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    I've got a few German names to suggest! (name - german meaning)
    Arabel - Beautiful eagle
    Kari - Strong, melody, song
    Adelheide - Sweet, noble
    Ada -Joyful
    Geralyn - Rules by the spear
    Selda - Famous warrior
    Myna - Love
    Alyda - Ancient
    Landra - Counselor
    Malory - War counselor
    Friede - Peace, joy
    Adal - Sweet, noble
    Adalicia - Of the nobility
    Aili - Sweet (also means "light" in Irish)
    Albertyne - Intelligent
    Aldona - Archaic
    Aloisa - Famous warrior
    Alva - White
    Antonie - Priceless
    Ediline - Gracious
    Delmira - Noble protector
    Elfrida - Peaceful ruler
    Emerson - Son of Emery
    Ethelinda - Noble serpent (alternative: Ethelinde)
    Etta - Keeper of the hearth, ruler of the home
    Evon - Varient of Yvonne, archer
    Evony - Archer, varient of Yvonne
    Freda - Peaceful ruler (alternative: Frieda)
    Gerda - Protected
    Greta - Pearl
    Gretchen - Little pearl
    Griselde - Grey battle maiden (alternative: Griselda)
    Halfrid: Peaceful heroine
    Hilde - Defending battle maiden
    Ida - Diligent, hard working
    Idalia - Diligent
    Ilsa - German version of Elizabeth (alternative: Ilse)
    Irma - Strength, universal, complete
    Isa - Strong willed
    Irmina - War goddess (alternative: Irmine)
    Isolde - Ice ruler, rules the ice (alternative: Isolda)
    Karlotta - Tiny, feminine
    Käthe - Pure
    Kikka - Mistress of all
    Kyrilla - From male name Cyril
    Leopolda - Of the people
    Leopoldina - Varient of Leopolda
    Leopoldine - Varient of Leopolda
    Liesl - My God is bountiful, God of plenty
    Liezel - God of plenty
    Lisette - Devoted to God
    Lorita - Refers to the laurel or sweet bay tree, symbolic of honor and victory
    Mariel - Bitter, diminutive of Maria
    Marion - Bitter, diminutive of Mary and Marian
    Nadette - The courage of a bear
    Nelke - Carnation; flower name
    Renate - Rebirth
    Rilla - Brook
    Rille - Alternative version of Rilla
    Romy - Bitter rose
    Telsa - Northern German variation of Elizabeth
    Theophaneia - People's ruler
    Ulalia - Bright mind, bright spirit
    Venetia - Courage of a bear
    Verna - Sacred wisdom
    Wilhemina - Resolute, peaceful
    Xyliana - Famous in battle
    Zemirah - Blessed, happy in life

    I'll probably be back with some boy names later.
    >>favourite/gp names;;
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    Amaranthine should be on here. (: One of my guilty pleasures I'm addicted to.

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