    If you had to...

    Name your future children (a boy and a girl) after names in the previous signature, what would you choose and why? The first person starts off with my signature, then the person after that, then the next person etc. You can have more than just 1 boy & 1 girl if you can't choose but the maximum for each gender is 3. Have fun! xxx


    Vivienne Hazel // Florence Jane // Scarlett Eloise // Esther Iris // Alice Juniper // Avalon Petra // Seraphine Lily // Avery Constantine // Frances Arabella


    Jude Franklin // Atticus Saul // Thomas Quinn // Sebastian Ezra // Julian Peter // Kendrick James // Theodore Axel // Ryland Felix // Matthew Paul // Jackson Fletcher

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    Avery Iris
    Because Avery is my favorite A name for a girl right now -- and kinda for a boy too. I think it's one of those unisex names that works well in a different way for either gender. I also really like Iris. I like the flower connotations and the fact that it means rainbow in Greek and I once had a dance teacher named Iris and she was really cool and beautiful and I used to name a lot of polly pockets after her. Plus I love first middle combos that both start with vowels.
    Sebastian Felix
    I really really love Sebastian -- one of my favorite names right now. Such character and distinction, and one of the few longer boys names that sounds really fresh. Great nickname possibilities too. Bastian is a great name all on its own, and I also like Bas, pronounced like Baz as in Luhrman. I've always liked Felix as it's my great grandfather's name.
    Writer. Not kids, but characters.

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    Cassia "Cassie" Margot: I'm not a huge fan of nickname names, so I cheated a bit. Cassie is so sweet and I love Margot!!

    Gregory Hudson: Love Hudson! Gregory is pretty cute too.
    Bethany Lucia Sidney Dean Catherine Marigold "Cathy" Peter David
    Arthur Benedict Alice Thisbe Edward Holden "Ned" Jane Octavia
    Amelia "Millie", Esther, Eleanor, Hadassah, Isobel, Juliette, Margaret, and Phoebe
    Andrew, Eugene, Francis, Gregory "Rory", Jordan, Rhodes, River, and Stephen
    Nike, Pallas, and Zenobia
    Androcles, Cymbeline, and Orpheus

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    Scarlett Alice
    These two names are so pretty and nice. I think these might be two of my favorite names.

    James Andrew
    These classic names are my favorites for the same reason as Scarlett and Alice
    Miranda Morgan-Charity Lisa-Winter Rose-Violet Eve-Anastasia Sophia ---- Elijah James-Winter Hawk-Elijah Zander-Peyton Blue

    Girls: Yuki, Aisu, Winterrose, Anastasia
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    I love these.
    Zander James
    Violet Eve
    S. L. Katariina. 18. Science, Literature, and Languages. Finnishberry + Americanberry.

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