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    Louisa and Elsa, too similar for sisters?

    We are expecting baby no2 in April and will find out gender on Saturday. If its another girl I'm really loving Elsa at the mo but is it a bit samey compared to Louisa, which is DD's name? Also, do you think it's going to get crazy popular? I don't know any yet but assume I will soon. We are in Northern Ireland though so naming trends may be a little different.

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    It's kind of similar. What about Louisa and Elsie?
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    It is similar but I feel leans more toward complimentary than too singsongy/matchy. My wonderings with pairs like this tend to always be "what if we had another girl....would her name stick out or would I feel pressure to incorporate the same similarities the other two have in their names to find the right one for her?" Probably a silly worry but there you have it.

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    Instead of using Elsa you might want to try Ailsa.
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    I like the Louisa and Elsa combo.

    I don't know how popular Elsa will be in the future. It is a beautiful name and it sounds great with Louisa. Elsa is just like the name Ethel. It is a granny name what is getting popular because of tv shows and Disney movies.
    In the Netherlands and Germany Elsa is used as nn for Elisabeth, Elsbeth and Liesbeth.

    But often the granny's end up calling them self Els, Elsa, Elly, Nelly, Netty. I still need too meet an Elsa under the age of 70.

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