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    Destiny Extended Congrats Game (round 6)

    Another 5 years


    **Over 50 no more kids**
    **Over 18, roll for relationships and kids**

    Current Relationships
    Married -- 4 = divorced, all others still married
    Engaged -- 3,6,7,8,10 = married 1,2,5 = still engaged 4,9 = broken up
    Long Term -- 1,2,8 = married 3,4 = engaged 7,10 = still in a long term 5,6,9 = broken up
    Short Term -- 7 = married 2,9 = engaged 4,5,6 = in a long term 1,3,8,10 = broken up

    **if bisexual in a relationship with opposite sex**

    New Relationships
    1. married
    2. single
    3. married
    4. boyfriend/girlfriend (long term)
    5. boyfriend/girlfriend (short term)
    6. single
    7. married
    8. boyfriend/girlfriend (short term)
    9. boyfriend/girlfriend (long term)
    10. engaged

    Roll for First and Middle Names
    1. Car Make or Model
    2. Boys: (from any combo)
    Girls: (from any combo)
    3. Boys:
    5. (1911, top 100)
    6. Boys: Color Name
    7. Boys:
    8. Boys: Gary, Chuck, Mat, Curt, Don, Patrick, Steve, Mark, Jimmi, Collin, William, Cabbie, Brad, James, Bill, Jonathan, Carson, Rich, Obaid, Ahmed, Shane, Rhett, Elias, Louie, Rufus, Roderick, Hilton, Jorge, Coleman, Menard, Woodrow, Nicky, Solano, Armand, Bob, Pasquale, Dante, Ariel, Donn, Wesley, Jayson, Cedric, Stanley, Marshall, Ollie, Emile, Hyman, Hugh, Randall, Mitch
    Girls: Trixie, Rocky, Louanne, Tina, Taraji, Leighton, Kristen, Mila, Kyle, Stephanie, Fiona, Mary, Brittany, Claudia, Julia, Estella, Shawnna, Paola, Lavonne, Nell, Shery, Dotty, Kia, Lynelle, Ola, Ellamae, Katherina, Noma, Vannesa, Shizuko, Annamae, Lauri, Regan, Taryn, Geri, Lianne, Shana, Loraine, Nancy, Treena, Nelsa, Lissa, Dorethea, Felisha, Katerine, Lindsy, Tora, Agnes, Valerie, Onie
    9. Starts with A
    11. Ends with G
    12. Boys:
    13. (dutch, wrestler, icelandic and norse myth)
    14. 2 syllables long
    15. Boys: Sky, Dozer, Zeus, Jacob, Hachi, River, Baxter, Red, Chance, America, Larry, Louie, Albert, Quincy, Rusty, Bailey, Rocky, Cooper, Prince, Brody, Shawn, Oso, Shiloh, Scooter, George, Sam, Roni, Dixon, Rowdy, Shep, Indy, Barkley, Brindleton, Eddie, Billy, Domino, Buddy, Simba, Rudy, Jed, Robby, Barbaro, Oliver, Peter, Caesar, Falcon, Riley, Paxton, Bingo, Rufus
    16. (2014, top 100)
    17. or
    19. Boys: Sean, Mark, Ben, Stephen, Ajay, Stanley, Clint, Tom, Henri, Kevin, Harry, Marv, Peter, Marley, Buzz, Frank, Gus, Larry, Jeff, Al, Andy, Eli, Joe, George, Raf, Franc, Donal, Richard, Frederick, Don, Leonard, Malcolm, John, Bert, Martin, Sidney, Rolando, Cameron, Carter, Cary, Dale, Dashiell, Declan, Emerson, Greyson, Osiris, Quentin, Ramsay, Wren, Roman
    Girls: Pamela, Samia, Kristyn, Espher, Joanne, Lauren, Kate, Angela, Megan, Heather, Sondra, Diane, Talia, Bridget, Sofia, Eleanor, Ruth, Paula, Lucy, Rose, Miriam, Laura, Frances, Adeline, Aurora, Florence, Isla, Poppy, Annalise, Elouise, Ingrid, Piper, Scarlett, Ainsley, Beatrice, Francesca, Stella, Amelia, Deirdre, Hazel, Phoebe, Ryan, Brenna, Gemma, Jillene, Romy, Cara, Harper, Ruby, Alix
    20. (iranian, ukrainian and norse myth)

    Roll for Last Names
    1. Contains a P and Y
    3. Starts with K
    4. (Average, 9th last name)
    8. Stars with H
    10. Daphne, June, Baby, Jewel, Cassandra, Matilda, Dolly, Nikita, Damian, Sebastian, Gaston, Sorrento, Bambino, Benji, Fred, Lucie, Lou, Rudy, Bailey, Bella

