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Thread: Royal Baby

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    My collective list of all name combinations I've made (or been able to find, more like) for the little bub, ever since the pregnancy announcement:

    Alexander Charles Arthur Michael
    Alexander Charles Arthur Philip *
    Alexander Arthur Philip David ***
    Arthur Charles Michael Philip
    Arthur Charles Philip Francis **
    Arthur Francis James Philip
    Edward Arthur Charles Philip ***
    Edward Arthur Philip Albert
    George Philip Arthur David ***
    George Frederick Arthur Philip
    George Arthur Philip Andrew
    Philip Charles Arthur Francis ***
    Philip Francis Arthur George
    Richard Arthur Charles Michael
    Richard Philip Arthur Francis ***
    Richard Albert Arthur Philip

    If they decide to be bummers and not continue the lovely tradition of using Arthur in the name of the firstborn boy:
    Alexander Charles Philip David ***
    Edward Philip Henry Francis
    George Philip David James
    Philip Charles Michael David
    Philip Charles Michael Andrew
    Richard Charles Philip Francis ***

    * Was initially my favourite combination of them all, but I kinda scrapped it because it doesn't feature any Middleton name(s), and I can't imagine them giving him both Charles and Philip without also giving him a Middleton name. It's such a lovely combination though and the names go so well together.
    ** New favourite combination, and how lovely would it be if they named him Arthur? King Arthur, it can't get more regal than that.
    *** Other combinations that I really like.

    I'd love to see Arthur, David or Andrew feature in the name. Arthur for obvious reasons; David because it's a great name and it's also the patron saint of Wales; and Andrew because they met at St. Andrews, it was the name of Prince Philip's father (though he wasn't a particularly namesake-worthy person) and it's the patron saint of Scotland.
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    I love the combinations you have come up with, @shvibziks! My guess is Alexander Philip Charles Francis or Alexander Charles Arthur Philip.
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    The baby won't be James. I also think there'll be one name in there that is related somehow to someone special to them that we can't predict.

    There is so much hoopla about Catherine being so forward. However, to me, she seems to quietly mimic Diana. As such, you can look at the way William's name was chosen. It was not nearly as obvious as plugging in Philip, George, and/or Charles...Catherine also said a boy will have a popular British name.

    That says to me George or Albert. I can also see Alexander. Francis is a brilliant way to honor both Michael Francis Middleton and Diana Frances Spencer. Phillip is questionable to still be around when a future sibling is born, plus this child is more significant, and William is close to him. So that is a given.

    Taken from Charles Phillip Arthur George, William Arthur Phillip Louis, and Queen's father Albert Frederick Arthur George, Michael Francis (usually do not pull from spouse's family, but this will more than likely be their one break from tradition), and Diana'a father Edward John Spencer. Some part of me believes they will simply save any part of Diana's family names for a secondary name in a daughter...

    My predictions are: George Phillip Arthur Francis, George Phillip Charles Francis, Albert Phillip Arthur Francis, Alexander Phillip Charles Francis--- and actually most likely one of these combos with one totally different name in there that none of us is predicting.

    I don't agree with all the talk above of Andrew, since that is Charles' brother.

    Fun discussion!

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    Has Benjamin ever been used by the royal family?

    I could also see them using a name that meant strong or sturdy since they made light of him being quite heavy yesterday. Are there any royal family names that have a meaning such as this?

    Another thought could be William but they might use a nickname to distinguish such as Liam since William was referred to as Wills.

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    The name is: George Alexander Louis.

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