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    Astrid,Athena,and Ariana are a really deep purple.
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    Anastasia (Sia, Annie) - Gold
    Merida (Ari) - Bright blue.
    Athena - Sunsetty-red-orange
    Indigo (Indi) - Smokey grey-ish Indigo.
    Sinead (Shin-aid) Lush leafy green.
    Lia - Salmon-ish pink
    Heidi my cat (Heids) - Bold navy blue
    Immy - Don't know... For Imogen I see dark greens and burgundy and I think it's the same for this.
    Sunday (Sunny) For Sunday I imagine a romantic pale pinkish red but for Sunny it's pale but bright yellow.
    Astrid (Asa) - Dark, dark violet
    Ingrid - Grey/Beige
    Ariana (Ari) Shimmery gold and royal blue.

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    Anastasia (Sia, Annie) - pinky-purple
    Merida (Ari) - fresh green
    Athena - deep red and gold
    Indigo (Indi) - indigo, I guess
    Sinead (Shin-aid) - autumn colours
    Lia - dark purple/blue
    Heidi my cat (Heids) - forest green
    Immy - blue
    Sunday (Sunny) - Sunday is a deep rosy colour, Sunny is sunshine yellow
    Astrid (Asa) - orange
    Ingrid - midnight blue
    Ariana (Ari) - glittery pink and aqua
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    aurelia, clara, estella, harriet, sylvia
    evelyn, james, phoenix, thorin

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    anouk // henri

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    Anastasia (Sia, Annie) - yellow
    Merida (Ari) - orange
    Athena - sea green/blue
    Indigo (Indi) - indigo
    Sinead (Shin-aid)
    Lia - a light warm purple
    Heidi my cat (Heids) - pine tree green
    Immy - coffee brown
    Sunday (Sunny) - black
    Astrid (Asa) - a grayish light blue
    Ingrid - deep maroon
    Ariana (Ari) - pearly cream

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    Anastasia - extremely light pink, almost white
    Merida - red
    Athena -navy blue
    Indigo - lol, .... blue
    Sinead - sand beige
    Lia - gray
    Heidi - respectable brown
    Immy - I don't know, I don't really have a picture for this one, probably a yellow
    Sunday - Sunny would be yellow, but sunday is more of a tan
    Astrid -electric blue
    Ingrid - soft greenish blue, almost tiffany blue--by the way, I adore this name!
    Ariana - blonde
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