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    Unpopular Name Opinions

    Does anyone else here have an unpopular opinion on a name? Like do you like a name most people don't, of dislike a name most people like?
    Please kindly share here, and respect other people's opinions.

    Mine are:
    I actually like the name Jaxon- it's my favorite boy name in fact

    I don't mind K for C switches, though I can see the Kardashian association.

    While they're not my favorites, I don't find the ayden names annoying at all.
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    I hate the name Tess. People on here seem to love it but sounds soooooo 70s to me. Like Janet or something.

    Ugh I hate it.
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    I just tend to dislike popular/trendy names... like the Isabelle/a craze... It's not that it's a bad name, it's just that there are so many little girls being named that. Emma is another good example right now.

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    I dislike quite a few "Nameberry faves." They're boring, imo.

    Monty Hugh
    Stella Mattie

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    Well.. I heavily dislike the name Beatrice (and variations). I don't see the appeal at all, but everybody at Nameberry seem to love it.

    I really like Aiden/Aidan, but am not fond of the variations (Jayden, Kayden, Zayden etc).
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