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    Destiny Extended Congrats Game (round 5)

    Another 5 years


    Married -- 7 = they divorced all others they're still married
    Engaged -- 1,2,3,6,8 = they're married 7,9,10 = they're still engaged 4,5 = they broke up
    Long Term -- 7,9 = they're married 1,3,5 = they're engaged 4,6,10 = they're still in a long term 2,8 = they broke up
    Short Term -- 7 = they're married 4,6 = they're engaged 5,9,10 = they're in a long term 1,2,3,8 = they broke up

    --if they are bi they're in a relationship with a female if they get a new relationship--

    New Relationships
    1. married
    2. boyfriend/girlfriend (long term)
    3. boyfriend/girlfriend (long term)
    4. married
    5. single
    6. boyfriend/girlfriend (short term)
    7. married
    8. boyfriend/girlfriend (short term)
    9. engaged
    10. single

    Roll for First and Middle Names
    1. Boys:
    4. (same number of letters and starts with the same letter as same gender grandparent)
    5. (any name)
    6. Boys: Steve, Michael, Anto, Ian, Rupert, Gil, John, Paul, Maurice, Thierry, Guillaume, Cole, Scott, Christopher, Doug, Kevin, Julio, Juan, Ricard, Saturn, Javier, Manel, Joseph, Emilio, Antonio, Tony, Terrence, Obadiah, Yinsen, Raza, Coulson, Gabriel, Abu, Jarvis, Hogan, William, Allen, Will, Atticus, Hudson, Asher, Felix, Henry, Reid, Alec, August, Oliver, Asa, Evan, Mason
    7. Boys: Ends with O
    Girls: Ends with A
    8. Boys: Chris, Dave, Vin, Bradley, Lee, Michael, Djimon, John, Benicio, Sean, Peter, Bennett, Albert, Angel, Luther, Wentworth, Norman, Wendell, Raymond, Christopher, Tanner, Bradley, Robert, Andrew, Johnny, Tomas, Pierce, Darren, Ned, Richard, Brian, Tim, Duke, Keith, Harry, Barker, Fin, Noah, Matthew, Carson, Cesar, Max, Alexander, Austin, Braxton, Carlos, Emmanuel, Trevor, Cameron, Brandon
    Girls: Zoe, Karen, Glenn, Laura, Alice, Claire, Spencer, Jill, Crystal, Abbie, Anna, Valerie, Patricia, Cindy, Allie, Esther, Renee, Selma, Sara, Rachel, Amanda, Kaylee, Lauren, Kylie, Mikayla, Summer, Kelsey, Sofia, Delilah, Ariana, Bella, Kendall, Jordyn, Brianna, Jasmine, Sophie, Nadia, Jillian, Mackenzie, Melissa, Alexia, Eden, Sarah, Caroline, Eliana, Audrey, Daniela, Jade, Emily, Michelle
    10. One Syllable Long
    11. Boys:
    12. Boys:
    Girls: (any name in original post)
    15. (first or last name)
    17. Boys:,_Missouri
    Girls: (Rhode Island, 1978)
    18. Contains a B and M
    20. Boys: Shadow, Harrison, Quinn, Terry, Jamie, Dexter, Mo, Mikie, Doctor, Benny, Benji, Ronnie, Dante, Harry, Ty, Jerold, Vito, Wyatt, Adolph, Wallace, Harley, Ron, Jeff, Loyd, Santos, Anibal, Lane, Joaquin, Todd, Alva, Bruce, Sam, Rich, Grady, Bradley, Isaiah, Valentine, Joseph, Dario, Elliot, King, Richie, Carmelo, Charles, Rey, Floyd, Elwood, Rolland, Clint
    Girls: Shadow, Luna, Sandy, Dolce, Leasy, Quinn, Terry, Lia, Kiki, Jamie, Precious, Carmel, Baby, Lady, Ronnie, Dante, Luci, Gertrudis, Jaunita, Patty, Gerri, Colette, Minerva, Eliana, Kala, Juliane, Tory, Tennille, Kiesha, Robyn, Justa, Lynsey, Noriko, Maude, Sari, Ethel, Madelaine, Fonda, Emma

    Roll for Last Names
    1. Sandler, Barrymore, Schneider, Astin, Strus, Aykroyd, Hill, Covert, Rudolph, Brown, Nakashima, Dante, Magwili, Loughran, Lambert, Byrne, Simpkins, Rainier, Whannell, Sampson
    4. Starts with G
    5. Stewart, Fanning, Shannon, Maeve, Taylor, Compton, Shawkat, Keough, Lewis, O'Neal, Cullen, Marks, Andre, Porter, Snow, Grant, Parker, James, Quaid, Richardson
    8. One Syllable Long
    9. (average, 4th last name)

