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    Long Caf Story

    1. You're a junior in highschool when you meet your first boyfriend. What's his name?

    2. Prom comes around a couple months later. Things with your bf have been going great so you two go together. However, things get a little crazy....a few weeks later, you learn that you're pregnant. Your boyfriend dumps you upon hearing the news, and you decide to give up the baby for adoption nine months later.The adoptive parents give you the honor of naming the child-it's a girl. Name it anything you want.

    3. You feel good about the adoption and move on with your life as you look at colleges. Which one do you pick?

    4. In college you make a new boyfriend. What's his name?

    5. You're 23 and graduated from college. You're thrilled when your bf proposes! Where's the wedding and honeymoon? Also, what are your jobs?

    6. After getting back from your honeymoon and moving into your new four bedroom home, you don't feel so well, and you instantly know why-you're pregnant! Eight months later, you have a bouncing baby girl! Her name must start with Au, and her middle name must start with an M.

    7. When your little girl is one, you start thinking about having more kids.But you had surgery a couple months back,and you're having troubles getting pregnant.You and your hubby decide to turn to fertility treatments, and end up getting pregnant with twins! 9 months later it's a boy and a girl, and their names must end in "uh" sounds. Middle names are anything.

    8. A year later, your kids are 3, 1 and 1. With an odd number of kids, there's tons of fighting. You and your hubby decide to turn to fertility treatments one last time. You're shocked and scared to learn you're having octuplets! You're forced to quit your job and are put on bedrest and your husband works hard to get money flowing in and make space for the babies.

    9. The babies are born 12 weeks prematurely,and while most are in stable condition, one baby boy passes away. You're heartbroken yet happy that you still have 4 new daughters and 3 new sons. Their middle names are virtue names(like Hope or Grace) and two of the names must end in H, Two in N, One in Y or I, One in E, and one in A.

    10. One year later, life is completely hectic with ten kids! Space and money alike are tight, and you wonder where your family will catch a break. One day, your husband gets a call from a company and is offered his dream job. But heres the catch- It's in Europe! If you accept the job, the company will provide you with a car and a home that accommodates your family. They would also pay to send your kids to an international school! But you're hesitant, because you have family here, and your older kids already go to school and have friends. What do you decide? If you accept, what's the new house like and what European country is it?

    11. Two years later, your kids are 7, 5, 5, and seven three year olds. A tv channel is intrigued by your life and asks to do a one hour documentary. You accept. After the documentary airs a couple months later, you are offered a reality show- the documentary was a hit! You love your privacy, but money is always tight and you wish your kids could experience things like big vacations. What do you decide?

    12. After the documentary airs, your first ever daughter that was adopted contacts you. She is now a teenager and decides that she would like to spend some time with your family. Your husband feels awkward about it since it's not his child, and you don't know if you're ready for your kids to know about the first child. What do you decide?

    13. Okay well that's it! If you want you can add stuff about what the kids end up doing!

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    Me: Samantha June "Sam" Legend.
    Boyfriend: Brandon Thomas West.
    - Prom Dress:

    Adoptive Father: Edward Michael "Ed" Henderson.
    Adoptive Mother: Veronica Marie Henderson (Newton).
    Baby 1: Charlotte Rose Henderson.

    College: Harvard University.
    Major: East Asian Studies.
    Boyfriend: Patrick John Howard.
    Patrick's Major: Economics.


    Honeymoon: Crete, Greece.
    Occupation: Historian.
    Patrick's Occupation: Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Audit Clerk.

    House: Iowa City, Iowa

    1. Aurora Melody Howard.
    2. Ezra Theodore Howard.
    3. Arianna Caitlin Howard.
    4. Declan Noble Howard.
    5. Jasmine Hope Howard.
    6. Ashton Loyal Howard.
    7. Bailey Honor Howard.
    8. Hannah Grace Howard.
    9. Alexandra Faith "Alex" Howard.
    10. Noah Concord Howard.
    11. (†) Patrick John Howard, Jr.

    Patrick's Occupation: Loan Officer.
    Home: Florence, Italy

    TV Show: How Many Howards?

    Charlotte's Occupation: Dietician and Nutritionist.
    Charlotte's Husband: Victor James Cyrus.
    Victor's Occupation: Speech-Language Pathologist.
    1. Emma Bernice Cyrus.
    2. Sebastian George Cyrus.
    3. Kaiden William Cyrus.
    4. Melrose Catherine Cyrus.
    5. Isaiah Sampson Cyrus.

    Aurora's Occupation: Computer Systems Administrator.
    Aurora's Husband: Benjamin Raphael "Ben" Jaehn.
    Benjamin's Occupation: Radiologic Technologist.
    1. Kelsea Maeve Jaehn.

    Ezra's Occupation: Insurance Agent.
    Ezra's Wife: Sarah Penelope Howard (Gates).
    Sarah's Occupation: Database Administrator.
    1. Ruby Elizabeth Howard.
    2. Lily Katherine Howard.

    Arianna's Occupation: Marriage and Family Therapist.
    Arianna's Husband: Quinn Samuel Murs.
    Quinn's Occupation: Epidemiologist.
    1. Christiana Leigh Murs.
    2. Ashley Annabeth Murs.
    3. Devlin Marshall Murs.
    4. Persephone Lucy Murs.

