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Thread: Royal Baby

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    Quote Originally Posted by rosierose View Post
    Also one more note-- it's somewhat obscure, but I'd be surprised if Alice isn't tainted by the fact that Alice Keppel, Camilla's maternal Great-Grandmother, was the mistress to King Edward VII, the Queen's great-grandfather. That is Camilla's original link to the royal family in a way (though she is not a descendent of Edward VII) and was echoed by her affair with Charles. I highly doubt Kate and William would want to highlight that link (if for no other reason than to spare Camilla any embarrassment by drawing attention to Alice Keppel, as Camilla and William seem to get along fine now and Camilla has been adopted into the family).

    I don't think they'll be using Alice. Pity as it's lovely.
    I disagree. If names are out because of tenuous connections like this, then most other classic names are out of consideration and they might as well name the kid Prince(ss) Jayden. Most names have dodgy histories: George III- mad, George IV- a fat, selfish drunk, Victoria- a sex-mad nutcase, Edward VII- a philanderer and gambler, Edward VIII- scandal with Simpson... even Philip's had his share of bad press. And if we eliminate the names of Edward VII's other mistresses then we can say goodbye to Mary as well.

    I think Alice is in contention. It honours both Princess Alice, daughter of Queen Vic, and Alice of Battenburg, Philip's mother. Both are worthy namesakes.
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    Exactly. If all names that has some bad associations somewhere in history should be excluded, then there wouldn't be any (regal) names left. Alice most certainly is in the picture whether Edward VII's mistress was named it or not, the Duke of Edinburgh's very beloved mother was named Alice and I don't doubt that they would use it in the blink of an eye.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sugarplumfairy View Post

    I keep thinking William and Kate will go for a popular name that they like (but one that is still appropriate enough for a monarch), and will leave historical or family names for the middle. They never showed any signs of being particularly interested in royal history and traditions so (sadly) I doubt a "boring"/oldfashioned name that's full of significance (like Mary, Victoria, Adelaide, Alfred, Philip, Richard) would appeal to them. And looking at the names recently picked by William's friends and extended family, not to mention other "modern" royals (Savannah, Isla, Xan, Lyla, Tane, Lola, Ariane, Athena, Estelle), I'm relieved the Queen has has veto power!
    I agree. I would love to see little princess Freya or Elena or Georgina or Calliope or... etc. There are thousand of lovely names, no need for something already established in the royal family.
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    What about Mabel? Is this enough royal? (Still think Will and Kate will chose something they like, just love Mabel)
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    People are coming up with some lovely possibilities, but many of them will not happen, as they're not established British names. That will be one thing they absolutely will stick to, it will be a really British name, there will be no H.R.H. Princess Calliope of that you can be sure.

    I know much is made that Will and Kate have broken with tradition several times, such as spending Christmas with her family last year, and not at Sandringham as is traditional. However, I'm afraid there are certain rules they will not be able to break, and choosing a name outside established royal names isn't one of them.

    Nothing to stop them going further back into British royal history, and choosing a name from years gone by, such as Matilda. However they won't be going obscure and it's highly unlikely they'll branch to a name never used by the Royal Family before. I know that Princess Anne's daughter is named Zara (which was actually suggested by Prince Charles!), but Zara is not titled (at her mother's request), and was only ever destined for life as a minor royal (I know that sounds harsh, but it's how the British Royal Family works), therefore Anne could be a little bit more "out there". William and Kate won't get that freedom.
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