    Roll for Number of Kids
    1. 3
    2. none
    3. 1
    4. none
    5. none
    6. 2

    Roll for Genders
    1. opposite gender as parent from original family
    2. boy
    3. boy
    4. same gender as parent from original family
    5. girl
    6. girl

    Roll for Ages
    1. infant
    2. step child or adopted (you choose age)
    3. 1
    4. 2
    5. 3
    6. 4

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    DH: Diarmait Ottorino Tannehill - 68
    DW: Ruby Mariana Tannehill - 65

    40 - Francesca Mary *Frankie* Tannehill married to Echo Florence Runyan
    39 - Georgiana Harley *Georgie* Tannehill Elation married to Hazen Grant Elation
    -9 - Lux Athena Elation
    -6 - Jedidiah Winston *Jedi* Elation
    -5 - Freyr Caleb Elation (adopted from Detroit)
    38 - Jude Colin Tannehill *Jace* married to Eliza Storm Cohen Tannehill
    -18 - Eleanor Giana *Nellie* Cohen Simpkins (Eliza's daughter from a previous relationship) married to Gavin Stanley Simpkins
    --2 - Obadiah Hugo *Obie* Simpkins (Gavin's son from a previous relationship)
    -15 - Ada Jude Tannehill
    -12 - Cora Shay Tannehill
    37 - Pearl Anastasia Tannehill O'Callaghan (adopted from Russia) married to Caleb Enu O'Callaghan
    -19 - Sawyer Angelo O'Callaghan married to Mirabelle Deryn *Mira* Schmidt O'Callaghan
    --4 - Charlie Paola O'Callaghan
    --3 - Bowie Kevin O'Callaghan
    --2 - Wren Mabel O'Callaghan
    -10 - Christiana Elowen O'Callaghan
    -9 - Oliver Hansen O'Callaghan
    -15 - Layla Marigold O'Callaghan (adopted from England)
    36 - Elliot Douglas Tannehill married to Violet April Tobin Tannehill
    -17 - Philippa Jinx *Pippa* Tobin (Violet's daughter from a previous relationship)
    -14 - Jude Yuri Tannehill
    -12 - Tristan Fergus Tannehill & Phoebe Zora Tannehill
    -9 - Eli Ralph Tannehill
    -8 - Norah Delaney Tannehill
    -6 - Vivianne Lorelei Tannehill
    -2 - Max Valentino Tannehill
    -infant - Dominick Hiram Tannehill
    35 - Heath Winston Tannehill engaged to Felicity Madison Murphy
    -18 - Lavender Beretta Tannehill (mother is Roxie Porsche Mitchum Tannehill) currently single
    --4 - Thomas Jethro Tannahill (father is unknown)
    -17 - Lucy Jezebel Tannehill (mother is Roxie Porsche Mitchum Tannehill)
    34 - Ford Benjamin Tannehill married to Danielle Rosemary Argent Tannehill *Dani*
    -18 - Augustus Phanuel *Gus* Tannehill (mother is Scout Marilyn Greenlee) in a relationship with (short term) Luna Jessica Harris
    -16 - Gaia River Tannehill (mother is Scout Marilyn Greenlee)
    -15 - Ezekiel Deodan *Zeke* Tannehill (mother is Scout Marilyn Greenlee)
    -10 - Rockwell Conan *Wells* Tannehill (adopted from South Africa)

    Diarmait & Ruby with Frankie, Georgie, Jace, Pearl, Elliot, Heath, and Ford
    Frankie & Echo
    Georgie & Hazen with Lux, Jedi, and Freyr
    Jace & Eliza with Nellie, Ada, and Cora
    Nellie & Gavin with Obie
    Pearl & Caleb with Sawyer, Layla, Christiana, and Oliver
    Sawyer & Mira with Charlie, Bowie, and Wren
    Elliot & Violet with Pippa, Jude, Tristan & Phoebe, Eli, Norah, Vivianne, Max, and Dominick
    Heath & Felicity with Lavender and Lucy
    Lavender with Thomas
    Ford & Dani with Gus, Gaia, Zeke, and Wells
    Gus & Luna
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    DW: Lily Claire Newton
    DH: Adam Henry Joan

