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Thread: Royal Baby

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    Feb 2012
    I love all the girl name options so a little princess would be nice but at the same time they are all names I would use if I had a little girl and I know that whatever names they choose are going to become super popular so on a purely selfish level I hope its a boy lol
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    I'm really hoping for Charlotte, Alice, or George
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    Have been on baby watch for 10 hours, Catherine's been in labour for over 13 hours, I feel like this is killing us all (but probably Catherine more than us. Afterall, she is the one who is trying to have a baby added up with having the world waiting in anticipation for her to do so).
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    I want them to have a little girl named Victoria so bad; I don't know why, I just want Victoria.

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    It's a boy!!!!

    Here's to hoping it's a little Prince Arthur, please oh please!!

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