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Thread: Picture BNG!

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    Picture BNG!

    1. You and your husband have been together since you were seventeen and married for two years. What are your names and what are your jobs?

    2. Soon you start trying for a baby. You have a little girl! Her first name begins with A and her middle name is after your husband's favourite car.

    3. Two years later you have a little boy! His first name is whatever you like and his middle name is after your husband.

    4. Soon your kids are two and four. Your daughter is in primary school, she's very clever and you can see her as a lawyer or a doctor in the future. Your son is in pre school still and is very popular. To make life more perfect you decide to get a dog. What do you call him/her?

    5. Soon you fall pregnant again. You have another little girl! Her first name begins with B and her middle name is after your hobby (music, art, films, etc).

    6.Soon your son is eight and your daughters are ten and six. Your life seems perfect, but tragedy is just around the corner. Your husband's sister dies in a car crash. Her husband sinks into a deep depression and you offer to adopt her children. She has a son and a daughter. Her son is ten and her daughter is thirteen. What are their names?

    7. Your kids are all grown up now. Your eldest daughter is 18, your son is 16, your youngest daughter is 14, your nephew is 18 and your niece is 21. Here are they. What are their occupations/best subjects?

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    Me: Emma Catherine Bryan (Broder).
    Husband: Michael Thomas "Mike" Bryan.
    Occupation: Accountant.
    Mike's Occupation: Lawyer.
    Home: Durham, North Carolina

    Honeymoon: Caribbean.

    1. Aurora Mercedes Bryan.
    2. Nathaniel Michael "Nate" Bryan.

    Dog: Teddy.

    3. Bella Melody Bryan.

    Michael's Sister: Veronica Hope Van Dyke (Bryan).
    Veronica's Husband: Charles Victor "Charlie" Van Dyke.

    4. (A) Christian Leonardo "Chris" Van Dyke.
    5. (A) Emmaline Grace "Emmie" Van Dyke.

    Aurora's best subject is Linguistics. She wants to be a dentist.
    Nathaniel's best subject is Mathematics. He wants to be a nurse practitioner.
    Bella's best subject is Music. She wants to be a dental hygienist.
    Christian's best subject is Neurobiology. He wants to be a physician.
    Emmaline's best subject is Philosophy. She wants to be a physical therapist.

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    I am Margaret Mary McMillan, I am 24 years old and work as a primary school teacher.
    I've been with my husband, Edward George William Grass, since we were seventeen years old, we've been married for two years now. Eddie is in the Royal Marines.

    AD3: Annalise Margaret Button - [adopted aged 13yrs]
    D1: Alexandra Martina Grass -
    AS2: Quinn Richard Button - [adopted aged 10yrs]
    S1: Tobias Edmund Grass -
    D2: Bryony Poem Grass -

    Dog: Hera the Cockapoo -

    "Meg (34) and Eddie (34) with: Annie (13), Allie (10), Quinn (10), Tobias (8), and Bryony (6); plus Hera (7)."


    Eight years later...

    Annie coped the worst adjusting to life without her mum, in the beginning it was terribly hard but we persisted with her, gave her space when she needed and enveloped her into family activities when we could. Now she is in her last year at university studying psychology with thoughts of taking a top-up year in educational counselling. When she was 18 Annie took a year out to find herself and travel around Europe, she came back with a sense of who she is supposed to be. ~

    Allie is enjoying her last year of school and making plans to go to an art university later in the year. Teacher's expect her to get nothing below a B grade in her upcoming exams - which I find baffling since Allie spends most of her time singing absentmindedly and wandering around the house with a paintbrush or camera. She thinks she wants to be an artist or a photographer, the whole world is at her feet, Allie just has to have the confidence to take it. ~

    Quinn is Allie's best friend, they might be completely different but since he came to live with us all those years ago the pair have been near inseparable. Quinn's main passion is baseball, the American sport interests him much more than home grown sports and after his exams - which he is as bothered about as Allie - he wants to go to America to study the sport in more depth. ~

    Tobias found secondary school and puberty the most difficult out of all our children, even in junior school he was often labelled as a "nerd", and struggled to see himself as anything else. All of this older siblings tried to help him, but in the end Tobias just had to come through it by himself, he found a good strong set of friends who shared similar interests in science and maths as him, and is now coping a lot better. His ambitions include going abroad to study astrophysics in America. ~

    Baby Bryony looks up to Allie and Quinn, she can often be found sitting in Allie's room writing songs while her big sister paints, or out drawing Quinn and his friends play baseball. Her greatest ambition in life is to be a princess and just have fun - a notion I'm pretty sure comes from Allie. Bryony enjoys playing guitar, writing songs and poetry (we honestly had no idea when we gave her the name!), making collages and strange pieces of "art". She thinks that maybe when she, eventually, grows up she'd like to be an art teacher. ~

    "Meg (42) and Eddie (42) with: Annie (21), Allie (18), Quinn (18), Tobias (16), and Bryony (14)."
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    Me: Jessica Catherine Groban (Clarkson).
    DH: Christopher Jeremiah Groban.

    1. Angelique Honda Groban.
    2. Owen Christopher Groban.

    Dog: Samy.

    3. Briella Melody Groban.

    Christopher's Sister: Annabel Elizabeth Paige (Groban).
    Annabel's Husband: Wyatt Joseph Paige.

    4. (A) Reighan Thomas Paige.
    5. (A) Ella Maureen Paige.


    DH: Mark Alexander Boyle.
    DW: Angelique Honda Boyle (Groban).
    - Aidan Peter Boyle.
    - Veronica Alienor Boyle.
    - Calliope June Boyle.

    DH: Owen Christopher Groban.
    DW: Claudia Cathleen Groban (Osmond).
    - Jackson Poe Groban.
    - Victoria Caron Groban.

    DH: Joshua Saul Callicrate.
    DW: Briella Melody Callicrate (Groban).
    - Nova Louise Callicrate.
    - Theo Devin Callicrate.
    - Arla Cressida Callicrate.
    - Bond Timothy Callicrate.

    DH: Reighan Thomas Paige.
    DW: Emma Circe Paige (Crowe).
    - Emily Jayne Paige.

    DH: Conrad Richard Falzon.
    DW: Ella Maureen Falzon (Paige).
    - Claire Bethany Falzon.
    - Kallista Jean Falzon.

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