    DS: Caleb Henry [41]
    -DW: Katharine Piper Jude [35] "Kate"
    --DS: Finley Conan Joan [8] "Finn"
    --DD: Lucy Malia Joan [7]
    --DD: Grace Christina Joan [3]
    --DS: Marcus Wyatt Joan [2] "Marc"
    --DS: Thomas Matthew Joan [nb] "Tom"

    DD: Anna Hazel [40]
    -DXBF [st]: Hugo Easton Cameron [46]
    --DD: Charlotte Elizabeth Cameron-Joan [15] "Charlie"
    -DFiance: Niall Asa James-Curtis [40]
    --DS: Nathan Eli James-Curtis-Joan [7] "Nate"
    --DD: Molly Harper James-Curtis-Joan [4]

    DD: Lucy Caroline [37]
    -DH: Caswell Mathias Roman [38]
    --DD/DD: Eleanor Matilda Roman/Margot Joanna Roman [7]
    --DS: Henry William Roman [5]
    --DD: Lily Stella Roman [2]

    DD: Elizabeth Katharine [36] "Beth"
    -DH: Maddox Anders Renate [35]
    --DD/DS: Natalie Claire Renate-Joan/Benjamin Eli Renate-Joan [14] "Ben"
    --DD: May Charlotte Renate-Joan [10]
    --DS: Noah John Renate-Joan [4]
    --DD: Colette Arianna Renate-Joan [2]

    Lily and her husband Adam and their kids, Caleb, Anna, Lucy and Beth. Caleb and his wife Kate and their kids, Finn, Lucy, Grace, Marc and Tom. Anna and her ex-boyfriend Hugo and their daughter, Charlie and her fiance, Niall and their kids, Nate and Moly. Lucy and her husband Cas and their kids, Eleanor, Margot, Henry and Lily. Beth and her husband Maddox and their kids, Natalie, Ben, May, Noah and Colette.

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    The Hemsworth Family

    DH: Blake Taylor Hemsworth [70]
    DW: Catherine Verity Hemsworth [73]

    DS1: Graham Oliver Hemsworth [40]
    DD1: Stella Katelyn Hemsworth [39]
    DD2/DS2: Imogen Thisbe Hemsworth & Damian Joel Hemsworth [37]
    DS3/DS4: Edward Troy Hemsworth & Julius Barron Hemsworth [34]

    Blake and Catherine Hemsworth; with Graham, Stella, Imogen, Damian, Edward & Julius


    The Hemsworth Family

    DS1: Graham Oliver Hemsworth [40]
    DW: Vivian Leigh Hemsworth (nee Tatum) [39] (formerly Long Term)

    DD1: Allison Crystal Hemsworth [11]
    DS1/DS2: Roman Brett Hemsworth & Hayes Kurt Hemsworth [10]
    DD2: Lorelei Terri Hemsworth [6]

    Graham and Vivian Hemsworth; with Allison, Roman, Hayes & Lorelei


    The Hemsworth-Langdon Family

    DD1: Stella Katelyn Hemsworth-Langdon [39]
    DH: Cash Randolph Langdon [41] (formerly Long Term)
    Ex-Dfiance: Dustin Montgomery Hollander [39] (formerly Short Term) [Father of Minnie & Evan]

    DD1: Minnie Elisabeth Hemsworth-Hollander [18]
    DD2: Evan Lyla Hemsworth-Hollander [17]
    DS1: Spencer Ezra Langdon [7]
    DD3/DD4: Juliette Marlow Langdon & Brynn Maia Langdon [5]
    DD5: Pansy Bellatrix Langdon [3]
    DS2/DS3/DS4: Atticus Henry Langdon, August Reid Langdon & Asher Felix Langdon [1]

    Stella Hemsworth-Langdon (and ex-fiance Dustin Hollander) and Cash Langdon; with Minnie, Evan, Spencer, Juliette, Brynn, Pansy, Atticus, August & Asher


    The Hemsworth-Hollander/Frant Family

    DD1: Minnie Elisabeth Hemsworth-Hollander [18]
    DBF: Callan Gaspard Grant [18] (Short Term)

    Minnie Hemsworth-Hollander and Callan Grant


    The Warren Family

    DD2: Imogen Thisbe Warren (nee Hemsworth) [37]
    DH: Thackery Roan Warren [38] (formerly Long Term)

    DS1: Marco Connor Warren [17]
    DD1: Cora Victoria Warren [15]
    DD2: Delilah Cadence Warren [6]

