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    Name needed for two characters

    I am writing a romance story and I need a name for one of the main characters. It is gunna be a messed up love stoy of sorts.

    He is a alien so I need a very unusual name for him but a name that would make his parents seem crazy.

    The character in human form has short messy honey brown hair, light blue eyes and very scrawny. In his alien form he has very dark hair that is very closed cut, orange eyes, cat like features and is very tall. The planet he comes from is made mostly of ice buildings. His species is well know to have certain powers such as talking to animals, be able to see, smell, taste, feel and hear more than a normal human, invulnerability, reduce temperature and control water and ice. In human years he is about 25/26 and in his planets years he is seen as being 39 (they live much longer then humans)

    The male character is considerd to be very strange on Earth. Not many people like him and they consider him to be dumb, crazy, uneducated and quirky. He is more liked on his home planet and there he is seen as smart and well educated. He is very friendly, hardworking and loyal. He also tries to do the right thing and hates lying or doing anything considerd bad. He does not really understand Earth traditions and Earth wats.

    The love intrest is a human girl that is living in London but was orginally born in a small village in England. Her name could possibly be something very traditional and old fashioned. I orgianally had Amelia but it just did not work for her. Her surname is Chance.

    This girl has long wavy blonde hair, a full fringe and dark blue eyes. She is about 5ft7 and around the age of 25. Her parents were well liked in her small village and are named Rose and Owen. Her parents are very traditional and seen as posh. Her father is a doctor and her mother worked in a library. She has a 23 year old sister named Elizabeth and a 32 year old brother called Thomas

    The girl works in a small company as a receptionist. The girl is very well mannerd, intelligent and is a thinks before she speaks person. She can be seen as quite selfish and sarcastic but she is patient and very resourceful.
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