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Thread: Royal Baby

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    How exciting! I vote for Arthur as well.

    Congrats to them!
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    Ohh!! I'am sooo happy it's a boy!! Congats to them!!

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    I'm kind of gutted it's a boy, wanted it to be a girl, to make history.
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    I'm with you maggiemary, although happy to hear he's healthy after the troubles during the pregnancy. I have my fingers crossed that they won't use Arthur (I can't let my favorite name sky-rocket to popularity! as neat as a King Arthur would be).
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    Whoo hoo! The baby's here! I've been watching the Internet this whole morning ever since they said that Kate was admitted to the hospital! Yay! Excessive exclamation marks can only describe how happy and relieved I am that the baby is finally here! And it's a boy! Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!
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