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    5 daughters name quiz!

    Yep, it's another name quiz! The names are actually linked to your answers here If you like more than one of the things (e.g. you love Italian food and Chinese food EQUALLY) you can give your daughter two middle names!

    Daughter #1

    FN: Favourite colour?

    Blue = Indigo
    Red = Carmine
    Purple = Violet
    Orange = Sienna
    Black = Ebony
    Other = Lucia

    MN: Favourite movie out of these?

    The Avengers = Tasha
    Pitch Perfect = Rebecca
    Juno = Juniper
    The Hunger Games = Katherine
    Avatar = Neri
    The Fault in Our Stars = Aveline
    None of these = Everly

    Daughter #2

    FN: Favourite name meaning?

    Light = Lux
    Fire = Seraphina
    Flower = Fleur
    Bird = Ava
    Princess = Amira
    Strength = Keren
    Other = Madeline

    MN: Favourite kind of food?

    Italian = Bella
    Japanese = Hana
    Indian = Jaya
    American = Addison
    Mexican = Carmen
    Other = Tania

    Daughter #3

    FN: What's your favourite kind of name for girls?

    Classic = Eliza
    Modern = Teagan
    Word names = Sonnet
    Nature names = Rowan
    Unisex = Morgan
    Mythological = Artemis

    MN: Month you were born?

    January: Winter
    February: Valentina
    March: Marcia
    April: Avril
    May: Mai
    June: Summer
    July: Juliet
    August: Augusta
    September: Septima
    October: Octavia
    November: Nova
    December: Noelle

    Daughter #4

    FN: What's your favourite name for boys from these?

    River = Brook
    Mike = Mika
    Theo = Teddy
    Noah = Nola
    Aiden = Aida
    Orion = Luna
    Xander = Xandra
    None of these = Cleo

    MN: What is your favourite animal?

    Cat = Catarina
    Horse = Roisin
    Dolphin = Delphine
    Dog = Lupita
    Snake = Malinda
    Bird = Birdie
    Other = Merlyn

    Daughter #5

    FN: What's your favourite kind of music?

    Rock = Cherie
    Pop = Taylor
    Classical = Claudia
    Indie = Seren
    Metal = Fallon
    Other = Lyric

    MN: What's your favourite genre of book?

    Romance: Alicia
    Mystery/crime: Ellery
    Fantasy: Arya
    Drama: Lydia
    Non-fiction: Thea
    Other: Quinn
    queer gal, author & name lover <3 no kids yet though i want one more every day, check back in a couple of years!

    current faves:
    Lux, Indigo, Alyssa, Cleo, Juniper "Juno", Luna, Lydia, Wren, Mika
    Kai, Isaac, Teddy, Theo, Louis, Tate, River, Willow

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    Helena Ruby│Rose Adeline│Emmeline Idina│Penelope Freya│Violet IsabelAubrey Elisabeth

    Gabriel Ronan│Sebastian Henry│Tristan Everett│Elijah William│Samuel Avery│

    'There are bridges you cross you didn't know you've crossed until you've crossed' - Glinda Upland

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    Little Viking due November 2015♥

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    1. Lucia Juniper (16)
    2. Lux Bella (Lou, 13)
    3. Eliza Nova (8)
    4. Nola Lupita (2)
    5. Lyric Alicia (newborn)

    Lucia, Lou, Eliza, Nola & Lyric
    What's in a Name? That Which We Call a Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet.
    -William Shakespeare-

    || Luna Hatidza || Elham Ibrahim ||

    ♥ Luna & Elham ♥

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    Danville, Tri-State Area
    You can call me Abby
    Competitive dancer, aspiring writer, high school sophomore,
    and, most importantly, name obsessed
    ♕Dancing Queens♕
    Lila Persephone|Violet Evangeline|Maeve Ottilie|Iris Magdalene|Eden Tatiana

    ♔Soccer Gents♔
    Leo Sebastian|Jasper Elias|Archer Murray|August Laurence|Nolan Shepherd
    Carter|Duke|Malcolm|Memphis|Ronan|Seamus| Torin

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