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Thread: The Street

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    Wales, United Kingdom
    Family 1: (L-R) Michael Jeremiah, Beverly Joyce, Tabitha Hazel & Tyrone Marcel

    Family 2: (L-R) Vandita Madhul, Amisha Onella, Harij Chandran & Devesh Rasik

    Family 3: (L-R) Shen Ru, Maya Lei & Anna Jiao

    Family 4: (L-R) Allison Dawn & Abigail Brynna

    Family 5: (L-R) Caroline Ann, Hallie Kate, Connor Todd & Andrew John

    Family 6: (L-R) Grace Isabella, Irene Maude, Joseph Kyle, Andrea Jane, Alistair Bruce, Katie Louise & Victor William

    Family 7: (L-R) Eloise Tara, Sarah Jillian, Daphne Lilac, Cassie Beth, Annie Faye & Peter Matthew

    Family 8: (Top to bottom L-R) Aiden Lloyd, Gregory Craig, Marian Claire, Erin May, Violet Fleur, Maxwell Rory & Molly Hope

    Family 9: (Top to bottom L-R) Charlotte June, Raymond Glyn, Nancy Marjorie, Alexander Neil, Megan Ruth, Maisie Faith & Josiah James

    Family 10: (L-R) Lily Rae, Carys Emma, Sophia Iris, Edgar George, Finley Joshua, Bryony Elise, Margaret Rose & Phoebe Elena
    Libby Felicity Annalise Isla Phoebe Carina Violet Martha Ariana | Iowan Macsen Henry Isaac Jude Freddie Aneurin Niall Adair

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    Family 1. L-R; Roland James, Hollie Giara, Cheryl Vera, and Griffith Hollis
    Family 2. L-R; Ramishka Shanti, Prima Baleshki, Haknish Javir, and Kareem Gupta
    Family 3. L-R; Rang Ku, Emily Kiara, and Connie Kim
    Family 4. L-R; Farrah Tatiana, and Riley June
    Family 5. L-R; Gracia Jay, Reyana Kaelie, Gabriel Mack, and Mason Hugo
    Family 6. T-B L-R; Keegan Trainer, Elsa Cheyanne, Taylor Rae, Moe Harland, Tarina Mae, Wilkson Farrow, and Carley Chrissianne
    Family 7. L-R; Cady Iris, Rene Laidia, Kaelyn Marie, Tanae Leigh, Karolina Diedre, and Tanner Rydren
    Family 8. T-B L-R; Hassell Teagan, Don Brender, Tasha Jade, Usina Kai, Peyton Rydell, Reagan Hallie, and Liam James
    Family 9. T-B L-R; Tara Reine, Trenton Rye, Tamra Roksana, Trenton Rye Jr., Lenia Grace, Chloe Mikayla, and Neilson Ponders
    Family 10. L-R; Seraphina Adelaide, Eleanor Penelope, Georgia Rose, Joshua Redmond, Rory David, Jordan Makenzie, Ellen Joan, and Reinette Emmeline

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    The Allen Family
    DW: Shawna Diamond Allen (Age 35)
    DH: Jarrod Sharrod Allen (Age 35)
    DS: Cameron Sharrod Allen (Age 4)
    DD: Charlize Diamond Allen (Age 7)

    The Martinez Family
    DH: Jerardo Martinez (Age 43)
    DW: Valentina Martinez (Age 40)
    DD: Vanessa Valentina Martinez (Age 9)
    DS: Gabriel Fernando Martinez (Age 7)

    The Hung Family
    DH: Tu Bao Hung (Age 30)
    DW: Ke Rui Bai Hung (Age 25)
    DD: Evelyn Ke Hung (Age 4)

    The Herron Family
    DM: Elizabeth Faith Herron (Age 29)
    DD: Valarie Elizabeth Herron (Age 6)

    The Young Family
    DW: Jaylee Amber Young (Age 30)
    DH: Gilbert Zane Young (Age 31)
    DS: Gabriel Zane Young (Age 6)
    DD: Amber Jaylee Young (Age 5)

    The Lewis Family
    Grandma: Pearl Diane Lewis (Age 72)
    Grandpa: Gregory James Lewis Sr. (Age 75)
    DH: Gregory James Lewis Jr. (Age 45)
    DW: Claire Danielle Lewis (Age 40)
    DS: Emmett James Lewis (Age 4)
    DD: Eliza Janelle Lewis (Age 9)
    DD: Emily Josephine Lewis (Age 6)

    The Harris Family
    DH: Oliver Agustin Harris (Age 45)
    DW: Stephanie Jane Harris (Age 42)
    DD: Delaney Olivia Harris (Age 16)
    DD: Tinsley Grace Harris (Age 6)
    DD: Piper Noelle Harris (Age 5)
    DD: Waverly Rue Harris (Age 3)

