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    Ohio, USA
    Generation #1:
    DW: Gwendolyn Hope Vargas
    DH: Michael Ramon Vargas

    Generation #2:
    DD: Clover Rain Vargas 'Clove'
    DS: Gray River Vargas
    DD: Ivy Blossom Vargas
    DS: Orion Sol Vargas
    DS: Ocean Peregrine Vargas
    DD: Willow Moon Vargas

    Generation #3:
    Clover marries Soren Micah Anderson and has no kids.
    Gray remains single and has no kids.
    Ivy remains single and has no kids.
    Orion remains single and has no kids.
    Ocean marries Kelsey Veronica and has a boy, Roman Peregrine Vargas and girl, Valentina Soleil Hope Vargas.
    Willow remains single and has no kids.

    Generation #4:
    Roman marries Maria June and has 4 boys, Dexter Reed, Felix Michael, Xavier Ocean, Alexander Julien Vargas
    Valentina marries Malcolm Xavier Rosswell and has Rosalind Soleil River and Josephine Vera Willow Rosswell

    Current Favorites
    August - Daniel - Erik - Heath - Leo - Ronan
    Eve - Johanna - Lana - Lena - Sally - Zanna

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    Vancouver, Canada
    Generation One
    Lily Claire Evans
    George Henry Evans

    Generation Two
    Lily and George's Daughter: Beatrice Luna Evans

    Generation Three
    Beatrice's Son: Henry Sebastian Evans
    Beatrice's Daughter: Lucy Alice
    Beatrice's Daughter: Lia Charlotte
    Beatrice's Daughter: Eleanor Lily "Nora"

    Generation Four
    Henry's Daughter: Camilla Mary
    Henry's Son: Owen Isaac
    Henry's Son: Miles Harry
    Henry's Daughter: Juliet Alice
    Henry's Son: Benjamin Thomas "Ben"
    Henry's Daughter: Anna Katherine
    Lucy's Son: Oliver Jack
    Lucy's Daughter: Elizabeth Thea
    Lucy's Daughter: Stella Amaline
    Lia's Daughter: Rosamund Caroline "Rose"
    Nora's Daughter: Amelia Paige "Amy"
    Nora's Daughter: Ruby Adeline
    Nora's Son: Hugo Foster

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    Generation #1:
    Jorrian Rachelle Hurley
    Andrew John Hurley

    Generation #2:
    Wyatt Ollivander Hurley
    Liam Allen Hurley
    Tristan Andrew Hurley
    Jocelyn Rachelle Hurley
    Laurel Elizabeth Hurley
    Addison Paige Hurley

    Generation #3:
    Wyatt - Marries Tanya Danielle Jenkins. They don't have any kids.
    Liam - Marries Genevieve Makayla Haskins. They have 6 kids. Gareth Alexander Hurley, Declan Christopher Hurley, Olivia Madeline Hurley, Ezra John Hurley, Deirdre Josephine Hurley, and Gideon Hunter Hurley
    Tristan - Doesn't get married. And doesn't have any kids
    Jocelyn - Doesn't get married. She has 4 kids with her ex boyfriend James Asher Johnson. Evan James Hurley-Johnson, Octavia Maye Hurley-Johnson, Lucan Jeremiah Hurley-Johnson, and Mason Nathaniel Hurley-Johnson
    Laurel - Doesn't get married. She doesn't have kids
    Addison - Gets married to Harry Edmund Stevenson. They have 3 kids. Kira Jessamine Stevenson, Hana Eleanor Stevenson, and Tatum Reese Stevenson

    Generation #4:
    Gareth - Married Najah Hazar Bahar (She is Arabic). 4 kids. Ryan Rahal Hurley, Micah Malik Hurley, Johanna Junah Hurley, and Niall Nidal Hurley
    Delcan - Marries Sofia Michelle Warner. They have 4 kids. JoeyLynn Marie Hurley, Dereck Reese Hurley, Nicholas Ray Hurley, and Ian Michael Hurley.
    Olivia - Doesn't marry. And has no kids.
    Ezra - Does not marry. Has 2 kids. Octavian Lloyd Hurley and Melanie Larissa Hurley
    Deirdre - Marries Michael Charles Parke. They don't have kids.
    Gideon - Doesn't marry. He has 4 kids. Primrose Juliette Hurley, Nixon Merrick Hurley, Lennon Jace Hurley, and Audrey Gabrielle Hurley.
    Evan - Marries Anita Shennondoah Mitchell. The have 1 kid. Kalen Jaremiah
    Octavia - Does not marry. Has 2 kids. Gemma Elyse Jennings and Havanna Caroline Jennings
    Lucan - Does not marry. Has no kids
    Mason - (Took his moms last name): Marries Joyce Marissa Bradley. They have 2 kids. Hudson Gale Hurley and Linley Greer Hurley
    Kira - Marries Dennis Cooper Jarrett. They dont have kids.
    Hana - Marries Thomas Alexander Freeman. They have 3 kids. Zachary Dean Freeman, Ariana Cassidy Freeman, and Sterling Thayer Freeman
    Tatum - Marries Vickie Jannette McNealy. They have 1 kid. Celia Harper Stevenson

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    Emily Christine. 18.

    My Favorite Names
    Vega. Indie. Maisie. Lilia. Nova. Dinah. Louise. Scout. Barbara. Daisy.
    Fletcher. Roman. Wyatt. Lachlan. Callum. Porter. Lincoln. Vade. Finnegan. Tate.

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    DH: Reginald Peter Blackburn "Reggie"
    DW: Willow Tempest Blackburn

    DD: Vesper Cassandra Worthington (nee Blackburn)
    --DH: Michael James Worthington
    ----DS: Michael James Worthington, Jr.
    ------DW: Annabel Grace Worthington (nee Turner)
    ----DS: George Alastair Worthington
    ----DD: Margaret Willow Worthington "Maggie"
    ----DS: Ethan Thomas Worthington
    ------DW: Gloria Diane Worthington (nee Applegate)
    ----DS: Henry Bennett Worthington
    ------DW: Cara Juno Worthington
    --------DD: Sophie Clementine Worthington

    DS: Arrow Fitzwilliam Blackburn
    --DW: Theresa Louise Blackburn (nee Hook) "Tess"
    ----DD: Isabella Jane Cortez (nee Blackburn)
    ------DH: Anthony Hugo Cortez
    ----DD: Olivia Candice Blackburn
    --------DD: Sadie Josephine Blackburn
    --------DS: Jake Marcus Blackburn
    --------DD: Lola Abigail Blackburn
    ----DD: Evelyn Patricia Blackburn-Potts
    ------DH: Derek Samuel Potts
    --------DD: Jennifer Haven Potts
    --------DS: Samuel Vincent Potts

    DD: Coral Felicity Blackburn
    ----DS: Jonah Frederick Blackburn

    DD: Rue Ariadne Whitmore (nee Blackburn)
    --DH: Spencer David Whitmore
    ----DS: Andrew Benedict Whitmore
    ----DD: Anna Juliet Bates (nee Whitmore)
    ------DH: John Francis Bates
    --------DS: Hudson David Bates
    --------DS: Logan Peter Bates
    --------DS: Calvin Judah Bates
    ----DS: Arthur Atticus Whitmore
    ------DW: Persephone Blythe Whitmore (nee Cardovan)
    --------DS: Milo Everett Whitmore
    --------DS: Charles Percival Whitmore "Charlie"
    Names I love right now:
    Thomas - Wesley - Desmond - Jack - Albert - Spencer - Harry
    Annabel - Vivienne - Matilda - Sophie - Sybil - Maria - Jane

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