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    Names at the bottom?

    So I've been on name berry for a little bit of time & I've noticed that some people have their favorite names at the bottom of all their posts as a type of signature. I think this is really cool and was wondering how I would do this. Any answers appreciated. Thanks!

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    Somewhere below the header, but above the forums posts you should see a few options labeled Notifications, My Profile, and Settings.

    Click on settings. Once you're there, on the left hand side of your page, there should be a subheading labeled My Settings. Underneath is a button that you can click and it will take you to a page where you can edit your signature.

    I hope this was clear enough
    Scarlet Meredith
    Coraline Anastasia . Helena Roxanne . Luna Helene
    GP✨ Callisto Arabella . Sansa Vesper

    ✧✨✧🌙 ✧✨✧
    Laurence Victor "Law"
    Asa Caspian . Casper Jude . Leo Caspian
    GP✨ Caspian Altair . Casper Valentine

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    Thank you!

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