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    Pascoe or Roscoe?

    Title says it all. "P" and "R" are two of my favorite name letters, and I'm having the hardest time deciding which I like best.

    Comments? Thoughts?
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    I'm honestly not a fan of either, but if I had to pick, I'd choose Roscoe. I've never heard of Pascoe before.
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    I've only ever heard Pascoe as a last name, but that applies to many names these days. I really like Roscoe!! It's very cute and hopefully by now the dukes of hazzard connection is long gone ?!

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    I love both names but Pascoe is slightly my favourite. Pascoe is a Cornish name for Pascal ("Easter"). I used to watch a British detective series called "Dalziel and Pascoe" so I'm quite familiar with the name (Pascoe was the young and handsome police detective). Both names would certainly be unusual choices.
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    Honestly I don't really like either.

    Pascoe would be a super cool dog name, but I don't like it for a person. Maybe Fasco?
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