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    Jane, Vivian, Lydia, Annabeth, Tallulah (Lula), Florence, Virginia, Mabel, Risa, Eve, Eloise, Susannah

    John, Alan, Maxwell, Erich, Nathan/Nathaniel, Leo, Connor, Jack, Paul, Rieger, Francis

    "Any daughter of mine that wants to be a stripper, pole dancer, or porn star is going to have to overcome the obstacle of her dripping-with-intelligence name and change it herself to something creatively slutty like they did back in the good ol' days."
    - Anna Stesia

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    Olivia <3

    Good Luck!

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    Cecily nn Cely/Celly (pronounced seh-lee)
    Francesca nn Checka or Cesca
    Josephine nn Sepha
    Cordelia nn Delia or Cordy or Cory or Lia or Coco
    Wilhelmina nn Willa or Mina
    Eleonora nn Lea or Nora or Lenny or Elle or Ellie
    Gretchen nn Greer or Gretel or Greta
    Margaret nn Maggie or Greta or Meg
    Violet nn Lettie/Letty
    Rosamund nn Rose or Romy or Rosa
    Rosalind nn Rose or Rosa or Lindy or Lin
    Rosemary nn Rose or Romy

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