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Thread: Royal Baby

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    I like George for the baby. I mean, I don't greatly love the name, but my first thought when they brought him out of the hospital was "oh, he does kind of look like a George".

    The middle names are super disappointing to me though. Oh well, not my kiddo :P

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    Although I am not a fan of George, I do like the flow of George Alexander Louis. I too, was surprised they did not include Philip.
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    Yay for George! I'm actually kind of surprise by Alexander, and by only two middles.

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    George Alexander Louis!

    I love it! Although I was hoping for a Prince Arthur...
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    Quote Originally Posted by nerdybird View Post
    I didn't get the full name, but I totally knew it would be George! I like it. Very appropriate, classic, and definitely not boring.
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