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    I pretty much dislike it.

    I have my exceptions: Avery, Kendall, Leighton, Riley (but prefer it on a boy), Aubrey to name a few.

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    Avery, Kendall, and Hayden are fine for girls. I don't like Blake on a girl though!

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    I'm not crazy about the trend, its just not my style.

    Hayden - To me this is a boy's name, I've only ever met male Haydens.
    Avery - I am really not a fan of this name. Between the two, I would say I'd prefer it on a girl. I knew a family with the surname Avery, so that's what comes to mind when I hear this.
    Blake - Also a boy's name to me
    Kendall - I think of this as more of a girl's name, like Kendall Jenner

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    I love Avery for a girl, always have. Hayden is truly unisex to me and Kendall but it's definitely come to the girl's side whether one likes it or not . I don't really like Hayden on a girl though. Blake is still all boy to me.

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    I love Blake on Blake Lively so I'm going to say yes to that one. The other three all work as girls names, but Avery is a little too popular these days and the others feel dated.

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