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    depends on the day and the book...

    generation game with initials and some rules based on a branch of my family tree

    A generation game based on a branch of my family tree as of the year 1970

    last name: W

    DH: GW Sr. {75}
    DW: SM; maiden name: C {73}

    DS1: GW Jr. {50}
    DD1: MK (goes by middle name) {49}
    DD2: HA {47}
    DS2: FE Sr. {45}
    DD3: JE (goes by middle name) {43}
    DS3: DC (middle is DW's maiden name) {40}
    DD4: SA {35}


    DS1: {50}
    -DW: EB; maiden name: B {49}

    --DD1: NE (middle is same as DD3{43}'s) {28}
    --DD2: BE (goes by middle name) {22}
    --DD3: MK (goes by nickname of middle name) {19}
    --DD4: MB (goes by middle name) {17}


    --DD1: {28}
    ---DH: RD;last name: B {28}

    ----DS1: AD (middle is same as DH's) {6}
    ----DD1: KA {4}
    ----DD2: NL (first is same as DD1{28}'s) {5}
    ----DS2: MW {newborn}


    --DD2: {22}
    ---DH: RT;last name: N {23}

    ----DS1: RT (first is same as DH's) {1}


    DD1: {49}
    -DH: WH;last name: B

    --twinDD1: AM (name rhymes with twin's) {28}
    --twinDD2: LL (name rhymes with twin's) {28}
    --DS1: WC (first is same as DH's, goes by middle name) {26}
    --DS2: LE {23}


    --twinDD1: {28}
    ---DH: WT;last name: W {29}

    ----DS1: SL {5}
    ----DD1: SA {2}


    --twinDD2: {28}
    ---DH: RJ;last name: E {28}

    ----DS1: KH {3}
    ----DD1: DE {1}


    --DS1: {26}
    ---DW: RR; maiden name: L {26}

    ----DD1: RY {newborn}


    DD2: {47}
    -DH: RW Sr.; last name: W {41}

    --DS1: RW Jr. {16}
    --DS2: DC {11}


    DS2: {45}
    -DW: RC (goes by middle name);maiden name: T {38}

    --DD1: LC (middle is a diminutive of DW's middle) {18}
    --DS1: FE Jr. {13}


    DD3: {43}
    -exDH: GV;last name: J {45}

    --DS1: JC (middle is DW{73}'s maiden name; he takes his mother's maiden name as his last instead of his father's) {26}

    -DH: RD;last name: S {41}

    --DD1: SS (first name is spelling variation of DW{73}'s name) {deceased}
    --DD2: HA (name is same as DD2{47}'s) {18}
    --DD3: AJ {15}
    --DS2: DW {13}
    --DS3: RD {12}


    --DS1: {26}
    ---DW: PF;maiden name: B {26}

    ----DS1: WJ {4}
    ----DS2: MN {newborn}


    DS3: {40}
    -DW: JL;maiden name: P {31}

    --DD1: DK {8}
    --DS1: KA {6}
    --DD2: KE {2}


    DD4: {35}
    -DH: CF;last name: B {37}

    --DD1: LS {7}
    --DS1: CA (first name is same as DH's, goes by nickname of middle name) {5}
    Lovely Ladies: Astrid. Eulalia. Florence. Mae. Thisbe.
    Fine Fellows: Atticus. Eliot. Gideon. Tobias. Quincey.

    {crushing on Zephyrine "Zephie" & Leon}

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    DH (75): Greggory Ward Wingate, Sr.
    DW (73): Suzanne Marilyn *Clemmons* Wingate "Suzy"
    DS1 (50): Greggory Ward Wingate, Jr. "Gregg"
    DD1 (49): Marilyn Kaye Wingate "Kaye"
    DD2 (47): Heather Anne Wingate
    DS2 (45): Frederick Ernest Wingate, Sr. "Fred"
    DD3 (43): Jacqueline Elaine Wingate "Elaine"
    DS3 (40): David Clemmons Wingate "Dave"
    DD4 (35): Sandra Arlene Wingate "Sandy"