    Roll for Number of Kids
    1. 1
    2. none
    3. none
    4. 2
    5. 3
    6. none

    Roll for Genders
    1. girl
    2. girl
    3. whichever they have more of
    4. boy
    5. whichever they have less of
    6. boy

    Roll for Ages
    1. step child or adopted (you choose age)
    2. 1
    3. 3
    4. 2
    5. 4
    6. infant

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    DH: Diarmait Ottorino Tannehill - 73
    DW: Ruby Mariana Tannehill - 70

    45 - Francesca Mary *Frankie* Tannehill married to Echo Florence Runyan

    44 - Georgiana Harley *Georgie* Tannehill Elation married to Hazen Grant Elation
    -14 - Lux Athena Elation
    -11 - Jedidiah Winston *Jedi* Elation
    -10 - Freyr Caleb Elation (adopted from Detroit)
    -1 - Shauna Heidi Elation

    43 - Jude Colin Tannehill *Jace* divorced Eliza Storm Cohen Tannehill, in a relationship with (long term) Esme Lyra Gibbs
    -23 - Eleanor Giana *Nellie* Cohen Simpkins (Eliza's daughter from a previous relationship) married to Gavin Stanley Simpkins
    --7 - Obadiah Hugo *Obie* Simpkins (Gavin's son from a previous relationship)
    -20 - Ada Jude Tannehill engaged to Seaton Leonard Wilkerson
    --2 - Rory Langston Wilkerson
    -17 - Cora Shay Tannehill

    42 - Pearl Anastasia Tannehill O'Callaghan (adopted from Russia) divorced Caleb Enu O'Callaghan, currently single
    -25 - Sawyer Angelo O'Callaghan married to Mirabelle Deryn *Mira* Schmidt O'Callaghan
    --9 - Charlie Paola O'Callaghan
    --8 - Bowie Kevin O'Callaghan
    --7 - Wren Mabel O'Callaghan
    --3 - Taryn Britney O'Callaghan
    --1 - Marisa Daisy O'Callaghan
    --infant - Cobalt Falcon *Coby* O'Callaghan
    -15 - Christiana Elowen O'Callaghan
    -14 - Oliver Hansen O'Callaghan
    -20 - Layla Marigold O'Callaghan (adopted from England) currently single
    --1 - Susanna Ever *Sunny* O'Callaghan
    -2 - Woodrow Quentin *Woody* O'Callaghan

    41 - Elliot Douglas Tannehill married to Violet April Tobin Tannehill
    -22 - Philippa Jinx *Pippa* Tobin Franklin (Violet's daughter from a previous relationship) married to Shiloh Amadeus Franklin
    -19 - Jude Yuri Tannehill engaged to Keeley Senna Crawford
    -17 - Tristan Fergus Tannehill & Phoebe Zora Tannehill
    -14 - Eli Ralph Tannehill
    -13 - Norah Delaney Tannehill
    -11 - Vivianne Lorelei Tannehill
    -7 - Max Valentino Tannehill
    -5 - Dominick Hiram Tannehill
    -4 - Regina Leonie *Regi* Tannehill (adopted from California)
    -3 - Roman Aldous Tannehill & Lilia Joyce Tannehill

    40 - Heath Winston Tannehill engaged to Felicity Madison Murphy
    -23 - Lavender Beretta Tannehill (mother is Roxie Porsche Mitchum Tannehill) currently single
    --9 - Thomas Jethro Tannahill (father is unknown)
    -22 - Lucy Jezebel Tannehill Henderson (mother is Roxie Porsche Mitchum Tannehill) married to Kipling Stellan Henderson

    39 - Ford Benjamin Tannehill married to Danielle Rosemary Argent Tannehill *Dani*
    -23 - Augustus Phanuel *Gus* Tannehill (mother is Scout Marilyn Greenlee) broke up with Luna Jessica Harris, in a relationship (long term) Anna Brooke Sorrento
    -21 - Gaia River Tannehill (mother is Scout Marilyn Greenlee) in a relationship (long term) with Sterling Oscar Massey
    --infant - Neela Pauline Massey (adopted from South Africa)
    --infant - Foster Dylan Massey & Shepherd Logan Massey
    -20 - Ezekiel Deodan *Zeke* Tannehill (mother is Scout Marilyn Greenlee) currently single
    -15 - Rockwell Conan *Wells* Tannehill (adopted from South Africa)

