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Thread: Royal Baby

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    Hurry up little royal baby!
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    According to the Duchess of Cornwall (whose comment later on was confirmed by Clarence House), Baby Cambridge will be here by the end of the week (thankfully, it seems like it's been forever because they announced it so early on)
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    I hope and pray if this baby is a girl she isn't named Diana because that poor child will have to live up a lady who is 'the people's princess.' thats too much and she needs to be able to have her own destiny, because if this baby is a girl, she'll be Queen!

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    Is it unlikely that they would use Catherine in the way that Queen Elizabeth II and the Queen Mum shared the name Elizabeth? or William?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cecile View Post
    Is it unlikely that they would use Catherine in the way that Queen Elizabeth II and the Queen Mum shared the name Elizabeth? or William?
    Looking at the names of main lines of the British RF, there seems to be a tradition to name children (especially eldest daughters!) after their mothers:
    - George I & Sophia Dorothea: eldest daughter Sophia Dorothea / eldest son George
    - George II & Caroline: 3rd daughter Caroline / 2n son George William
    - Frederick P of Wales & Augusta: eldest daughter Augusta / 5th son Frederick
    - George III & Charlotte: eldest daughter Charlotte / eldest son George
    - Edward D of York & Victoria: eldest daughter Victoria / no sons
    - Victoria & Albert: eldest daughter Victoria / eldest son Albert Edward
    - Edward VII & Alexandra: none of the daughters / eldest son Albert Victor Edward, 3rd son Alexander
    - George V & Mary: only daughter Mary / 4th son George
    - George VI & Elizabeth: eldest daughter Elizabeth (& youngest daughter Margaret, after her mother's middle name Marguerite / no sons
    - Elizabeth II & Philip: none

    Sadly over the last few decades the tradition of naming children after their parents and grandparents has somehow been lost the royal family. The last example was Prince Andrew, named after his (long dead) paternal grandfather. Princess Margaret's granddaughter (born shortly after death) is called Margarita, the Latin form of the name. This is why I think Elizabeth and Charles are not very likely names for Baby Cambridge.

    William & Catherine would be lovely and appropriate names for monarchs but I think they will pick a more original name.
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