    DS1 (50): Greggory Ward Wingate, Jr. "Gregg"
    DW (49): Evelyn Brenda *Barnett* Wingate
    -DD (28): Natalie Elaine *Wingate* Bishop
    --DH (28): Ryan Daniel Bishop
    ---DS (6): Alexander Daniel Bishop "Alex"
    ---DD (4): Kennedi Addilyn Bishop
    ---DD (5): Natalie Lorraine Bishop "Raine"
    ---DS (nb): Maxwell Ward Bishop "Max"
    -DD (22): Bethany Elizabeth *Wingate* Newman "Lizzy"
    --DH (23): Robert Thomas Newman "Robby"
    ---DS (1): Robert Thomas Newman, Jr. "RJ"
    -DD (19): Margaret Katherine Wingate "Katie"
    -DD (17): Madison Brooke Wingate "Brooke"

    DD1 (49): Marilyn Kaye *Wingate* Brannon "Kaye"
    DH (51): William Harold Brannon "Bill"
    -DD (28): Abbie Michelle *Brannon* Weber
    --DH (29): Wilson Theodore Weber
    ---DS (5): Samson Lee Weber "Sam"
    ---DD (2): Sadie Abigail Weber
    -DD (28): Lillie Lucille *Brannon* Everett
    --DH (28): Reese Joseph Everett
    ---DS (3): Keaton Henry Everett
    ---DD (1): Delilah Eliana Everett "Lilah"
    -DS (26): William Charles Brannon "Charlie"
    --DW (26): Rebecca Rachel *Lanham* Brannon "Becca"
    ---DD (nb): Ryley Yvonne Brannon
    -DS (23): Logan Edward Brannon

    DD2 (47): Heather Anne *Wingate* Webster
    DH (41): Reginald Winston Webster, Sr. "Reggie"
    -DS (16): Reginald Winston Webster, Jr. "RJ"
    -DS (11): Davis Carter Webster

    DS2 (45): Frederick Ernest Wingate, Sr. "Fred"
    DW (38): Renee Catherine *Thurmon* Wingate "Cathy"
    -DD (18): Lydia Cate Wingate
    -DS (13): Frederick Ernest Wingate, Jr. "Freddie"

    DD3 (43): Jacqueline Elaine *Wingate* Stein "Elaine"
    ExDH (45): Griffin Vaughn Jennings "Griff"
    -DS (26): Jackson Clemmons Wingate "Jack"
    --DW (26): Penelope Faith *Baldwin* Wingate "Penny"
    ---DS (4): Wyatt Jackson Wingate
    ---DS (nb): Miles Nolan Wingate
    DH (41): Ronald Dean Stein "Ron"
    -DD (deceased): Savannah Susanne Stein
    -DD (18): Heather Anne Stein
    -DD (15): Addison Jane Stein "Addie"
    -DS (13): Davis William Stein
    -DS (12): Riley Daniel Stein

    DS3 (40): David Clemmons Wingate "Dave"
    DW (31): Jennifer Lynn *Pratt* Wingate "Jenny"
    -DD (8): Darcy Kaye Wingate
    -DS (6): Kyle Aidan Wingate
    -DD (2): Kelsey Elizabeth Wingate

    DD4 (35): Sandra Arlene *Wingate* Barnes "Sandy"
    DH (37): Charles Franklin Barnes "Charlie"
    -DD (7): Lainey Savannah Barnes
    -DS (5): Charles Alexander Barnes "Alex"

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    British Columbia
    last name: Watts

    DH: George Walter Sr. {75}
    DW: Susan Martina; maiden name: Cook {73}

    DS1: George Walter Jr. {50}
    DD1: Martina Katherine (goes by middle name) {49}
    DD2: Heloise Amelia {47}
    DS2: Frederick Edward Sr. {45}
    DD3: Jemima Esme (goes by middle name) {43}
    DS3: Dunstan Cook {40}
    DD4: Sabine Abigail {35}


