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    QUIZ BNG w/ Mini Namebank! 2 Kids

    FN: What is your eye color?
    Blue: Auburn, Gray, or Hunter
    Green: Jet, Red, or Slate
    Brown: Tan, Azure, or Blue
    Hazel: Cyan, Garnet, or Indigo
    Other: Teal, Grey, or Jett

    MN: How tall are you?
    Over 7': Ash, Harry, or Angel
    6'8 - 7': Kevyn, Everitt, or Den
    6' - 6'7: Bysshe, Samson, or Dashiell
    5'5 - 5'11: Oliver, Cole, or Kelley
    5'0 - 5'4: Austen, Kev, or Sammie
    Under 5'0: Xavior, Lauren, or Randal

    DS #2
    FN: How old are you?
    30 to 40: Alphonzo, Farran, or Geoff
    25 to 30: Sidney, Len, or Emerson
    20 to 25: Garret, Nic, or Curt
    18 to 20: Miles, Barret, or Irving
    0 to 18: Benny, Max, or Geordie

    MN: What is your current education level/what level of education have you completed?
    PhD: King, Dane, or Leon
    Masters: Lawrence, Callahan, or Shelby
    Business Owner: Digby, Kole, or Scotty
    Bachelors: Tristen, Wilkie, or Silvester
    Associates: Donovan, Pancras, or Shel
    In college: Brayden, Cy, or Harley
    High school graduate: Omar, Flannery, or Jace
    In high school: Corey, Landon, or Dyson
    Junior high: Darren, Wayland, or Davis
    Elementary school: Jeremy, or Sterling

    Teal Kev & Max Landon
    Favorites: Miranda Morgan, Charity Lisa, Winter Rose, Violet Eve, Anastasia Sophia, Elijah James

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    Current Favorites: Amelia Rose, Coraline Josephine, Noah Benjamin, & Liam Jasper

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    University student. Cat lover. Proud name nerd.

    Lovely Girls
    Iris Margareta*Ramona Juliet*Elena Ruby*Penelope Doris*Charlotte Mary*Rebecca Louise*Margot Alice*
    Audrey Elizabeth*Miriam Elise*Lucy Violet*Florence Marie*Matilda Jane*Edith Annabel*Ophelia Eve*Stella June

    Handsome Boys
    James Henry*William August*Owen Frederick*Caleb James*Isaiah Paul*Sebastian Charles*Louis Andrew*
    Gabriel Matthew*Arthur David*Samuel Evan*Alexander John*Thomas Emilio*Felix Johan*Benjamin George*

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