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    I agree with pps. A. Everett is a pretty well established name, so I don't think most people are going to assume you picked something really out there over a more likely choice. And B. Everest isn't a bad thing to connote; it's just this awesome, if dangerous mountain, haha. I wouldn't stress over the Everest thing at all!

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    Different names I would add it to your list .

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    Everett's one of our top choices for boys, but I too worry about the Everest thing, though it's not a bad thing, any form of a teasing is awful when you are little. I love Ezra more, but my fiance' likes Everett more. I think, overall, it isn't a name that leans to teasing but then again, I'm not sure how young you are when you learn about Mount Everest....

    Here's what Parents Connect has for info: http://babynamesworld.parentsconnect...f_Everett.html
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    My son's name is Everett and there has never been any confusion about how to pronounce it. He's never been called Everest by mistake. We love his name!

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    Thanks for all the great feedback everyone! and thanks to mamamegan841 for the real life example, definately adding Everett to my list
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