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Thread: Gender Benders!

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    Gender Benders!

    What are your opinions on gender bender names (unisex?)
    I was watching a Youtube Video and they were doing gender bender names. Here are what they said

    Boy names that suit girls:

    Girl names that suit boys:

    What are your favorites and least favorites from these lists? Would you ever use a gender bender name on your child? Why or why not?

    As most of you know, I LOVE names that used to be strictly boy names and that are now going to the girls. Like Madison, Vivian, Courtney, Ashley, Shelby, Aubrey, Loren, Mackenzie (♥♥♥), Morgan. ect.
    Girly Girls :: Lorraine Alice || Glenna Judith || Patricia Ann || Audrey Jean || Judith Christine ||

    Boyish Boys :: David Walter || Aubrey Mark || Maverick Jon || Gideon Robert || Darby Allen || Elijah Shepard || Vincent Drake || Whitney Castle || Mark Allen || Jameson Laurie ||

    Future Siblings: David Walter, Mark Allen, Lorraine Alice, Patricia Ann & Judith Christine

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    Well, their gender-bender names for boys make me laugh as most of them are traditionally male names that have just wandered over to the girls, so they're not, in any way, gender benders to the boy side.
    Isn't it sad, that for girls they used all these male choices, but no one even thought of putting a traditionally female name on the boys list?!

    From their lists I don't like any for the girls but Kai as it does seem to be a word name in Hawaiian and therefore unisex (unless it actually has a gender).

    Girl names that suit boys:
    Clare - is a dimiutive of a boys name as well as the English version of Claire, it's the closest they get to a girls name on the boys' list
    Bela - a traditional boy' name, it doesn't make sense to be on a gender bender list, it is also not pronounced like Bella
    Madison - doesn't the -son ending indicate that it is a boys' name?
    Vivian - this spelling was exclusively male for the most time of it's usage, not really a gender bender name either, Vivienne on the other hand would be
    Caley - is not even a real name
    Courtney - became popular as a girls' name in he 70s, so not a gender bender name to the boys
    Ashley - I'm repeating myself
    Harlow - doesn't have a clear gender yet
    Piper - as a given name it's very modern so I wouldn't give it a gender yet
    Wynn - is masculine already
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    looking for second middles:
    Rose Wilhelmina / Penelope Ada / Flora Charlotte

    already loving:
    Elliott Victor Frederick / Ophelia Rosalind Clara / Hugo Kasimir Edmund / Arthur Caspian Henry

    when they're little:
    Rosie, Pippa, Fleur, Ottie, Elphie, Huey & Artie

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    Honestly this is a tough one. I always think of a boy named sue when I think about this. As far as boys names on girls... Anything goes. At least in most cultures. Infact in Ancient Greece girls didn't get their own names just their fathers feminized... Mostly... I mean you can name your daughter Max, Theo, Frank & Roger and it will just be ok, people will initially say hmm boys name but move on. For boys there is this thing more people than not want their sons name to be a bit boyish and to not have to explain not a girl all the time. Unisex names are great for boys, but while there are pleanty of unisex names there are also many boys names that have become girls names, and no longer feel unisex to most people. Lane & scout & Riley are all safely unisex though. Its a tough one to say you'd want to take a name that screams girl and name your son. That said I'm
    Aware that comes across as sexist and its mostly an observation on how a child will be received in our world than my own personal feelings.

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    I like boys names, so I highly doubt I would ever use a traditionally girls name on a boy.

    However, I really want to use a boys name on a girl, but most message boards I go to when I suggest the names I like make me feel horrible about it. Someone even told me I might as well abuse my child...

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    I like Jonah on a girl

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