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    Ecclectic Namebanks with 10 Children

    Jude, blackbird.

    Teddy * Alma * Marian * Frances * Amra * Donovan

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    Midwestern USA

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    DW: Celcily Beatrix
    DH: Andrew Sinclair

    DD: Posy Julia
    DD: Miriam Liora
    DS: Zack Cameron
    DD: Talia Peridot
    DS/DS: Isaac Henry and Nathaniel Aleph
    DD: Ada Cassie
    DS: Atticus Redmond
    DD/DD: Cosmea Grace and Honor Jessamy

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    DW: Beatrix Kerensa
    DH: Andrew George 'Andy'

    DD: Posy Lotte
    DD: Annifred Elenola 'Niffy'
    DS: Lenny Edwin
    DD: Peridot Kitty 'Doe'
    DS/DS: Hillel Henry // Murphy Aleph 'Hilly and Murph'
    DD: Elskar Sachiko 'Elskie'
    DS: Redmond Francis 'Red'
    DD/DD: Hesper Fionnuala // Lowri Honour 'Hespie and Lowri'

    Posy, Annifred, Lenny, Peridot, Hillel, Murphy, Elskar, Redmond, Hesper and Lowri.
    Posy, Niffy, Lenny, Doe, Hilly, Murph, Elskie, Red, Hespie and Lowri.
    Mary, Esther, Constance, Susanna, Flora, Odelia, Dossie, Yuki, Louisa, Bettina, Thomasin, Bessie, Camellia, Magnolia, Mabel, Axelle, Paviana, Magdalena, Evangeline, Josephine, Una, Raphaela, Francesca, Gardenia, Theodora, Endellion, Rosemary, Daphne, Antonia, Pascale, Frances.

    Amias, Moses, Francis, Wolfgang, Abraham, Bertram, Horatio, Lazarus, Peter, Arthur, Dossie, Pello, Ezekiel, Barnabas / Barnaby, Linus, Simon, Vero, Tadeo, Winston, Amadeus, Magnus, Obadiah, Rex, Edgar, Walter, Ignatius.

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    DW: Kerensa Maria
    DH: George Lysander

    DD: Julia Posy
    DD: Liora Miriam
    DS: Cameron Edward
    DD: Talia Stellina
    DS/DS: Isaac Henry // Samson Kenneth
    DD: Cassie Elskar
    DS: Orion Redmond
    DD/DD: Hesper Grace // Honor Jessamy

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