    Diarmait & Ruby with Frankie, Georgie, Jace, Pearl, Elliot, Heath, and Ford
    Frankie & Echo
    Georgie & Hazen with Lux, Jedi, Freyr, and Shauna
    Jace & Esme with Nellie, Ada, and Cora
    Nellie & Gavin with Obie
    Ada & Seaton with Rory
    Pearl & Caleb with Sawyer, Layla, Christiana, Oliver, and Woody
    Sawyer & Mira with Charlie, Bowie, Wren, Taryn, Marisa, and Coby
    Layla with Sunny
    Elliot & Violet with Pippa, Jude, Tristan & Phoebe, Eli, Norah, Vivianne, Max, Dominick, Regi, and Roman & Lilia
    Pippa & Shiloh
    Jude & Keeley
    Heath & Felicity with Lavender and Lucy
    Lavender with Thomas
    Lucy & Kipling
    Ford & Dani with Gus, Gaia, Zeke, and Wells
    Gus & Anna
    Gaia & Sterling with Neela, and Foster & Shepherd
    Names of the moment:
    Phoebe and Farley
    Shepherd and Otter

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    LN: Wilson

    DH: Jonathan Alexander Wilson (71)
    DW: Marina Catherine Wilson (70)

    DS1: Jack Benjamin Wilson (45)
    DS2: Lachlan Thomas Wilson (44)
    DD1: Caroline Lila Wilson (43)
    DD2: Charlotte Audrey Wilson (42)
    DS3/DS4/DD3: Maxwell Oliver Wilson "Max", Jude Alexander Wilson, and Elle Marlowe Wilson (41)
    DD4/DD5: Gwendolen Mae Wilson "Gwen" and Margaret Sage Wilson "Maisie" (40)
    DD6: Eve Kathrine Wilson (39)

    Jack Benjamin Wilson (45)
    DW: Lena SoniaWilson (48)
    -DS1: Cruz Izaac Wilson (22)
    -DS2/DS3: Nick Valentino Wilson and King Bear Wilson (6)
    -DS4: Petro Richard Wilson (4)

    Lachlan Thomas Wilson (44)
    DexW: Amanda Clair Wilson (44)
    -DS1: Zero Roman Wilson (19)
    -DW: Emily Jordan Wilson (22)
    -DS2: Neo Cannan Wilson (19)
    DFiancee: June Lois Hannibal (46)

    Caroline Lila (Wilson) Graeme (43)
    DexFiance: Gavin Wilder Bailey (45)
    -DAD: Corinne Aurora Bailey (18)
    -DS1: Coleman Aaron Bailey (16)
    DexH: George Harry Graeme (40)
    DBF: Zane Rowdy Sorrento (47) - Long Term

    Charlotte Audrey (Wilson) Jonet (42)
    DexBF: Max Russell Cassidy (44) - Long Term
    -DD1: Marie Lilac Cassidy (11)
    -DD2: Lilah Joelle Cassidy (10)
    DH: Glen Daniel Jonet (49)
    -DD3: Rosalie Ellen Jonet (8)
    -DD4: Florence Millicent Jonet (5) "Flora"

    Maxwell Oliver Wilson (41) "Max"
    DW: Romilly Adell (Harlem) Wilson (40) - Long Term
    -DAS1: Quentin Christopher Wilson (11)
    -DS2: Benjamin Campbell Wilson (8)
    -DD1: Grace Chanel Wilson (6)

    Jude Alexander Wilson (41)
    DW: Aphrodite Jasmine Wilson (44)
    -DSD1: Spring River Wilson (26)
    -DGF: Alexandria Piper Camden (24) - Long Term
    -DD1: Jensen Bay Wilson (24)
    -DexBF: Adam David Reeves (25)
    --DD1: Aria Deline Reeves (5)
    -DFiance: Rory Marshall King (23)
    --DD2: Annika Sequoia King (2)
    --DS1: Caspar Perring King (1)
    -DD2: Zorione Haven (Wilson) Svensson (18) "Zori"
    -DH: Bentley Odin Svensson (18)
    -DS1: Yarrow Nicholas Wilson (16)
    -DS2: Efren Lochlan Wilson (15)
    -DS3: Maddox Victor Wilson (14)
    -DAS1: Felix Theo Wilson (12)
    -DD3: Amethyst Sabrina Wilson (10)
    -DD4/DS4: Cassia Zoe Wilson and Lennon Jedidiah Wilson (6)

