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    Question Is Everett too close to Everest?

    I'm starting to really love this name as a first name!

    I pronounce it Ev-uh-rit/ret, is that correct?

    I feel it's unique but not too out there and it's a vintage gem. My biggest concern is that it sounds so similar to Mt. Everest it would be a quick correction if someone thought I or Everett himself stated that his name was "Everest" but the similairty is what really has me on the fence. Otherwise it's a perfect name to add to my list!

    Any opinions/thoughts etc. will be greatly appreciated

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    I will be honest, when I hear Everett, I get visions of frosty winds and bushy mustaches... in an endearing way! My brain does meld Everett and Everest together.
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    I think that they're obviously close, but that's kind of like saying that Claire and 'clear' are too close... I don't think it matters. While similar in sound, I'm not sure there'll get confused too often.
    Actually though, I have a friend whose sister had decided on Everest but everyone thought she'd picked Everett (she had a girl in the end). I think there'll be more people who get Everett right than people who get it wrong and think it's Everest.
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    I would tend to think that Everett is too classic to be mistaken for Everest often. Like the pp said, it's kind of like saying Claire and 'clear' are too close. Everett is a great name!

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    Around here (New England) Everett is a common name on street signs and buildings. To me, it is New Englandy, and I have never once thought about Mt. Everest.
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