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    Another Generation Game!

    I like generation games so much, I made another one! If you guys like, I can post another one even If you want to include a maiden name for the sons wifes, that's fine.

    LN: J
    DH(86): J
    DW(84): S

    DS1(56): RA
    DW(52): OW
    DD1(23): JA
    DS1 (20): DP

    DD1(50): JS
    DH(52): M (LN: A)
    DD1(17): SJ
    DD2 (14): AM
    DS1(11): PD

    DD2(49): JA
    DH(52): A (LN:H)
    DS1(6): PR
    DS2 (3): IA
    DD1(NB): FJ

    DS2(35): SJ
    DW(32): RW
    DD1(4): DN
    DD2(2): CA
    Favorites: Miranda Morgan, Charity Lisa, Winter Rose, Violet Eve, Anastasia Sophia, Elijah James

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    LN: Jensen
    DH(86): Jack
    DW(84): Scarlett

    DS1(56): Robert Atticus 'Rob'
    DW(52): Odele Winifred
    DD1(23): Jamie Adelynn
    DS1 (20): Damien Paul

    DD1(50): June Scarlett
    DH(52): Matthew (LN: Abbott)
    DD1(17): Sophie Jade
    DD2 (14): Addison Marley
    DS1(11): Parker Dominic

    DD2(49): Jacqueline Ava 'Jackie'
    DH(52): Andrew (LN:Harlow)
    DS1(6): Philip Ryan
    DS2 (3): Isaac Aiden
    DD1(NB): Franklyn Jensen

    DS2(35): Samuel Jacob 'Sam'
    DW(32): Rhiannon Willamina
    DD1(4): Delilah Noah
    DD2(2): Caileigh Ashton
    Top Favorite: Elsie Gene & Conner Eugene
    Girls: Nala Hope, Adelynn Evie, Sophie Graciela, Marley Rose, Lux Isabeau, Alva Poppy, August Lilly
    Boys: Conner Atticus, Henry Scott, Liam Thomas, Jesse Milo, Jack Matthew, Max Nicolas, Colten Angel

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    LN: Jovanovic
    DH (86): John Claire Jovanovic
    DW (84): Shirley Phylis (Valsamis) Jovanovic

    DS1 (56): Robert Allen "Robb" Jovanovic
    DW (52): Olivia Willa "Liv" (Zoldak) Jovanovic
    DD1 (23): Jennifer Amber "Jenny" Jovanovic
    DS1 (20): Daniel Patrick "Danny" Jovanovic

    DD1 (50): Julie Sharon (Jovanovic) Acosta
    DH (52): Michael Lyman "Mike" Acosta
    DD1 (17): Samantha Jasmine "Sammi" Acosta
    DD2 (14): Alyssa Morgan Acosta
    DS1 (11): Paul Dakota Acosta

    DD2 (49): Jacqueline Ann "Jackie" (Jovanovic) Hawking
    DH (52): Albert Rayford "Bertie" Hawking
    DS1 (6): Parker Riley Hawking
    DS2 (3): Isaac Aaron Hawking
    DD1 (NB): Freya Jolene Hawking

    DS2 (35): Sean Jesse Jovanovic
    DW (32): Rebecca Wanda "Becca" (Abbott) Jovanovic
    DD1 (4): Dania Nola Jovanovic
    DD2 (2): Charlotte Amelia "Charlie" Jovanovic

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    Rhode Island
    DH(86): James Theodore Jackson.
    DW(84): Susan Elizabeth Jenkins (Troxell).

    DS1(56): Robert Anthony Jackson.
    DW(52): Ophelia Wilhelmine Jackson (Sadlers).
    DD1(23): Juliet Annabelle Jackson.
    DS1 (20): Declan Peter Jackson.

    DD1(50): June Susannah Asante (Jackson).
    DH(52): Matthew Arnold Asante.
    DD1(17): Samantha Jade Asante.
    DD2 (14): Ashley Michelle Asante.
    DS1(11): Phillip Daniel Asante.

    DD2(49): Jessica Anne Hardy (Jackson).
    DH(52): Andrew Marshall Hardy.
    DS1(6): Piper Ronald Hardy.
    DS2 (3): Isaiah Alexander Hardy.
    DD1(NB): Fiona Jessamine Hardy.

    DS2(35): Samuel John Jackson.
    DW(32): Renee Willa Jackson (Krikorian).
    DD1(4): Dana Nicole Jackson.
    DD2(2): Cora Adelaide Jackson.

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    Joseph Edward Jennings (86) & Susanna Rose Jennings (Sue, 84)

    1. Richard Alexander Jennings (Rich, 56) & Odette Winona Jennings (52)

    1. Josephine Adelaide Jennings (Josie, 23)
    2. David Peter Jennings (Dave, 20)

    2. Julia Susanna Abrams (50) & Martin Frederick Abrams (Marty, 52)

    1. Sarah Jeanette Abrams (17)
    2. Allison Marie Abrams (Ally, 14)
    3. Paul Daniel Abrams (11)

    3. Jillian Abigail Hammerstein (Jill, 49) & Arthur Norman Hammerstein (Art, 52)

    1. Parker Rylan Hammerstein (6)
    2. Ian Arlo Hammerstein (3)
    3. Fiona Jade Hammerstein (newborn)

    4. Samuel Joseph Jennings (Sam, 35) & Rhea Weronika Jennings (32)

    1. Demeter Nola Jennings (Demi, 4)
    2. Chloe Artemis Jennings (2)
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    -William Shakespeare-

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