    Declan's Occupation: Construction Manager.
    Declan's Wife: Ella Aphrodite Howard (Goulding).
    Ella's Occupation: Substance Abuse Counselor.
    1. Caitlin Rosemarie Howard.
    2. Vincent Aiden Howard.
    3. Asher Paul Howard.

    Jasmine's Occupation: Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurse.
    Jasmine's Husband: Matthew Walter "Matt" Bieber.
    Matthew's Occupation: Optician.
    1. Emily Annemarie Bieber.
    2. Leonardo Joseph "Leo" Bieber.
    3. Aidan Alexander Bieber.
    4. Isabella Gracelyn "Bella" Bieber.
    5. Jacob Olivier "Jake" Bieber.

    Ashton's Occupation: Middle School Teacher.
    Ashton's Wife: Megan Bethany Howard (Wood).
    Megan's Occupation: Physical Therapist Assistant.
    1. Caiden Eleazar Howard.

    Bailey's Occupation: Business Operations Manager.
    Bailey's Husband: Eli Graham Allen.
    Eli's Occupation: Pharmacy Technician.
    1. Gabriella Antoinette "Gaby" Allen.
    2. Olivia Amber "Liv" Allen.
    3. Xavier Kennedy Allen.

    Hannah's Occupation: Home Health Aide.
    Hannah's Husband: Brian Florian Johnson.
    Brian's Occupation: Human Resources Specialist.
    1. Brielle Mary Johnson.
    2. Luciana Cathleen Johnson.

    Alexandra's Occupation: Respiratory Therapist.
    Alexandra's Husband: Nathan Miles "Nate" Simpson.
    Nathan's Occupation: Nail Technician.
    1. Cassidy Mae Simpson.
    2. Brooke Allison Simpson.
    3. Gabrielle Samira Simpson.
    4. Hayden Isaac Simpson.

    Noah's Occupation: Lawyer.
    Noah's Wife: Jennifer Alice "Jen" Howard (McCartney).
    1. Leora Margaret Howard.
    2. Calliope Faye Howard.
    3. Justin Finley Howard.

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    Me: Sofia Rose Mitchell (nee Mendez)
    1. Philip Samuel Carter
    2. Harper Emilia Johnson (adoptive last name)
    3. University of Illinois
    4. Declan James Mitchell
    5. Wedding at our church, honeymoon in Ireland. I'm a nurse, and he's still in school Pre-Med.
    6. Aurora Mae Mitchell
    7. Elijah David Mitchell & Lydia Anne Mitchell
    8. ---
    Boys: Masen Honor Mitchell, Noah Valor Mitchell, Wesley True Mitchell, & (†) Jebidiah Oliver Mitchell
    Girls: Josephine Hope Mitchell, Leah Grace Mitchell, Fallon Joy Mitchell, & Zoella Faith Mitchell
    10. We take it. It's in a small town in Germany. We get a beautiful, spacious home.
    11. We decide "Why not?"
    12. My husband and I talk it through, and decide to let Harper come visit with her half-siblings and mother.

    Sofia & Philip have Harper
    Sofia & Declan have Rory, Eli, Lydia, Masen, Noah, Wes, (†) Jeb, Josie, Leah, Fallon, & Ellie
    Momma to little Theodore Jack (7/2/14)

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    Far North Queensland
    Me: Louisa Harriet Fynn
    Boyfriend: Oliver Thomas Marley

    Adoptive Parents: Karen Isabel & Ivan Timothy Slater
    DD: Primrose Enid Slater

    University: University of Bristol
    Major: Photography
    Boyfriend: Ashton Alexander Gibbs

    Bouquet: http://www.heartsandflowers-denton.c...tage-style.gif
    Ring: http://www.carbonfiberweddingbands.o...white-gold.jpg

    Honeymoon: New Zealand

    DD: Aurelia Marion
    DS/DD: Isaiah Vincent & Helena Eden
    DS/DS/DS/DS/DD/DD/DD/DD: Edmund Valor, Owen True (†), Henry Loyal, Theodore Meritt, Susannah Mercy, Edith Peace, Emmeline Constance & Clara Verity

    We accept and move to Paris, France.
    New house:

    We agree.
    We decide to meet up with Primrose.

    Louisa and Oliver:
    Primrose Enid (17):

    Louisa and Ashton:
    Aurelia Marion (7):
    Isaiah Vincent (5):
    Helena Eden (5):
    Edmund Valor (3):
    Owen True (†)
    Henry Loyal (3):
    Theodore Merritt (3):
    Susannah Mercy (3):
    Edith Peace (3):
    Emmeline Constance (3):
    Clara Verity (3):
    19. Directioner. Whovian. Name lover.

    Girls: Adelisa, Oriana, Victoria, Georgina, Amelia, Zoe, Genevieve, Annabel, Agnes, Jemima, Edith, Abigail, Adelaide, Eleanor, Henrietta, Tegan, Melody, River, Clara, Francesca

    Boys: Edmund, Rory, Louis, Niall, Frederick, Osmond, Henry, Desmond, Adric, William, James, Oliver, Rowan, Wesley, Liam, Zayn

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