    Elle Marlowe Abner-Wilson (41)
    DW:Blossom Izabella Abner-Wilson (43)
    -DS1: Zeno Fidel Abner-Wilson (24)
    -DexGF: Lily Mirabel Taylor (23) - Long Term
    -DD1: Grier Farrah (Abner-Wilson) Perry (21)
    -DH: Roan Walter Perry (23)
    -DD2: Whitney Flora Abner-Wilson (13)
    -DS2: Ezra Fischer Abner-Wilson (11)
    -DAS1: Beck Fletcher Abner-Wilson (8)

    Gwendolen Mae (Wilson) Spencer (40) "Gwen"
    DexH: Seth Justin Lim (42)
    -DS1: Logan Tyler Lim (19)
    -DBF: Clint Peter Allegra (20) - Long Term
    -DD1: Kayla Noelle Lim (15)
    DexH: Ian Gabriel Spencer (40)
    DBF: Jay Benjamin Jessup (39) - Long Term
    -DSS1: Cole James Jessup (15)
    -DS2: Lexie Lauren Jessup (7)
    -DS3/DD2: Bryce Cameron Jessup and Harper Ella Jessup (4)
    -DD3: Meg Isobel Jessup (3)

    Margaret Sage (Wilson) Eilwys (40) "Meg"
    DH: Collin Balder Eilwys (40)
    -DS1/DD1: Lauren Emily Eilwys and Rowan Christopher Eilwys (10)
    -DS2/DS3: Jonathan Theo Eilwys and Simon Hunter Eilwys (8)
    -DD2: Brynn Audrey Eilwys (5)

    Eve Katherine Wilson-Beacon (39)
    DW: Anne Elizabeth Wilson-Beacon (40)
    -DAS1: Clark Kwasi Wilson-Beacon (22)
    -DW: Paige Lianne Wilson-Beacon (24)
    --DD1: Anna Molly Wilson-Beacon (4) "Annie"
    --DD2: Lucille Julie Wilson-Beacon (2) "Lucie"
    -DAS2: August Sullivan Wilson-Beacon (17)
    -DS2: Harrison Sage Wilson-Beacon (12)
    -DD1: Matilda Felicity Wilson-Beacon (11)
    -DS3: Dashiell Lowrie Wilson-Beacon (3)
    -DD2: Madeleine Sarah Wilson-Beacon (2)
    -DD3: Adelaide Sadie Wilson-Beacon (nb)

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    DW: Lily Claire Newton
    DH: Adam Henry Joan

    DS: Caleb Henry [46]
    -DW: Katharine Piper Jude [40] "Kate"
    --DS: Finley Conan Joan [13] "Finn"
    --DD: Lucy Malia Joan [12]
    --DD: Grace Christina Joan [8]
    --DS: Marcus Wyatt Joan [7] "Marc"
    --DS: Thomas Matthew Joan [5] "Tom"
    --DD: Anna Estella Joan [3]
    --DD: Hanna Aisling Joan [1]
    --DS: Theodore Bruno Joan [nb] "Teddy"

    DD: Anna Hazel [45]
    -DXBF [st]: Hugo Easton Cameron [51]
    --DD: Charlotte Elizabeth Cameron-Joan [20] "Charlie"
    ---DH: Remington Caden Evans [23] "Remy"
    -DH: Niall Asa James-Curtis [45]
    --DS: Nathan Eli James-Curtis-Joan [12] "Nate"
    --DD: Molly Harper James-Curtis-Joan [9]
    --DS: Benjamin Hugh James-Curtis-Joan [4]
    --DD: Darcy Mercedes James-Curtis-Joan [1]
    --DD: June Alexa James-Curtis Joan [1]

    DD: Lucy Caroline [42]
    -DH: Caswell Mathias Roman [43]
    --DD/DD: Eleanor Matilda Roman/Margot Joanna Roman [12]
    --DS: Henry William Roman [10]
    --DD: Lily Stella Roman [7]
    --DD: Maisie Florence Roman [4]
    --DS: Owen Miles Roman [4]

    DD: Elizabeth Katharine [41] "Beth"
    -DH: Maddox Anders Renate [40]
    --DD: Natalie Claire Renate-Joan [19]
    ---DBF (st): Caspar David Payton [19] "Cas"
    ----DD: Piper Stella Payton [1]
    --DS: Benjamin Eli Renate-Joan [19] "Ben"
    ---DGF (st): Darcy Madeleine Clementina [19]
    --DD: May Charlotte Renate-Joan [15]
    --DS: Noah John Renate-Joan [9]
    --DD: Colette Arianna Renate-Joan [7]

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    LN: Seymour

    DH: Lincoln Ross (67)
    DW: Zoey Harper (66)

