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    Great Lakes State
    Mattisyn - Madison
    Rhynaie - Renee
    Typhani - Tiffany
    Wezlee - Wesley

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    I worked at a children's portrait studio for a year in 2003-04. I encountered anywhere from 5 to 30 kids a day, and there were some doozies. I made a running list so I would never forget them. Here are a few of my faves. Or should I say, phaves?

    Kyleeigh (yes, an extra e)
    Seirra (the mom was 18. She said, "I made up the spelling. It's pronounced like Sierra. Does it make sense?" I explained to her why it did not.)
    Xzjhaianna - pronounced zhy-AH-nuh. No I am not making this up.
    Da'Qualen - this was tattooed on the mother's neck
    Imunique - pronounced "I'm unique." Da'Qualen's newborn sister. No I am not making this up.
    Khloe & Kennady - twins
    Teyona - pr. like Tiana
    Logyn - lots of girl Logyns
    Kaleena & Kaedyn - sibs
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    Name Nerds gives you the most popular names with combined spellings, and it's crazy to see the alternate spellings given to kids.

    And, if you count them all up, the top ten for girls shakes up to be: Sophia, Isabella, Olivia, Emma, Chloe, Emily, Ava, Abigail, Madison and Kaylee.

    Here are some of the craziest spellings of these names:

    Sophiah, Sofija, Sopheya
    Esabella, Ezabella, Izahbella, Isabelah
    Aliviyah, Alevia, Aalyvia, Ellivia
    Emah, Ema
    Khloi, Kloye, Chole, Cloee
    Emmaleigh, Emely (actually the second most used spelling), Emylie, Emelee
    Aiva, Aeva, Aava
    Abigaille, Abigahil, Abigayelle, Abigial
    Madsen, Madisun, Madesyn, Mattisyn
    The worst of them all...
    Keylii (Five girls), Kaeli (45), Kaile (12), Kayle (105), Kayleigh (1227), Kleigh (17) Kayly (16) Klee (15), Khaylee (7)

    I don't think I will burden you with knowing that five parents forgot the the first vowel in Mkaylah and Kdynz a piece. Or that the names we all use on the forums of examples on names gone wrong like Kynadie have actually been used. And the parents of Sthefany must have a lisp.

    On the boys' side, we have Aidan and Jayden reigning supreme, followed by Jacob, Jackson, Mason, Caden, Michael, William, Ethan and Noah. But the spellings proudly announce to the world why America is 25th in education. And, I announce that the boys names on girls has inspired a new trend: boys' names misspelled to look like girls' names. And, I guess Mrckn Nglsh Lst ts vwls.

    Aydn, Adon, Aideyn, Ayiden, Aaiden
    Jhaiden, Jeadon, Jdyn (Ten boys who don't have vowels), Jden (you forget a letter), Jaedynne
    Jakub, Jacub, Jaikob, Jakeob
    Jaxson, Jaxzen, Jaxn
    Maesyn, Maycin, Maisyn, Macen
    Caydn, Kydn, Kden, Keidyn, Khaden, Khaidyn
    Micahel, Mykaeel
    Eathen, Ethon, Eathin, Eithen
    Knoah, Noha

    Who needs vowels? Jaymz, Jayms and Mylz don't think so. Surprisingly, Thomas, Charles and Robert aren't tampered with, but other classics like Alexander and Andrew come out Alyxandr and Anjrue. Biblical names aren't unscathed, with Kahlyb and Joshwa.

    The top 100 looks a lot different when you account for all these different spellings.
    ~lucy reine~
    ~ celestine eira ~ mary simona ~ elizabeth echo "ellie" ~ eleanor maeve "lena" ~ vivienne isla ~ celia matilda "cici" ~ catherine aiko "rin" ~ elsa verity ~
    ~ jasper red ~ evander lachlan 'evan'~ kai nicholas ~ ezra link ~ avery thomas ~ michael satoshi "mischa" ~ finn jeremias ~ ezekiel hayden ~ alexander rowan "sacha" ~
    guilty pleasures
    ~ tisiphone aria ~ alecto elpis ~ miya lucida ~ addison matteo ~ corinthian tidus ~

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    Baby girl due on June 20, 2016

    Alice - Beatrix - Clara - Daphne - Jane - Lydia - Susannah - Violet

    August - Darcy - Everett - Frederick - George - Henry - James - Rupert

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    God, some people are just massive bogans, aren't they?!
    Baby girl due on June 20, 2016

    Alice - Beatrix - Clara - Daphne - Jane - Lydia - Susannah - Violet

    August - Darcy - Everett - Frederick - George - Henry - James - Rupert

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