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Thread: Charlotte.

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    I've been having troubles finding a full Charlotte combo that I can really love. I'm not entirely certain this one (Charlotte Emilia Rue) is the one, either, but I keep coming back to it, and I love that it'd honor my love of Shakespeare (Emilia from The Comedy of Errors), my mom, my baby sister, my paternal grandmother, and my maternal great-grandmother. Besides, it feels very dainty, sweet, and classic to me, which I love. I think it fits with a lot of my other combos much better than my old combo (Charlotte Eden Rue) did, too.

    I guess what's holding me back is that I'm not entirely sure it fits "me" (even though I feel like individually all three names are very much my style and I really would love to use all three some day), like I think it's a great combo in general, but I'm not sure I can imagine using it, if that makes sense. Probably not, lol.

    Anyway, wdyt of it? Any other ideas that you think might suit my style? I seem to have been liking "E" names with Charlotte, but you certainly don't have to stick to that if you make suggestions.

    ETA: I've come up with 10-15 combos I really like for Charlotte... I figured I would updated it in the OP, too, so everyone would see it. WDYT of them?

    Charlotte Emilia
    Charlotte Olive
    Charlotte Elisa
    Charlotte Ivy
    Charlotte Oceana
    Charlotte Zosia
    Charlotte Flora
    Charlotte Fiona
    Charlotte Lily
    Charlotte Lilia
    Charlotte Ella
    Charlotte Winter
    Charlotte Lydia

    The second MN, in most cases, would be Rue.

    Thanks, ladies!
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    Well I plan on using Charlotte for my first girl. I have loved it since a child. Her name will be Charlotte Elisabeth.
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    I LOVE the sound of Charlotte Eden Rue. Actually, I really like Charlotte Eden by itself. I think that Charlotte Eden Rue sounds dainty, sweet, gentle, classic, fanciful, and even a little dreamy. It has that "Lost Flower Children" (name of a book) vibe from it. I guess it could be described as 'gently feminine'? It brings up images of willow trees swaying in a breeze.

    Putting aside my love for Charlotte Eden Rue, Charlotte Emilia Rue is lovely, not only because of the sound, but of all the references it has. However, it does fit with your other combos a little more than Charlotte Eden Rue.

    Looking up Shakespearean names and combining them with Charlotte and Rue gave me:
    Charlotte Katherina Rue
    Charlotte Viola Rue
    Charlotte Helena Rue
    Charlotte Paulina Rue
    Charlotte Hermione Rue
    Charlotte Celia Rue
    Charlotte Beatrice Rue
    Charlotte Audrey Rue
    Charlotte Nerissa Rue
    Charlotte Marina Rue
    Charlotte Valeria Rue
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    @tay2thestars, continuing the Shakespeare idea was great. However, I'm really picky about Charlotte, and I'd still want to use a name that I loved the character AND the play she was in. So. I'm really picky about literary names, haha! I loved Helena, but I just don't love it with Charlotte. Not between Charlotte and Rue, anyway. I still do like Eden, and I love its religious significance to me, but I just don't love the combo as much as I love the other 9 combos on my list. :/ If I can't find anything I like better, I'll probably keep it, but right now it doesn't look like it's going to last.

    I spent some time actually hunting down some combo options, and I came up with about 15 that I really love. I wish I could narrow it down some more, but I can't seem to let any of them go yet. Anyway, thoughts on these, anybody?

    Charlotte Emilia Rue
    Charlotte Elisa Rue
    Charlotte Olive Rue
    Charlotte Ivy Jane (Ivy honors the same person as Rue, so I'd probably just go with Jane for the second MN)
    Charlotte Oceana Rue
    Charlotte Zosia Rue? (I'd like to keep Rue, but I'm not sure of it with Charlotte Zinnia...)
    Charlotte Winter Rue
    Charlotte Flora (Not sure I could make this work, but I would really love to. My best friend passed away last December, and her family nickname was Fleurette. Everything flowers meant a lot to both her and my mom, so it is really meaningful. I really don't like any of my family names with it, though)
    Charlotte Lilia Rue/Noelle
    Charlotte Lily Rue/Noelle
    Charlotte Fiona (eh, in the same boat as Flora for Fiona. I really like Charlotte Fiona, but not really any of my family names with it)
    Charlotte Ella Rue (although I'm a bit worried that it sounds like Charlotte Belarus... not really bad, just kind of weird, haha)
    Charlotte Lydia (not sure I really like Rue or Noelle here, either. I was thinking maybe Charlotte Lydia Claire instead?)

    Thanks, ladies!
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    I think Oceana is wonderful, although I don't particularly like it with Charlotte. Charlotte Fiona Rue and Charlotte Lydia Rue are my favorites from the combos you listed. For a wild card, what about Charlotte Emilia Winter? I really like Winter in the middle spot, but as a second middle name. Charlotte Fiona Winter or Charlotte Lydia Winter would be lovely as well.

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