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    All the best,

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    My favourites are:
    Charles Tristram Albert (I love Tristram!)
    Anselm Charles Fitzwilliam
    Alastair Benedict (I like the "straight out of a history book" feel I get from this)
    Conrad Ernest (love Ernest!)
    Patrick Stewart George
    Blake Laurent

    There were definitely less on this list where I liked the whole combo. There are many nice individual names, though.
    Name aficionada, traveller, teacher, wonderfully enamoured
    Sela Beatrix, Adelaide Flora, Vivian Lilac, Orchid Minerva, Audrey Cordelia
    Opal, Zinnia, Sefora, Leire, Nuria, Freya

    Bastian Liher, Gideon Felix, Fletcher Atlas, Ephraim Grey, Joscelin Amos
    Eneko, Ekhi, Bruno, Oriol, Earnest, Ivor

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    I generally like the ones that sound historic too. I think I should have included Wilfred as one that is showing up more frequently too. My favorites are:

    Charles Tristram Albert - love Tristram
    Anselm Charles Fitzwilliam - like Anselm and with the Fitzwilliam, this sounds like a Jane Austen name
    Willoughby Edward James - I'm starting to like Willoughby as as way to get to Will
    James Ranald Edward - Ranald makes this name to me
    Benedict Christian Hanslip - I really like Benedict nn Ben, but I'm not sure how useable it is in the US
    Ivo Alexander Ninian - although Ivo is not one of my faves, I love this combination
    Wilfred Alec Ferrand - Wilfred nn Fred is growing on me and I love this combination
    Ranulph Alec Valentino - Ranulph is a great British history name
    Wilfred Piers John - See love for Wilfred above-- Piers brings the history to this name
    Hector Dashiell Camac - The classical Hector is growing on me and I like this combined with Dashiell
    Ralph Cosmo - love this combination - very cool
    James Deo - I like Deo as a mn, it makes this combination pop

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    I really like these, and even LOVE some totally and completely:

    Charles Tristram Albert - Yay for Tristram!
    Anselm Charles Fitzwilliam - ...and for Anselm
    Archie Scout - Very very cute
    Conrad Ernest
    Bertie Pepys Willie -I laighed out loud when I read this, but it's totally growing on me. If I ever have a son...
    Ivo Alexander Ninia - Ivo! Ninia!
    Wilfred Alec Ferrand
    Hector Dashiell Camac - Love this! Hector and Dashiell brought together...
    Rex James Lartigue
    Milo Frederick Ignatius
    Wilfred Piers John
    Elliot George Dawnay
    Ernest Merlin

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