    DS: Ethan Ford (45) [md]
    --S: Mathias Carlisle "Matt" (23) -son with first wife-
    --D: Charlotte Octavia "Lottie" (23) -daughter with first wife-
    --D: Elina Zoe "Lina" (22) -daughter with first wife-
    -LTGF: Cecilia Augusta Mills "Cece" (39)
    --Laura Jade (9)

    DS: Henry Frederick (44)
    -DW: Samara Xena Madrigal "Sammi" (41)
    --S: Jared Todd (15)
    --S: Roman Nazar (1)
    --S: Coda Bentley (1)
    --D: Gertie Marina (nb)

    DD: Rowan Stella (43)
    --S: Holden Asher Seymour-Caleb (23) -son with ex-fiance-
    ---DW: Leighton Trixie (nee Camry) (22)
    ----S: Clark Ethan Seymour (nb)
    --D: Daisy Jo Seymour-Caleb (20) -daughter with ex-fiance-
    --S: Ian Scott Seymour-Caleb (20) -son with ex-fiance-
    ---W: Lilya Marina (nee Harrison)
    ----S: Thomas Joep Seymour "TJ" (2)
    ----S: Jackson Davis Seymour "Jack" (nb)
    --D: Ava Lyn Seymour-Draco (16) -daughter with second ex-fiance-
    --D: Navy Kiri Seymour-Draco (15) -daughter with second ex-fiance-
    -DH: Austin Bear Columba (43)
    --S (stepson): Taylor Josh Columba (13)
    --S (stepson): Hunter Rhys Columba (12)
    --D: Danielle Jane "Dani" Columba (6)

    DS: Brendan Bo (42)
    --S: Hayden Blaize O'Callaghan-Seymour (23) -had with ex-gf-
    ---W: Adelaide Eloise "Addie" (nee Karma)
    -W: London Stella (mn: Carley) (32)
    --S: Callias Damien "Cal" (19)
    ---W: Lissa Tora Tane "Lis" (19)
    ----D: Della Phyllis Seymour (1)
    --S: Declan Jason "DJ" (16)
    --AD: Zarrah Josephine (13)
    --D: Kayla Dawn (10)
    --D: Melanie Beth (7)
    --D: Zuri Laelia (6)
    --D: Emmy Grace (5)

    DD: Bethenny Danielle (41)
    --D: Haydee Taryn McDonaldson (22) -daughter she had with ex-husband-
    ---DH: Micah James Bailey (24)
    ----S: Westen Jet (nb)
    -DH: Cullen Brady Milo (35)
    --S: Ezekial Cullen "Kyle" Milo (10)
    --D: Emily Jemma Milo (10)
    --D: Sophie Payton Milo (10)
    --D: Luna Tory Milo (7)
    --D: Sari Quinn Milo (7)
    --D: Kylie Laila Milo (4)

    DD: Sara Jo (41)
    --D: Lydia Juliet Seymour (21) -had with ex-husband-
    ---stBF: Daniel Luke Hadley "Danny" (27)
    ----D: Ingrid Jordan Hadley (2)
    ----D: Jane Morgan Hadley (nb)
    -DH: Niall Mark Cooley (36)
    --D: Hannah Iris (18)
    --D: Parisa Brinley "Paris" (17)
    --D: Laura Dessa (16)
    --AS: Caden Jack (14)

    DD: Emilie Carolina (40) (bi)
    --S: Calum River Bunny-Seymour (14) -daughter with ex-girlfriend via donor-
    --D: Bambi Coco Bunny-Seymour (10) -daughter with ex-girlfriend via donor-
    -F: Amelie Charmaine Maeve (24)
    --D: Britt Gemma Maeve-Seymour (1)
    --D: Halle Laura Maeve-Seymour (1)

    DS: Liam Anthony (39)
    --D: Maia Laverna Seymour (24) -daughter with 1st ex-gf-
    ---DH: Logan Finn Daphne (24)
    --D: Hazel Sadie Seymour (23) -daughter with 1st ex-gf-
    ---DH: Aleksy Ruslin Torres "Alek" (22)
    --D: Lyla Rose Seymour (22) -daughter with 1st ex-gf-
    ---F: Greyson Mark Nilsson (26)
    --D: Phoebe Madeline Seymour (19) -daughter with 2nd ex-gf-
    --D: Gracie Dahlia (17) -daughter with 2nd ex-gf-
    --D: Marley Rose (15) -daughter with 2nd ex-gf-
    -W: Cassia Bella "Cassie" (27)
    --D: Coco Hardy (5)
    --D: Rosemary Ella "Rosie" (3)
    --D: Poppy Kate (2)
    --S: Jayson Rhett (1)

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