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    This or That -Long Version With Middles-

    This game of This or That is basically the same as the one already started, with the exception that this one includes middle names.

    This is the set up:
    My turn:

    Theresa Marion or Thalia Monet? ( they do not have to have the same initials, but should be

    the same style, vibe, or have something fairly obvious in common.

    Theresa Marion or Theresa Monet?
    Rebekah Naomi or Nora Simone?
    Lillian Jude or Julianne Monroe?
    Diana Beatrice or Deanne Margaret?

    Then four boy combos underneath.

    My turn first to start it off:

    Lillian Jude or Juliette Monroe?
    Rebekah Naomi or Naomi Raquel?
    Bryony Matilda or Blythe Ariadne?
    Silvia June or Sienna Marguerite?

    Colton Jude or Carter Jude?
    Jordan Raphael or Joshua Corbin
    Nathanael Jordan or Adriel Matthias?
    Theodore Ivan or Ivan Theodore?

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