    Imogen and Thackery Warren; with Marco, Cora & Delilah


    The Hemsworth Family

    DS2: Damian Joel Hemsworth [37]
    DW: Ginger Isla Hemsworth (nee Giles) [35]
    Ex-DGF: Beatrice Joan Jupiter [37] (formerly Short Term) [Mother of Gretchen]

    DD1: Gretchen Vanessa Hemsworth-Jupiter [14]
    DS1/DS2/DD2: Isaac Garrett Hemsworth, Hudson Levi Hemsworth & Poppy Flora Hemsworth [7]
    DS3/DD3: Bowen Rhys Hemsworth & Greta Isolde Hemsworth [3]

    Damian (and ex-girlfriend Beatrice Jupiter) and Ginger Hemsworth; with Gretchen, Isaac, Hudson, Poppy, Bowen & Greta


    The Hemsworth Family

    DS3: Edward Troy Hemsworth [34]
    DW: Sasha Valentine Hemsworth (nee Manning) [35]

    DS1: Dasheill West Hemsworth [18]
    DD1: Genevieve Penelope Hemsworth [16]
    DD2: Thalia Leighton Hemsworth [12]

    Edward and Sasha Hemsworth; with Dashiell, Genevieve & Thalia


    The Hemsworth Family

    DS1: Dasheill West Hemsworth [18]
    DW: Rei Alaia Hemsworth (nee Burns) [18]

    DD1: Aria Sasha Hemsworth [4]
    DS1: Milo Indigo Hemsworth [2]
    DS2: Theo Waldo Hemsworth [1]

    Dashiell and Rei Hemsworth; with Aria, Milo & Theo


    The Hemsworth Family

    DS4: Julius Barron Hemsworth [34]
    DW: Larissa Paige Hemsworth (nee Joyce) [36] (formerly Long Term)
    Ex-DGF: Arielle Annabeth Kingman [34] (formerly Short Term) [Mother of Everett]

    DS1: Everett Chance Hemworth [16]
    DD1: Brooke Valerie Hemsworth [8]
    DS2: Preston Jonah Hemsworth [6]
    DS3: Tanner Alexander Hemsworth [3]
    DD2: Aurelia Tullia Hemsworth [2]
    DS4: Duke Bradley Hemsworth [0]

    Julius (and ex-girlfriend Arielle Kingman) and Larissa Hemsworth; with Everett, Brooke, Preston, Tanner, Aurelia & Duke

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    DH (69): Louis Reuben Moretti
    DW (66): Adrianna Maeve Moretti (Earl)

    DD (41): Delilah Edith Saxon
    -DH (42): Samuel Riley Saxon
    --DS (14): Archer Griffin Saxon
    --DD (10): Kaya Leila Saxon
    --DD (6): Isla Jasmine Saxon

    DS (39): Casper Victor Moretti
    -DW (37): Vivien Seraphina Moretti
    --DD (16): Maya Sophia Moretti
    --DS (15): Remy Sebastian Moretti
    --DD (7): Savannah Mariella Moretti
    --DS (5): Cohen Vincent Moretti

    DD (35): Thea Katharine Morrigan
    -DH (41): Dylan Fray Morrigan
    --DS (11): Jude Finn Morrigan
    --DD (1): Rita Phoebe Morrigan
    --DS (NB): Bert Dylan Morrigan

    DS (35): Ezra Henry Moretti
    -ExDGF (35): Louisa Hazel Jack
    -ExDGF (33): Lia Carey Hartnett
    --DSS (14): Xavier Stone Hartnett
    --DS (11): Kellan Phoenix Moretti
    -DF (38): Sofia Mara Elton
    --DSD (12): Evangeline Bethel Elton
    --DD (2): Rosalind Selma Elton-Moretti
    --DD (NB): Amelie Gabrielle Elton-Moretti

    DD (34): Gabriella Polly Moretti
    -ExDF (35): Maddox Dexter Yael
    --DD (17): Livia Tempest Yael
    --DD (10): Jessa Christabel Yael
    -DGF (32): Aria Violet Foxx
    --DSD (11): Elenora Rose Foxx
    --DSS (7): Samuel Winston Foxx
    --ADD (3): Madelaine Lia Moretti-Foxx
    Girls: Autumn | Delilah | Elodie | Greta | Hazel | India | Jessamy | Magdalena | Nora | Ramona | Sabine

    Boys: Bellamy | Bruno | Caspar | Jude | Kennedy | Kitt | Ludo | Samuel | Stellan | William | Xavier

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