    DS1: George Walter Jr. {50}
    -DW: Emma Beatrice; maiden name: Boyd {49}

    --DD1: Nina Esme {28}
    --DD2: Bryn Eliana (goes by middle name) {22}
    --DD3: Maren Kalindi "Kal" (goes by nickname of middle name) {19}
    --DD4: Margot Beatrix (goes by middle name) {17}


    --DD1: Nina Esme {28}
    ---DH: Robert Daniel;last name: Bennett {28}

    ----DS1: Andrew Daniel (middle is same as DH's) {6}
    ----DD1: Kate Amelia {4}
    ----DD2: Nina Louise (first is same as DD1{28}'s) {5}
    ----DS2: Matthew Walter {newborn}


    --DD2: Bryn Eliana {22}
    ---DH: Rowan Thomas;last name: Neederson {23}

    ----DS1: Rowan Theodore {1}


    DD1: Martina Katherine {49}
    -DH: William Hank;last name: Bell

    --twinDD1: Adriana Mary (name rhymes with twin's) {28}
    --twinDD2: Leana Lily (name rhymes with twin's) {28}
    --DS1: William Calvin (first is same as DH's, goes by middle name) {26}
    --DS2: Lionel Ezra {23}


    --twinDD1: Adriana Mary {28}
    ---DH: Wallace Timothy;last name: Waters {29}

    ----DS1: Simon Louis {5}
    ----DD1: Shannon Adele {2}


    --twinDD2: Leana Lily {28}
    ---DH: Roland James;last name: Early {28}

    ----DS1: Keiran Henry {3}
    ----DD1: Delaney Ella {1}


    --DS1: William Calvin {26}
    ---DW: Reece Rosanna; maiden name: Long {26}

    ----DD1: Rosemary Yarrow {newborn}


    DD2: Heloise Amelia {47}
    -DH: Raymond Walter Sr.; last name: W {41}

    --DS1: Raymond Walter Jr. {16}
    --DS2: David Charles {11}


    DS2: Frederick Edward {45}
    -DW: Rose Camille (goes by middle name);maiden name: Tate {38}

    --DD1: Leona Cami (middle is a diminutive of DW's middle) {18}
    --DS1: Frederick Edward Jr. {13}


    DD3: Jemima Esme (goes by middle name) {43}
    -exDH: Gerald Victor;last name: Jones {45}

    --DS1: John Cook (middle is DW{73}'s maiden name; he takes his mother's maiden name as his last instead of his father's) {26}

    -DH: Richard David;last name: Stark {41}

    --DD1: Suzanne Sadie (first name is spelling variation of DW{73}'s name) {deceased}
    --DD2: Heloise Amelia (name is same as DD2{47}'s) {18}
    --DD3: Antonia Juliet {15}
    --DS2: Desmond Walter {13}
    --DS3: Roland David {12}


    --DS1: John Cook {26}
    ---DW: Poppy Frances;maiden name: Ball {26}

    ----DS1: Will Jackson {4}
    ----DS2: Max Nolan {newborn}


    DS3: Dunstan Cook {40}
    -DW: Jane Lilia;maiden name: Pederson {31}

    --DD1: Delia Kate {8}
    --DS1: Kai Alistair {6}
    --DD2: Keziah Eleanor {2}


    DD4: Sabine Abigail {35}
    -DH: Charles Frank;last name: Belden {37}

    --DD1: Leonie Soleil {7}
    --DS1: Charles August "Gus" (first name is same as DH's, goes by nickname of middle name) {5}
    ~Adelaide ~ Octavia~ Eulalie~ Clementine~ Magnolia~ Coralie~ Josephine~
    ~Frederick~ Alistair~ Malachi~ Edward~Julian~ Nathaniel ~ Theodore~

