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    Help! John Arthur + Sylvia Maeve

    I have many names that I like and even some that I absolutely love Oliver + Olive, for example both of which don't seem usable with my must have middle name choices and my difficult surname Foote, pronounced foot.

    I've decided on the middle names John Arthur for a boy which are the names of both of my grandfathers, for a while I thought of using Oliver John Arthur and having 3 middle names but I want the baby to have an even number of names and 4 middle names, 6 names total might be a bit much.

    I've decided on the middle names Sylvia Maeve for a girl, Sylvia is my great grandmother's name. Maeve is in honour of my best friend who's middle name and preferred name to go by was Mae.

    I have a very all over the place style when it comes to names. I like the quirky Arrow + Maple, the old fashioned Etta + Frederick, the traditional Henry, the known but uncommon Callum. I adore word names but they are difficult with my surname. I adore names in the top 1000 Freya + Margot and out of the top 1000 Poppy + Caspian. I however cannot seem to nail down the perfect first names for John Arthur + Sylvia Maeve.

    What would your suggestions/choices be?

    ______ John Arthur Foote
    ______ Sylvia Maeve Foote
    rowan john arthur

    callum oliver james

    rowan sylvia maeve

    calla ottilie

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