    The Parker Family
    DH: Bryce Devin Parker (Age 39)
    DW: Trista Anastasia Parker (Age 38)
    DS: Jackson Nathaniel Parker (Age 8)
    DD: Johanna Delight Parker (Age 6)
    DD: Jennifer Susanna Parker (Age 4)
    DD: Jocelyn Rachelle Parker (Age 1)
    DS: Jeffrey Thomas Parker (Age 7 months)

    The Walker Family
    DH: Eric Grayson Walker (Age 49)
    DW: Alyssa Danielle Walker (Age 36)
    DD: Ellery Lauren Walker (Age 12)
    DS: Braiden Riley Walker (Age 10)
    DS: Ian Koda Walker (Age 10)
    DD: Kinsley Melissa Walker (Age 6)
    DD: Thalia Larissa Walker (Age 4)

    The Thompson Family
    Grandpa: Jack Thomas Thompson (Age 74)
    Grandma: Roseann Marie Thompson (Age 65)
    GD: Abigail Branwen Thompson (Age 11)
    GD: Adalyn Celeste Thompson (Age 9)
    GD: Addison Delilah Thompson (Age 3)
    GD: Avery Elise Thompson (Age 3)
    GD: Amelia Faith Thompson (Age 2)
    GS: Alexander Gage Thompson (Age 1)

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    Family 1: The Frazier's
    John Leonard Frazier, Sr., 33 & Camille Elizabeth {Freeman} Frazier, 30
    - Scarlett Amelia Frazier, 5
    - John Leonard Frazier, Jr., 3

    Family 2: The Madduri's
    Raj Purushottama Madduri, 36 & Anisha Vasundhara {Nirupama} Madduri, 32
    - Mira Roshanara Madduri, 8
    - Devdan Siddhartha Madduri, 4

    Family 3: The Yoshida's
    Shirou Yoshida, 28 & Emi {Mori} Yoshida, 27
    - Kaori Yoshida, 3

    Family 4: The Barnett's
    Brenna Katherine Barnett, 26
    - Ava Gabrielle Barnett, 6

    Family 5: The Owens'
    Isaiah Benjamin Owens, 37 & Molly Irene {Wade} Owens, 36
    - Duncan Isaiah Owens, 5
    - Brooke Molly Owens, 4

    Family 6: The Chandler's
    Isaac Jeremiah Chandler, 70 & Leslie Anne {Mullins} Chandler, 68
    - Alexander Robert Chandler, 42 & Lydia Vivienne {Jefferson} Chandler, 38
    -- Callie Vanessa Chandler, 9
    -- Daniel Alexander Chandler, 5
    -- Isabelle Jocelyn Chandler, 3

    Family 7: The Riley's
    Jacob Michael Riley, 44 & Jennifer Elaine {Dawson} Riley, 40
    - Danielle Patricia Riley, 16
    - Audrey Caroline Riley, 6
    - Lauren Katherine Riley, 5
    - Olivia Madeleine Riley, 3

    Family 8: The West's
    Lucas Daniel West, 39 & Allison May {Crawford} West, 35
    - Nathaniel Lucas West, 6
    - Kimberly Grace West, 5
    - Samantha Brooke West, 3
    - Elizabeth Anna West, 1
    - Alexander Daniel West, 6 months

    Family 9: The Campbell's
    Elijah Donald Campbell, 40 & Abigail Elizabeth {Parks} Campbell, 37
    - Cara Lucille Campbell, 11
    - Noah Benjamin Campbell, 8
    - Owen Frederick Campbell, 6
    - Eden Virginia Campbell, 4
    - Lila Frances Campbell, 3

    Family 10: The Cooper's
    Lawson Oliver Cooper, 77 & Barbara Eve {Mann} Cooper, 73
    - Kylee Theresa Cooper, 10 {White shirt holding Aidan}
    - Milla Gwendolyn Cooper, 7 [Maeve's sister] {Pink dress}
    - Maeve Adrianna Cooper, 4 [Milla's sister] {White dress}
    - Shannon Paige Lyons, 4 [Aidan's brother] {Blue dress}
    - Brooke Rebecca Moore, 3 {Red dress}
    - Aidan Jeremy Lyons, 2 [Shannon's sister] {Blue shirt with Kylee}
    "Close friends are truly life's treasures. Sometimes they know us better
    than we know ourselves. With gentle honesty, they are there to guide and support us,
    to share our laughter and our tears. Their presence reminds us that we are never really alone."
    - Vincent van Gogh

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