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    Some I've heard:
    Ethan and Evan - too matchy matchy,
    Lexi and Zac - won't like the people at all, but its okay,
    Macy-Grey and Jagger - love both; super cute!

    Some twin names I'm really loving:
    Opal and Pearl (I'm COMPLETELY in love with this one), Opal and Peri (two of my favorite names so I love it),
    Luna and Lylie (ditto),
    Luna and Starla,
    Luna and Pearl,
    Autumn and Wynter,
    Alice and Cecily,
    Hugo and Ivo,
    Percival "Percy" and Julius "Jules".
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    I love the pair Waverly and Everett because they go together (since they both have the second syllable as vere) but they're not matchy matchy.
    E - VERE-tt
    I've been thinking about these names for so long, and still love them.

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    The only twins I know are Ryan and Ross. I think they're matchy, but still different enough to match the fact that they have completely opposite personalities.

    I would name twins Violet and Alice // Dexter and Hugo
    Cordelia • Adelaide • Marian • Helena • Iris
    Matilda • Juno • Branwen • Ophelia • Rosalind • Penelope • Claudia
    Arthur • Henry • Caspian • Stanley • Justice
    Edmund • Roman • Nathaniel • Sebastian • Albany • Reuben • Thomas

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    My brothers are twins and my mother belongs to a Mothers of Multiples club, so I've known my share of twins/triplets/etc.

    My brothers:
    Adam and Benjamin - Parents couldn't agree on two names, so they each picked one. I was a bit disappointed with what I perceived as unimaginative choices (at 10 I was already a huge name nerd) but hey, they're classics.

    Chloe and Keira
    Lucien and Orion
    Katie and Ryan
    Kathryn and Kailyn
    Kathy and Karen
    Sean and Eric
    Aubrey and Ashley
    Al and Ted

    Would use:

    Coraline and Beatrix
    Kieran and Julian

    My favorite literary twin names:
    Viola and Sebastian - I would use these for b/g twins without a second thought
    Amoret and Belphoebe
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    Current favorites:
    Belphoebe Cosima Sybella Ailsa Celia
    Prosper Finn August Malcolm Zephyr

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