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    Is Romulus too tragic?

    I love this name- the way it sounds, the way it looks , the strength it conveys and the way it sounds with my other favourites, especially Inigo.
    However, is the mythology behind it just too tragic to use? I know names such as Ophelia and Juliette are now in common use despite having a tragic background, but I worry that the one to Romulus is too sinister.
    Would love to hear thoughts!
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    I don't associate Romulus with tragedy at all. I think the story behind it is more "ancient mythos" than readily apparent in pop culture, like Romeo/Juliet, so most people wouldn't think "ooh, sinister background story there" upon hearing Romulus. Unless they happened to be extremely into history/mythology maybe.

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    When I think of Romulus I immediately link it to Harry Potter which may or may not be a good thing depending on your view. I think it sounds too clunky like naming your child Hades or something, it's odd yet too.... unheard of but if that is what you're going for or don't mind that then sure
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    I agree with perrygirl - I associate it with myth rather than tragedy. I do think it sounds a little pretentious though - no offense.

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