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    If You Had Six Children?

    If you had six children what would you name them all? If you had four girls and two boys and they were all two years apart? First you had your three girls all two years apart, then two years later you had two little boys they were both two years apart, then again two years later you had a baby girl your last child?

    Shannen Moira
    Heather Michele
    Vada Margaret
    Albert Franklin
    Macaulay Miles
    Haley Joelle

    Shannen, Heather, Vada, Albert, Macaulay and Haley

    Have Fun Naming Your Six Kids!!!
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    Jonathan Michael ~ Lucas Daniel ~ Stuart Grant ~ Edmund Alexander ~ River Geoffrey ~ Corey Dean ~ Dylan Anthony ~ Tyler Matthew ~ Emerson Paul ~ Julian Atticus ~ David Everett ~ Alexander Finn.

    Heather Michele ~ Haley Josephine ~ Mallory Louise ~ Ashley June ~ Dakota May ~ Michelle Elizabeth ~ Adelaide Rose ~ Renee Lucille ~ Everly Claire ~ Sydney Anne ~ Bridget Elise ~ Thea Judith.

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    The (Inconsistent) Blog: The Great Puzzle

    Amaryllis Josephine Dove (Lilly) * Holiday Elizabeth Kate (Holly)

    Phineas Orlando Jack (Finn) * Caspian Apollo Gray (Cash)

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    Ah, I find boys' names easier so this gender imbalance is not playing to my strengths.

    Mary Eleanor
    Catherine Hope
    Louise Charlotte
    Francis Paul
    Theodore Samuel
    Joanna Beatrice

    Mary, Cat, Louise, Frankie, Teddy, and Joanna
    Julia Catherine

    history student and lifelong name nerd

    Mary|Catherine {Cat/Catlin}|Rose
    Eulalia, Louise, Anna, Aoife, Charlotte, Margaret, Nadezhda

    Joseph {Joe/Joey}|Francis {Frankie}|Alexander {Sasha}
    Nathan, David, Luke, James, August, Eliot, Leo, Frederick, Felix

    long | lists

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    We've finally decided that we're waiting for Peter or Hope.

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