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Thread: Royal Baby

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    My father was very disappointed by the George. I'm kinda of disappointed too. I would've liked Louis in the first place more. Louis Alexander George for example.

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    I was kind of expecting George, but it's so predictable. I wanted Alexander to be the first name with Louis and George somewhere in the middle, plus Arthur, which I'm kind of surprised they didn't put in. Ah well. George is a nice name, it's just that it's what everyone knew it would be and I was hoping they'd surprise us all.
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    Love the name. Surprised that there were only three! I also thought they would honor more family members, but I suppose that they wanted to mix things up? Or perhaps they felt like there were just too many to honor.

    Hubby was excited because Louis was his pick (he was obviously not considering that "King Louis" sounds distinctly French!), and George was what I suspected (even though I had my fingers crossed for Arthur!)

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    I like George for the baby. I mean, I don't greatly love the name, but my first thought when they brought him out of the hospital was "oh, he does kind of look like a George".

    The middle names are super disappointing to me though. Oh well, not my kiddo :P

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    Although I am not a fan of George, I do like the flow of George Alexander Louis. I too, was surprised they did not include Philip.
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