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    Happy I'm in love with my best friend...

    *Cordelia Hazel* *Temperance Lark* *Juniper Daphne* *India Pearl*
    *Alexander Rhys* *Calder Solomon* *Micah Samuel* *Everett Blaise*

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    Child 1: A girl named Clara Aubrey
    Child 2: A boy named Roan Talon
    Child 3: A girl named Aine Sabina
    Child 4: A girl named Eabha Cecilia
    Child 5: A girl named Annabel Everly
    Child 6: A girl named Alice Aria

    Clara, 8; Roan, 6; Aine and Eabha, 4; Bel, 2; Alice, 3 weeks
    Clara * Juliet * Alice * Catherine (Cate)

    Henry * Theodore (Theo) * Eliot (Eli) * Alexander (Xander)

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    CHILD #1

    If you are from North or South America, you have a girl.

    First name (roll the dice):
    3 or 4 -

    Middle name (roll the dice):
    1 or 2 -

    Name: Emmeline Dara (Emmy)

    CHILD #2

    Gender (roll the dice):
    Even - Boy

    First name:
    If you loved the new Spiderman film -

    Middle name:
    If your favourite element is Water -

    Name: Mason Caspian

    CHILD #3 & CHILD #4

    If you only speak one language fluently, you have G/G twins.

    First names (roll the dice):
    Odd -

    Middle names (roll the dice):
    Odd -

    Names: Iris Valentina, Florence Cassia (Cassie)

    CHILD #5

    Gender (roll the dice):
    Odd - Girl

    First name:
    If your favourite shoes are anything else -

    Middle name:
    If your favourite music artist is a band -

    Name: Kennedy Wren

    CHILD #6

    If your name begins with A, B, C, D, E or F, you have a boy.

    First name (roll the dice):
    3 or 4 -

    Middle name (roll the dice):
    Even -

    Name: Elisabeth Bliss (Ellie)

    List all your children's names, with ages, descriptions, pictures, and/or anything else you'd like!

    Emmy, Mason, Iris, Cassie, Kennedy, and Ellie.
    Favorite Names:
    Lucy Melrose|Jane Madeline|Sophia Matisse|Emma Rosalie|Liliana Roma|Charlotte Helena
    Benjamin Knox|Ryan Chandler|Mason Jericho|Noah Sebastian|Liam Phoenix|James Flynn

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    CHILD 1: Rose Linnet
    CHILD 2: Sophia Rowan
    CHILD 3 & CHILD 4: Violet Julia & Caleb Marius
    CHILD 5: Asher Callum
    CHILD 6: Alec Wilder

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