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Thread: Royal Baby

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    I think Theodora.fairfax's guess of Alice Imogen Diana was an excellent (and elegant) guess for a baby girl. If it's a boy, I'm predicting that Charles will be a middle.
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    If we try to take look at William's name, William Arthur Philip Louis:
    - William: For Prince William of Gloucester, his father's cousin who died in a plane crash in 1972.
    - Arthur: Has been a name given to both his great-grandfather, King George IV, and his father, the Prince of Wales.
    - Philip: For his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh.
    - Louis: For his grandfather's uncle, Louis Mountbatten.

    So if William and Catherine were to follow that pattern, the royal baby would be named something like:
    - Alexander/George/Arthur/Richard/Albert: Most likely first names for a boy, in my opinion.
    - Charles: For the proud grandfather, the Prince of Wales.
    - Arthur(/Francis/Frederick): If Arthur is used as a first name, Francis is a possibility honuoring both William's maternal grandmother Frances Shand Kydd, and also Catherine's father and grandfather, who both were given the middle name Francis. Frederick is also a possibility honouring both sides of the families.
    - Philip: For the proud great-grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh.

    Suggestions: Alexander Charles Arthur Philip, George Charles Arthur Philip, Arthur Charles Francis Philip, Richard Charles Arthur Philip or Albert Charles Arthur Philip.

    You can't really use the same method with a girl because there are so many more names to choose from, as opposed to a boy. However, I could imagine them doing something like this:
    - Matilda/Eleanor(/Elizabeth/Victoria/Margaret/Alexandra): Honouring some not-as-famous-as-Elizabeth-I British royals. Matilda for Empress Matilda, Lady of the English, and Eleanor for the very wise Eleanor of Aquitaine, wife of Henry II (also rumoured to be the name Diana wanted to give a daughter). If they don't go with either of the two, I'm sure they'll go traditional and choose either Elizabeth, Victoria, Margaret or Alexandra.
    - Carole/Caroline/Elizabeth/Diana/Frances: Honouring one of the mothers in some way, I personally hope for Caroline as it sounds way more regal than plain Carole. I've never been fond of any of Diana's names, but I think that Frances is the lesser of two evils.
    - Carole/Caroline/Elizabeth/Diana/Frances/Victoria/Alexandra/Margaret/Anne: Obviously blanking out whichever name that's been used before. I could imagine this third name would be used for the honouring of the mother that wasn't honoured in the second name.
    - Elizabeth/Victoria/Alexandra/Margaret/Anne/Philippa/Charlotte/Rose: A regal name for a future Queen.

    Suggestions: Matilda Caroline Anne Elizabeth, Matilda Carole Frances Elizabeth, Eleanor Caroline Frances Elizabeth, Eleanor Caroline Elizabeth Philippa, Elizabeth Carole Diana Alexandra, Margaret Elizabeth Caroline Rose or Alexandra Caroline Elizabeth Anne.
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    I'm going for......

    Victoria Elizabeth Mary Diana

    I'm rethinking the boys name I was set on Frederick until I realised Camilla has a Freddy already as a grandchild.

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    My guesses are that a girl will be: Matilda Diana Elizabeth. And a boy: Edmund Philip Charles, or Edmund William Charles.
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    Personally I would love to see the royal baby named Matilda or Arthur. And since the princes go by their nicknames Harry (Henry) and William (Will), a little Tilly or Artie would be gorgeous!
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