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    Name that ends in the same sound

    Do you think these names flow poorly?

    Ivy Shelley
    Winnie Shelley
    Lucie Shelley

    I have so many pretty names on my list that end in the E sound, but do does my last name. Off limits?
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    Sounds fine plus you have middle names 2 ,
    Ivy Shelley flows fine
    Winnie Shelley is really cute if it bothers you you could always us a longer version with Winnie as a NN
    Lucie Shelley sounds a little off to me Lucia Shelley lucinda Shelley sound flow better I think
    I guess it depends on who you ask though

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    I think the two-syllable names you have listed do sound awkward. But a longer name would be fine, for example Calliope Shelley. But then again, Mary Shelley and Percy Shelley were both famous writers and people don't seem to make a fuss over the flow of their names. :P
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