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    me: Wilkerson

    DH: George William Sr. {75}
    DW: Sylvia Marie; maiden name: Carter{73}

    DS1: George William Wilkerson Jr. {50}
    DD1: Michelle Kathleen Wilkerson (*Kathleen*) {49}
    DD2: Heather Anne Wilkerson{47}
    DS2: Frank Elliott Wilkerson Sr. {45}
    DD3: Julia Elizabeth *Elizabeth* Wilkerson {43}
    DS3: Daniel Carter Wilkerson {40}
    DD4: Samantha Adrienne Wilkerson{35}


    DS1: {50} George William Wilkerson Jr.
    -DW: Emily Blair Wilkerson maiden name: Baker {49}

    --DD1: Nicole Elizabeth {28}
    --DD2: Blair Emily Wilkerson *Emily* {22}
    --DD3: Molly Kaitlin *Kate* Wilkerson {19}
    --DD4: Madison Brooke Wilkerson *Brooke* {17}


    --DD1: Nicole Elizabeth Wilkerson Bryant {28}
    ---DH: Ryan Daniel Bryant {28}

    ----DS1: Ashton Daniel Bryant {6}
    ----DD1: Kylie Ava Bryant {4}
    ----DD2: Nicole Lyla Bryant {5}
    ----DS2: Mason William Bryant {newborn}


    --DD2: {22} Blair Emily Wilkerson Nelson
    ---DH: Robert Tyler Nelson {23}

    ----DS1: Robert Tyler Nelson Jr. {1}


    DD1: {49} Michelle Kathleen Wilkerson *Kathleen* Branch
    -DH: Wesley Harris Branch

    --twinDD1: Ayla Michelle Branch {28}
    --twinDD2: Layla Lindsey Branch {28}
    --DS1: Wesley Carter *Carter* Branch {26}
    --DS2: Liam Elliot Branch {23}


    --twinDD1: {28} Ayla Michelle Branch Weston
    ---DH: William *Will* Thomas Weston {29}

    ----DS1: Sawyer Liam Weston {5}
    ----DD1: Sophie Annabelle Weston {2}


    --twinDD2: {28}Layla Lindsey Branch Edmond
    ---DH: Ryan James Edmond {28}

    ----DS1: Kyle Henry Edmond {3}
    ----DD1: Delilah Elaine Edmond {1}


    --DS1: {26} Wesley Carter Branch
    ---DW: Rachel Rose Larkin Branch {26}

    ----DD1: Rachel Yvonne Branch {newborn}


    DD2: {47} Heather Anne Wilkerson
    -DH: Richard Walter Sr.; last name: Wyatt {41}

    --DS1: Richard Walter Wyatt *Rich* Jr. {16}
    --DS2: Delilah Caroline Wyatt *Lila* {11}


    DS2: {45} Frank Elliot Wilkerson Sr.
    -DW: Robin Christine Taylor *Christine* Wilkerson {38}

    --DD1: Lauren Caitlyn Wilkerson *Caitlyn* {18}
    --DS1: Frank Elliot Wilkerson Jr. {13}


    DD3: {43} Julia Elizabeth *Elizabeth* Wilkerson ex-Jakowski Sutton
    -exDH: Grant Vincent Jakowski {45}

    --DS1: Jackson Jakowski Carter {26}

    -DH: Russell David Sutton {41}

    --DD1: Sylvia *Stephanie* Sutton {deceased}
    --DD2: Heather Anne Sutton {18}
    --DD3: Allison Julianna Sutton {15}
    --DS2: David William Sutton {13}
    --DS3: Russell Dylan Sutton {12}


    --DS1: {26} Jackson Jakowski Carter
    ---DW: Payton Faith Ballinger Carter {26}

    ----DS1: Westley Jackson Carter {4}
    ----DS2: Maisie Noelle Carter {newborn}


    DS3: {40} Daniel Carter Wilkerson
    -DW: Jessica Lynn Powell {31}

    --DD1: Delaney Kaia Wilkerson {8}
    --DS1: Kaiden Alexander Wilkerson {6}
    --DD2: Kennedy Elise Wilkerson {2}


