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Thread: Royal Baby

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    I have thinking about this since the annoucement - okay, I am a royalist! - and am so glad to have a place to put my prediction!!!

    For a boy - George Philip Michael Charles or some permutation like Philip Michael Charles George

    for a girl - Elizabeth Frances Margaret Anne or Victoria Mary Frances Catherine

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    Quote Originally Posted by bonnielyn View Post
    I love the 'Frances Catherine' combination, it's a nice ending.
    Matilda Caroline Frances Catherine would be nice.
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    I am guessing Victoria Diana Elizabeth and Philip Arthur William Charles (After William grandfather who he is apparently close to) and my personal fave: Frederick Arthur Philip Louis. I think a prince Freddie would be absolutely adorable.
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    I'd love another Queen Victoria! Victoria Elizabeth Diana Caroline would be stunning As for boys, I love Alfred, Richard or Albert. My guess for the middle names will be Charles Phillip William or Charles Phillip Arthur in some order or another.
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    Rumors abound that it's a girl!

    The Duchess of Cambridge was on a royal appointment yesterday, and was given a gift by a member of the public, and DofC said, "is this for our d..." and then she stopped. The member of public said, "did you say daughter," and DofC got a bit flustered and said, "no, no, we don't know..."

    Hmm - I'm not convinced - I think they might know and she almost let it slip.

    Oh I hope it is a girl!
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