    DD4: {35} Samantha Adrienne Wilkerson Burrows
    -DH: Christopher Frank Burrows {37}

    --DD1: Lily Samantha Burrows {7}
    --DS1: Christopher Andrew Burrows *Drew* {5}

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    LN: Wells

    DH: George Wilfred
    DW: Susannah Maeve (Nee: Combs)
    - DS1: George Wilfred
    - DD1: Margaret Kaye
    - DD2: Helen Allison
    - DS2: Frederick Edward
    - DD3: Jennifer Elizabeth
    - DS3: David Combs
    - DD4: Sally Anne


    LN: Wells

    DH: George Wilfred
    DW: Edith Beatrice (Nee: Browning)
    - DD1: Nicola Elizabeth
    - DD2: Bridget Emma
    - DD3: Matilda Katie
    - DD4: Madeline Beth


    LN: Bradford

    DH: Rupert David
    DW: Nicola Elizabeth (Nee: Wells)
    - DS1: Aaden David
    - DD1: Kallie Anne
    - DD2: Nicola Laurie
    - DS2: Micah Wyatt


    LN: Nolan

    DH: Riley Tobias
    DW: Bridget Emma (Nee: Wells)
    - DS1: Riley Ted


    LN: Bennett

    DH: William Henry
    DW: Margaret Kaye (Nee: Wells)
    - DD1/DD2: Amy Madison & Lainey Laura
    - DS1: William Cole
    - DS2: Lemuel Ethan


    LN: Wilcox

    DH: Wayne Thomas
    DW: Amy Madison (Nee: Bennett)
    - DS1: Spencer Lyle
    - DD1: Savannah Amy


    LN: Edwards

    DH: Robert James
    DW: Lainey Laura (Nee: Bennett)
    - DS1: Kaden Harry
    - DD1: Dalys Ella


    LN: Bennett

    DH: William Cole
    DW: Rebekah Rose (Nee: Landry)
    - DD1: Rylan Yosef


    LN: Wilkinson

    DH: Richard Wilbur
    DW: Helen Allison (Nee: Wells)
    - DS1: Richard Wilbur
    - DS2: Dylan Caleb


    LN: Wells

    DH: Frederick Edward
    DW: Ruth Charlotte (Nee: Thompson)
    - DD1: Lauren Charley
    - DS1: Frederick Edward


    LN: Jones/Stephens

    DH1: Graham Vaughn (LN: Jones)
    DW: Jennifer Elizabeth (Nee: Wells)
    - DS1: James Combs (LN: Wells)
    DH2: Robin Daniel (LN: Stephens)
    - DD1: Susan Sienna
    - DD2: Helen Allison
    - DD3: Amelia Jade
    - DS2: Dexter Wade
    - DS3: Reuben Dmitri


    LN: Wells

    DH: James Combs
    DW: Penelope Francesca (Nee: Braun)
    - DS1: Wesley James
    - DS2: Marcus Norman


    LN: Wells

    DH: David Combs
    DW: Joanna Louise (Nee: Peters)
    - DD1: Daisy Kate
    - DS1: Kaitlin Amy
    - DD2: Kelsey Erin


    LN: Bridge

    DH: Craig Franklin
    DW: Sally Anne (Nee: Wells)
    - DD1: Louisa Sally
    - DS1: Craig Anthony

    Girls: Ella, Imogen, Freya, Amelia, Chloe, Isabella, Hannah, Charlotte, Eleanor, Sophia, Jessica, Eden, Madeline, Abigail, Beth, Ava, Erika, Zara, Matilda, Milena, Tilly & Molly.

    Boys: Oscar, Isaac, Jacob, Edward, Noah, Harry, Theodore, Zachary, Zane, Nathaniel, Daniel, Lucas, Mason, Benjamin, Milo, Adam, Reuben, Jensen, Micah, Archie, Ezra, Joshua, Riley, Samuel & Maddox

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